Newsletter #185 – Islamophobia Makes Tennessee Unsafe (part 1 of 4)

The Muslim Brotherhood’s CAIR says “Islamophobia is close-minded prejudice against or hatred of Islam and Muslims” and “[a]n Islamophobe is an individual who holds a closed-minded view of Islam and promotes prejudice against or hatred of Muslims.”

CAIR has declared Tennessee to be one of the most Islamophobic states in the U.S.

Founder and former director of the Tennessee American Center for Outreach (ACO), Remziya Suleyman, for years, repeatedly singled out Tennessee and blamed specific Tennessee organizations and specific individuals for bringing Islamophobia to the state.

Paul IesaGalloway who was a Texas CAIR Director from 2002 to 2006, now runs the ACO and has taken over Suleyman’s job of identifying Islamophobia in Tennessee.

aco knoxville event

Nihad Awad who publicly voices his support for HAMAS, is also the head of Galloway’s former organization, CAIR. Awad has been a regular visitor to Tennessee and CAIR has regularly inserted itself into Tennessee’s political activities. CAIR liberally uses accusations of Islamophobia to single out targets.

Galloway now lives in Nashville, runs the ACO Muslim advocacy organization and is a registered lobbyist talking directly to Tennessee’s state legislators. Until recently the ACO was a named local partner organization to Daoud Abudiab’s Faith and Culture Center. The listing has been changed to ““Local Muslim organizations and centers.”

Islamist activist Daoud Abudiabs Faith and Culture Center had planned to hold an Islamophobia conference on September 26, 2015 but renamed it after the jihadi murder in Chattannooga. Pushing the idea that the Chattaooga jihadist’s actions had nothing to do with Muslims or Islam they renamed the event to “Our Muslim Neighbor: Creating a Community of Inclusion in Middle Tennessee.”

Daoud Abudiab, former co-chair of Tennessee’s American Muslim Advisory Council (AMAC), now serves as board president of the far left TIRRC (TN Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition), a pro-amnesty and open borders organization which supports the lawlessness of illegal immigration calling it “family reunification.” TIRRC received $310,000 of Soros money in 2012 and $469,000 in 2013. Can there be any question about what their REAL agenda is.

TIRRC logo

Abudiab is a supporter of the open borders group Clergy for Tolerance. He also spearheads “Our Muslim Neighbor” (OMN) initiative which is the sole focus of his Faith and Culture Center. Read “The Dark Side of the Interfaith Syndicate: ‘Our Muslim Neighbor,’ CAIR.”

CAIR and the Tennessee Islamist bullies use name-calling like “Islamophobe” to silence and threaten or provoke action against any criticism of Islam or political sharia. CAIR has been prolific in assembling reports and a website labelling individuals, organizations and actions they call the “Islamophobia Network.”

SoundVision, a department of the Muslim Brotherhood Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA), instructs that Islamophobia includes acts like, “…depicting the Prophet as a terrorist, disrespecting the Quran, torturing prisoners, bombing civilians or occupying Muslim lands, these are all signs of Islamophobia” and it includes “any kind of hate crime or speech against Islam and Muslims.”

The Islamic State just released its 9th issue of its English magazine called Dabiqwith an introduction promoting the shooting in Garland Texas as inspirationfor Muslims living in the lands of the crusaders.

CAIR and Tennessees Islamist bullies like Abudiab, Galloway and Suleyman are now on notice that Islamic State (IS) sympathizers are encouraged and will be incited to respond to accusations of Islamophobia, with deadly violence. So why are Islamist agitators like CAIR, Suleyman, Galloway and Abudiab knowingly, willfully and recklessly continuing to mark the targets?

Are Islamophobia accusers willing to intimidate people into silence by whatever means? Can they justify the violence used by IS to silence critics of political Islam in Tennessee, once and forever?

After the jihad terrorist murders in Chattanooga, why would Tennessees Department of Homeland Security enable the deliberate inciting to violence?

Newsletter #180 – Tennessee ACLU: The Left’s Biggest Hypocrite (part 4 of 5)

In 1971, Saul Alinsky published Rules for Radicals “for those who want to change the world from what it is to what they believe it should be,” and teach the Have-Nots how to take the power away from those that have it.

Alinsky described himself as an agnostic; other sources describe him as a nihilist. Either way, for Alinsky, morality and/or ethical behavior was whatever anyone believed. He wrote that “truth is relative,” a convenient way to divorce “truth” from facts.

The Nashville projects

ACLU’s Hedy Weinberg serves as an advisor to the TN Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition (TIRRC). In 2007, the Highlander School (an ally organization of the ACLU), started its Justice School for TIRRC, providing “nuts and bolts training on organizing and leadership skills.”

Weinberg was also a founding member of the Nashville For All of Us campaign which started in late 2008 to oppose a Metro Councilman’s “English First” proposal. In 2007, Eric Crafton proposed that with limited exceptions, the city government conduct business only in English. It passed the Metro council but was vetoed by then Mayor Bill Purcell.

Following Alinsky’s rule #10, which says that “the public sympathizes with the underdog,” Weinberg found a community she could market as unjustly marginalized by the government.

Using the Highlander’s training techniques, TIRRC worked against Crafton’s proposal which was defeated in a 2009 special election by a 56 – 44% vote.

Nashville Next is a long-range plan to guide Nashville and Davidson County’s development from 2015 through 2040. The plan was developed through a community-driven process emphasizing the inclusion of groups considered to be under-represented in civic processes. So, advocates from TIRRC representing legal and illegal immigrants, the American Center for Outreach (ACO) representing Islamists, and the political director for the Tennessee Democratic Party heavily influenced the plan.

The 2013 Partnering for an Equitable and Inclusive Nashville(Partnering Report), written by Hedy’s husband, Dan Cornfield, is the Nashville for All of Us Steering Committee report. Representatives from the civil rights (like the ACLU), disabled, immigrant and refugee rights, LGBT and Muslim communities had an expanded opportunity to influence the long-range plan for Nashville.

This moral highground claimed by the inclusive and “Nashville-for-all-of-us” proponents excludes anyone who doesn’t agree with them.

The Partnering Report describes Nashville as enlightened and focused on inclusion and “creative strides toward equity and inclusivity,” achievements credited to leftist hypocrites like Remziya Suleyman who started the Muslim American Center for Outreach (ACO) which the ACLU promotes. Weinberg’s daughter, Hannah Cornfield, worked for Suleyman’s organization.

weinbergsuleyman copy

Also, in the Partnering Report, Suleyman describes how Muslims in Tennessee have been victims of Islamophobia. She perpetuates the falsehood that the state tried to restrict Muslims’ right to practice sharia law even while Mayor Dean showcases the flourishing sharia enclaves in Nashville.

What isn’t reported, is that Suleyman revealed before the report was issued, that “she never knew the concept of sharia.” Nor does she admit that the state law she falsely claims to have defeated, only criminalized terrorist’s acts; she was the one who equated the practice of sharia law, to terrorism. The law specifically excluded the “peaceful” practice of religion.

In the “means and ends” rule, Alinsksy wrote “[t]he most unethical of all means is the non-use of any means,” which easily aligns with the Islamic doctrine of taqiyya (permissible lying.) Leftists justify their deceit based on ends and means; Islamists simply use Quaranic doctrine.

The willful hypocrisy in the Partnering Report and the ACLU’s promotion of the Islamist organizations, is simply stunning. The Partnering Report emphasizes inclusivity. It highlights Nashville’s promotion of the LGBT community and cites as an example, that Metro Nashville was the first Tennessee city to prohibit gender or sexual orientation discrimination by the city government.

At the same time, that Weinberg gave Suleyman the ACLU’s “Bill of Rights” award, her friend Suleyman and her allies were publicly mocking the agenda of homosexuals who according to sharia law can be murdered.


A month after Suleyman tweeted out this picture, her board member, Kasar Abdullah, was invited to speak at Hedy’s high school Student Rights Conference. Kasar’s sister Jihan is pictured above.

Internationally popular Memphis Imam Yasir Qadhi who helped Suleyman launch ACO, wrote that a homosexual act is a major sin against Allah. Even worse he says, is to support something like gay marriage, because that would be “kufr” – a sin so grave that you go to hell.

Of course the hypocrisy runs both ways since Islamists support the ACLU even though the ACLU promotes pre-marital sex, abortion, and gay marriage. CAIR-Michigan director sums up the political agenda this way:

dawud on gays


The Partnering Report calls for a “mandate to ensure that all Nashvillians share equally in and have access to the benefits of its growth…” but without any requirement of individual initiative or effort. The report proposes creating a Public-Private Partnership whose mission is to “sustain and elevate Nashville as an exemplary open, just and inclusive community….” The Partnership plans to create internships to indoctrinate the next generation.

Alinsky wanted these same outcomes. His vision included the “People’s Organizations,” groups of radicals, led by one of their own members, but with an Alinsky- trained, professional organizer always controlling the leadership. Together, they would incite class warfare. The mass movement would ultimately transfer power from the “haves” so “the people” construct an ideal society.

In his book Master of Deceit, J.Edgar Hoover said that Alinsky’s use of the front man strategy was like what the Communist Party used as a way to achieve their objectives.

In the red-green alliance, the radical leftists abet Islamists to deconstruct the system of laws that even protects “useful leftist idiots.” It’s hard to know who is really using who.

See the connections….

Use this graphic as you read the series about the ACLU, the Left’s biggest hypocrite:

ACLU graphic

Newsletter #158 – What Will the Jew-Hater’s Mother Teach New Immigrant Parents?

Bayan Kokoye, mother of Drost Kokoye

Bayan Kokoye, mother of Drost Kokoye

Drost Kokoye is an Islamist agitator with groups like the far left TIRRC (TN Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition), the TN American Muslim Advisory Council (AMAC), and the American Center for Outreach (ACO). She is one of Nashville’s most vocal Jew-haters, (here, here and here), and was central to organizing and leading pro-Hamas rallies this past summer.

Her mother Bayan Kokoye, (pictured above) is now part of Nashville Mayor Karl Dean’s new public school parent ambassador program. These parents will help indoctrinate new immigrant families into asserting their rights in the school district and the larger community.

According to Drost, her mother’s example, has taught her how to publicly protest against any perceived injustice.

Bayan under green arrow

Bayan under green arrow

In 2013, Bayan Kokoye took her husband and Drost to New York to say “byebye” to N.Y. Police Commissioner Ray Kelly. Islamists had a particular disdain for Ray Kelly because of his vigilant surveillance of Islamic radicals after 9-11.

Apple and the Tree

Drost is currently a student at UT Knoxville, working with the Muslim Brotherhood’s Muslim Student Association (MSA). (It is rumored that she wants to go to law school and be like her CAIR idol Zahra Billoo with whom she trades anti-Jew tweets.)

At UTK, Drost has tried to find an opportunity to use the “Muslim victimhood” narrative to build a coalition of those who see themselves oppressed by big, bad, white Americans.

Ferguson was a double whammy, tailor-made for the anti-American and Jew-hating Drost. CAIR- linked “Muslims for Ferguson” Islamists likened the shooting of Michael Brown to the 2009 fatal shooting of radical Islamist Luqman Abdullah during an FBI raid. Jew-haters also took advantage of the Ferguson protests:

Ferguson protest

Ferguson protest

Drost followed suit acting as spokesman for a Ferguson protest at UT Knoxville.

drost at UT Ferguson rally


drost tweet on ferguson

Now that Drost is in Knoxville her mom Bayan can focus on training new immigrant parents. Will the issue be removing all pork products from school cafeterias in deference to Muslim dietary law like they did in St. Paul, Minnesota? Or demand halal food in the cafeterias? Maybe she’ll work to expand Muslim Student Associations in high schools like the one at MLK Magnet in Nashville. (MSAs help develop Islamist agitators in high school and in other schools have enabled students to convert to Islam without their parents knowing).

Or Bayan can go for the real prize and have the school district do the dawa and Muslim conversions for her like they are doing in Maryland public schools where students learn the shahada, the Islamic conversion prayer, and affirm that there is no god but allah.

So, what kind of Parent Ambassador will Bayan Kokoye be? Did she teach Drost this:

drost new american

Let’s hope these new immigrants listen instead to Americans who value the freedoms we have in this country.




Newsletter #156 – What Does Governor Haslam Get For Selling Out Tennessee?

Let’s ask Obama.

December 9, 2014 – Obama will come to Nashville to gloat

Obama lost BIG in red Tennessee. The state legislature is Republican controlled super-majorities and the state has a Republican governor. Then why is Tennessee an ideal spot for Obama to gloat about his most recent end-run around Congress on illegal immigration?

Left leaning Tennessee Chattanooga RINOs Sen. Todd Gardenhire and Rep. Richard Floyd passed bills in 2014 giving in-state tuition to children born in the U.S. even if their parents were illegally in the country. Gardenhire and Floyd (who cried over these bills), also sponsored legislation to give in-state tuition to illegal immigrants graduating from Tennessee high schools. Floyds bill to give illegal immigrant students in-state tuition was co-sponsored by Rep. Gerald McCormick, who as House Majority Leader works to advance the Governors agenda.

Nashville is also desirable for Obama because at least 50,000 illegals are reported by The Tennessean to be living there and 124,000 state-wide. So when Haslam wonders why the unemployment rate is so high, he should read the local newspaper. Or he could read the August 2014 Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) analysis that based on federal employment data, showed that the jobs in Tennessee are going to legal and illegal immigrants:

 “Tennessee’s working-age immigrant population grew 176 percent from 2000 to 2014, one of the highest of any state in the nation. Yet the number of natives working in 2014 was actually lower in 2000.”

Obama’s loss in Tennessee is irrelevant because Haslam, with the help of the Chamber of Commerce, is pushing all the president’s big agenda items – Medicaid expansion, Common Core, entitlements, and amnesty. “Coincidentally,” Haslam’s director for legislation, Leslie Hafner, is also the business partner of the Chamber’s chief lobbyist, David McMahan.

Also, Haslam’s new Attorney General Herbert Slattery who has long-time, very close ties to Haslam, has not joined the 17 other states suing over the Constitutionally invalid grant of amnesty to illegal immigrants. In 2012 Haslam didn’t join other governors in opposing Obama’s DACA executive order either. DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) rewarded illegal immigrant parents who brought their young children, also illegal, to be raised and educated in the U.S. The children can work here legally, get a social security number and a driver’s license.

Haslam introduces Obama at 2011 No Child Left Behind briefing

Haslam introduces Obama at 2011 No Child Left Behind briefing

As established by Tennessee’s Constitution, the Attorney General advises all branches of state government but is also supposed to represent the interests of the citizens of Tennessee who are a majority of conservatives opposed to Obama’s immigration plans. This is the young workforce that Haslam approves of that will be in direct competition for jobs with Tennessee’s legal citizens.

Obama will speak at Casa Azafran, the building owned by Conexion Americas. TIRRC (TN Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition), Muslim Brotherhood inspired groups AMAC (American Muslim Advisory Council) and ACO (American Center for Outreach) are headquartered there, making it a convenient place for Obama to visit his high priority constituencies.

Even if Governor Haslam doesn’t show up for Obama’s speech (he wasn’t available for Obama’s January visit), it’s not because Haslam isn’t also highly supportive of the agendas of these organizations. In fact, Haslam’s Leadership Tennessee training program, housed at leftist Lipscomb University, has made sure to include Conexion Americas founder Renata Soto and representatives from TIRRC and the Muslim Brotherhood Islamic organizations.

Last week in D.C. at Obama’s invitation, Haslam showcased his new free tuition program called “TN Promise.” For now, only Tennessee’s high school graduates who are U.S. citizens can apply for Haslam’s free tuition program. This could easily change under either Obama’s amnesty plan or even the U.S. Senate’s Gang of Eight amnesty plan, which Senators Alexander and Corker are hawking around the state. Students applying for the TN Promise money must also be eligible for in-state tuition – the bill that Gardenhire tried to pass but didn’t. Will he be successful this year?


So what is Governor Haslam getting for his pro-Obama efforts? Establishing his RINO credentials for the 2018 nomination?

Newsletter #146 – What Would Haslam Do? (part 2 of 3)

There is no end to what the Haslam money can buy, even a joint venture between Tennessee’s elitist right and its neighborhood left.

Starting its second year, “Leadership Tennessee” is a 10-month leadership education program hosted by Lipscomb University. The program was founded and funded in part by The Haslam Foundation, Haslam family’s Flying Pilot J, the Hyde Family Foundation and the Cornerstone Foundation of Knoxville whose board at one time included Haslam.

Leadership Tennessee says it brings people together to “find the common good.” Is this Haslam’s way of practicing the“reach across the aisle” that RHINOs in D.C. do so well?

It is ironic that Haslam would be funding a leadership program since increasingly, he’s the “leader” that nobody wants to follow, least of all growing segments of the general assembly.

The Program “Team” includes:

Tom Ingram – advisor to Republican and Democrat politicians including Haslam, Lamar and Nashville Mayor Karl Dean. His vision of the program is that it “will represent middle, east and west Tennessee across all sectors.” Class participants include some Tennessee politicians currently in office such as Lipscomb alumnus, Speaker Beth Harwell. Would the program ever include conservative politicians like the ones Haslam tried to unseat? Aren’t they part of coming together for the “common good?”

Cathy Cate – executive director of Leadership Tennessee is the wife of Haslam Chief of Staff Mark Cate who just happens to be in this year’s Leadership class.

Linda Peek Schacht – her impressive credentials reflect complete dedication to the Democrat party, including a position with the (Israel-hating) Carter White House and communications director for the U.S. Senate Democratic Policy Committee.

Randolph Lowry – President of Lipscomb University who has moved the university to more liberal, socially progressive positions. For example, in 2008, Lowry announced Lipscomb’s new scholarships reserved for Latino students. One Lipscomb Master’s project described the “Lipscomb University model for welcoming, enrolling and graduating the 1.5 Generation, undocumented young people brought to this country as children who would be covered by the Dream Act.”

At Lipscomb University, breaking the country’s immigration laws is not a bar to a college education. Would Lowry also condone an unemployed man stealing to feed his family?

Lipscomb partners with TIRRC (TN Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition) in their annual “Welcoming Events.” TIRRC addresses the issue of illegal immigration in the code of open border advocates who call it “reuniting families” or advocating for “ the Dreamers.”

The university also hosts pro-sharia propaganda events and anti-Israel propaganda films like “5 Broken Cameras.”


TN Leadership first year’s class included  Sen. Corker’s chief of staff, mayors from select cities, representatives from big business, leaders and non-profit representatives like Renata Soto from the leftist organization Conexion Americas, and SCORE’s Executive Director Jamie Woodson, the biggest lobbyist and most well-financed lobbyist for Common Core in Tennessee next to the Chamber of Commerce.

This year’s class includes a BlueCross BlueShield executive, Secretary of State Tre Hargett, Speaker Beth Harwell, lawyers from big law firms, Knox County’s school superintendent, another representative from Conexion Americas and CAIR-Hamas collaborator, Remziya Suleyman from the American Center for Outreach (ACO).

Captive audience for Haslam’s agenda

Leadership TN says it is about “collaborative leadership.” Last year SCORE was highlighted as a “terrific example of collaboration in action….SCORE has been the catalyst for transforming Tennessee into a national leader in education reform.” According to Rocky Top Politics, SCORE and several of its board members helped finance Haslam’s recent attack on conservative primary candidates.

This year’s class includes Calvin Anderson, Senior Vice President of Corporate Affairs for BlueCross BlueShield of TN. Haslam’s communications director Alexa Poe (who used to work for Democrat Nashville Mayor Karl Dean) said that Haslam will not show his new plan for Medicaid expansion to his state legislators until after he gets the federal government to approve it.

What are the chances this year’s Leadership TN will be discussing the need for Medicaid expansion?

The Real Payoff for Leadership TN participants: Networking and deal-making

Two of the biggest benefactors of this program will be Suleyman and Jose Gonzalez, finance director for Conexion Americas. ACO, the American Muslim Advisory Council (AMAC) and TIRRC all work together with Conexion Americas and have their offices in Casa Azafran, the building owned by Conexion Americas.

Gonzalez can guilt trip the others about how without amnesty, families are separated and illegals have to live in the shadows. Obviously, he thinks U.S. law means nothing.

Suleyman will tell her usual embellished story about how she came as a refugee and works tirelessly as a human rights activist to defend the victimized Muslims of Tennessee. She’ll tell them about her interfaith work but probably won’t tell them that her close friend and her organization’s Civic Engagement Coordinator was a lead organizer of pro-Hamas rallies in Nashville and regularly tweets out Jew hatred. Suleyman will probably not disclose her close association with and promotion of CAIR-Hamas and her personal relationship with its director, Nihad Awad. Or that she brought anti-Semitic Michigan CAIR director to train Muslim high school students in political activism.

And she probably won’t tell them that despite her pro-sharia advocacy, she admitted “she never knew the concept of sharia.”

For Haslam, Leadership TN is an opportunity to buy support and be able to cast himself as a “consensus leader,” like the kind Sen. Bob Corker says we need for the next Republican presidential candidate. Haslam can show the participants that it doesn’t violate Republican principles to agree with Obama – amnesty, entitlements, pro-Islam, and driver licenses for illegal immigrants. He can show them that Republican principles won’t drive his politics. He can show them that it’s okay to reach back and forth “across the aisle” because in the end, we are all the same whether Democrat or Republican.

Newsletter #117 – The Red-Green Alliance and the BDS Campaign Against Israel (Part 3 of 5)

“Progressives” – aka the Socialists, Alinskyites and Marxists Who Hide Behind Religion 

What do self-labeled socially progressive Christians, Jews and even some Muslims, have in common?  They either openly support the BDS campaign, or like Jewish Voice for Peace, give it their “Jewish” stamp of approval.

The Israel bashers and Jew-haters in their midst, including the Islamists and Arabs, have shrewdly embedded their objectives in the leftist jargon of social justice and human and minority rights.  This is the Red-Green alliance that explains why the language of BDS’ers describes Israel as an “apartheid state” and why Sabeel is grounded in Palestinian liberation theology, a socialist, dhimmi Christian ideology.

Liberals who view themselves as socially progressive believe man can perfect the world. Jewish liberals pervert the repair rhetoric of tikkun olam from a God-driven end to a man-made mission. The Islamist partners in the Red-Green Alliance steadfastly challenge man’s right to legislate over Allah and make laws of their own while the Christian leftists delight in practicing social justice with the Palestinians who support terrorism and rule over their own apartheid state.

As Jonah Goldberg writes in Liberal Fascism:

“In Italy they were called Fascists. In Germany they were called National Socialists. [later renamed Nazis] In         America we call them progressives…. Religion was a political tool, while politics was their true religion….”

But what Islamist Jew-haters and academics like Hisham Sharabi, founder of the Jerusalem Fund and supporter of “radical Palestinian terror groups” understood, is how gullible American progressives are. He predicted that the intifada followed by a BDS campaign would be supported by “progressive Jewish forces in Israel and the United States….[any group] enlisted in the ‘progressive’ cause of the Palestinian Arabs – why not, anyone ‘progressive’ enough to embrace Hamas…is someone useful to Israel’s enemies.”

“Any group enlisted in the cause of the Palestinian Arabs” would certainly include the groups highlighted in Part 2. It would likewise include the Tennessee groups listed as part of the U.S. Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation which include the Progressive Student Alliance at UT-Knoxville, the Mid-South Peace and Justice Center in Memphis and the Network for Environmental & Economic Responsibility of UCC in Pleasant Hill.

Tennessee groups in the U.S. Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation

As discussed in Part 2, the U.S. Campaign is an umbrella group. The Progressive Student Alliance at UT-Knoxville supports BDS. To this end they partnered with UT-Knoxville’s new anti-Israel hate group Students for Justice in Palestine.

The Mid-South Peace and Justice Center(MSPJC), is itself a coalition of member organizations. One of its members is the Worker’s Interfaith Network (WIN), also located in Memphis. Methodist Rev. Rebekah Gienapp, founded WIN and served as its first Executive Director. She is a co-author on a study guide about Islam. She has also served as the Communications Chair of Interfaith Worker Justice located in Chicago.

WIN is a great example of the Red-Green Alliance. Some of WIN’s high profile members include:

Former AMAC (TN American Muslim Advisory Council) Board member Abdulkadir Gure lists an affiliation with many organizations including WIN, the far left anti-American TIRRC (TN Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition), ACO (American Center for Outreach) and the Muslim Student Association (MSA).

Kyle Kordsmeier, Organizing Director for WIN and MSPJC Board member traveled to Gaza in 2006 to “help defend the rights of Palestinians” in an area where just two days prior, Lebanese guerrillas killed three IDF soldiers and attacked two others. Kordsmeier was arrested by Israeli police after he tried to take a Palestinian prisoner away from the police. He claimed unprovoked brutality by the police.

WIN Executive Director, Alfredo Pena (arrested for theft between $10,000 – $60,000) served as Vice-President of TIRRC in 2010 and was also a former board member of MSPJC.

WIN Board members include Renee Dillard, associate minister, St. John’s UMC and Neal Gammill, Socialist Party, USA National Committee and Pres. Memphis Socialist Party.

Network for Environmental & Economic Responsibility of UCC (United Church of Christ) also pushing BDS, signed a petitionprotesting the U.S. boycott of the 2009 Durban II conference. Countries like the U.S., were concerned that like Durban I, the 2009 conference was going to be used to promote anti-Semitism and a push for sharia-styled anti-blasphemy laws. Canadian Prime Minister Harper boycottedthe conference because he believed it would be used to “scapegoat the Jewish people.”

Withdrawing from the 2001 Durban I conference, U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell stated:

            “I know that you do not combat racism by conferences that produce declarations containing hateful language, some of which is a throwback to the days of ‘Zionism equals racism;’ or supports the idea that we have made too much of the Holocaust; or suggests that apartheid exists in Israel; or that singles out only one country in the world–Israel–for censure and abuse.”

Amazingly 13 years later, anti-Semitism, or more precisely, Jew-hatred, has re-energized the BDS campaign and has spawned such heinous documents as the PresbyterianUSA’s Zionism Unsettled. Equally contemptible are initiatives likethe “Christ at the Checkpoint” conferences whose speakers have included Holocaust deniers, and whose organizers want U.S. evangelicals to understand the Bible from a Palestinian Christian perspective, ie, the same narrative used by Sabeel (see part 2). Claiming to be evangelical Baptists, they are working the U.S. churches with the message that Zionism, not Hamas persecutes Christians. The “BDS in the Pews” report shows that there is a very short road from full-blown BDS and its end-game agenda.

Even direct statements by BDS leaders like Omar Barghouti and Ali Abunimah that the goal of BDS is to eliminate Israel as a Jewish state does not seem to make BDS’ers stop and reevaluate their commitment to this movement. Nor has it stopped the liberal progressive media from promoting the Jew hater agenda by “fram[ing] the plight of Arab Christians in the West Bank as a problem caused by Israel.”

The BDS Progressives faithfully adhere to Alinsky’s “rules for radicals,” Marxist revolution, and the socialists’ dreams of man-made perfection on earth. But first, they must destroy any and all obstacles that stand in the way of achieving their utopia. In the case of Israel, the interfaithers use the Kairos Palestine Document’s liberation theology as a guide.

The intense and sustained hatred for Israel and the Jews is fueled by the fact, that despite Israel being the sole democracy in the Middle East, it has moved away from its communal-by-necessity beginnings. What began as a socialist’s vindication has matured into a strong capitalist-based economy.

So they hate a country and its people, who despite being attacked without provocation by Hamas, provided medical care this year to the granddaughter of Hamas leader Hamal Haniyeh.

This act was true goodness and mercy.