Excerpts from “What Islam Is All About” by Yahiya Emerick

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Emerick text0007                                      Emerick text0016                               Emerick p.188

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“Who Can I Make Friends With?” p.365      “Who Can I Make Friends With?” p.366

“What Is An Islamic Society?” p.376             “What Is An Islamic Society?” p. 377

“What Is An Islamic Society?” p.378

What Is An Islamic State?” p.380                  “What Is An Islamic State?” p.381

“What Is An Islamic State?” p.382                  “What Is An Islamic State?” p.383

1991 Muslim Brotherhood Memorandum – MB Memo

“The Project” –  The Project

Analysis of the Muslim Brotherhood Strategic Goals for North America Memorandum – very short and insightful explanation of the 1991 Memorandum

Reliance of the Traveller