2011 Legislative session

  • anti-terrorism bill introduced based on the Carlos Bledsoe case

March, 2011

  • Remziya Suleyman of the Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition (TIRRC) and organizer of the “Muslim Rapid Response Team”, joins with CAIR in press conference at TN Legislative Plaza to oppose the anti-terrorism bill

May 2011

  • TN – DOJ submits teachers, principals, police to Muslim “sensitivity” training

June, 2011

  • picture of the group self-labeled as the “Muslim Rapid Response Team” working with TN DHS James Cotter
  • members of this group had lobbied and testified against the anti-terrorism bill
  • this group evolved into the American Muslim Advisory Council (AMAC; some members have changed)
  • federal and state agencies refuse to identify participants in taxpayer funded terrorism conference

November 7, 2011

  • Commissioner Gibbons letter to the AMAC congratulating them for organizing and for partnering with TN DHS

November 17, 2011

  • The Islamic Center of Nashville (ICN) holds a “Family of Abraham” event in Nashville featuring ISNA’s National Director Sayiid Sayeed

November – December, 2011

  • Four AMAC members form the governing board of a second organization, the American Center for Outreach (ACO) as the lobbying arm for AMAC

December 2011:  

  • it is reported that when asked whether the Governor had approved the advisory council, Chris DeVaney responded that he had “checked into this and apparently there is no truth to it.  It must be some kind of rumor.

December 2011

  • AMAC partners with the TN DHS to do first law enforcement training in Paris Landing

2012 legislative session

  • Commissioner Gibbons, testifies in support of an administration bill permitting the TN DHS to enter into partnership agreements with private non-profit organizations

February 2012

  • AMAC partners again with TN DHS for law enforcement training
  • article is published by an investigative journalist who asked TN DHS for names of AMAC members and presenters – no information was provided

February 28, 2012

  • AMAC sends a letter to the Islamic Center of Nashville Shura Board confirming that they “began as a collaboration between the Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security and Muslim leaders across the state”

March 2012

  • Judge allows defendants in underage Somali sex trafficking ring to have Muslim prayer breaks during trial

April 2012

  • segregated swimming for Muslim “sisters” at taxpayer-funded South Knoxville Community Center

May 2012

  • Governor vetoes Vanderbilt bill

May 2012

  • Samar Ali appointed as ECD International Director
  • info released about her from the administration redacts her Shariah Finance expertise which is published everywhere else including her White House bio, Global Islamic Finance magazine, her former law firm press release about her, etc
  • 3 convicted in Somali sex trafficking case; Somali refugees resettled here by Catholic Charities of TN

May 22, 2012

  • AMAC trains TN Dept of Children’s Services

July 20, 2012

  • Full – page ad in The Tennessean of the Resolution opposing Governor Haslam’s administration partnership with the AMAC and the hiring of Shariah Compliant Finance Specialist, Samar Ali

August 2012

  • Nihad Awad, Exec. Dir. CAIR (unindicted co-conspirator in terror financing prosecution), participates in opening of Murfreesboro mosque

August 15, 2012

  • Deputy Governor Claude Ramsey issues a letter defending Commissioner Gibbons’ partnership with the AMAC and the Haslam administration’s appointment of Shariah Compliant Finance specialist, Samar Ali

August 24, 2012

  • After listening to Islamic Networks Group (ING) founder speak on the subject of  “Women and Shariah”, ACO intern Jihan Abdulla tells The Tennessean that as Muslim woman she feels like she has more rights than American women

August 25, 2012

  •  Islamic Networks Group (ING) provides AMAC-sponsored training for their Islamic Speakers Bureau

September, 2012

  •  James Cotter, the TNDHS Regional Advisor who met with the MRRT in June 2011 and who claims that approval for the AMAC went to the Governor, is promoted to the position of State Training Advisor

September 2012     

  • AMAC co-chairs Daoud Abudiab and Zulfat Suara join the Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition (TIRRC) Board of Director

February 2012

  • libraries across TN receive National Endowment for the Humanities grant to have “Muslim Journeys” book/video series placed in TN libraries

May 2013

  • Al-Jazeera announces plan to open Nashville bureau

June 4, 2013

  • DOJ and FBI present at AMAC event in Manchester, TN to warn communities about consequences for negative internet posting about Muslims and Islam.  US Attorney Bill Killian syas he will use hate speech as evidence in prosecution for hate crimes