Newsletter# 177 – Tennessee’s Three Apologist Bills and the Chattanooga Jihad Murder

If Bill Gibbons, Bill Killian and Bill Haslam hadn’t elevated Tennessee’s Muslims to a super protected class could the Chattanooga jihad murder have been averted?

Bill Gibbons – Despite the 2009 jihad murder by Memphis native Carlos Bledsoe, Tennessee’s Commissioner of Safety and Homeland Security Bill Gibbons (also from Memphis), took an early lead in obscuring any objective examination of who and what the jihad threat might be in Tennessee:

  • 2011 – Bill Gibbons assigned James Cotter to help organize the American Muslim Advisory Council (AMAC) whose founding members openly praise Muslim Brotherhood organizations that “help American Muslims stay true to their religious values while being uniquely American.”
  • In 2009 James Cotter was a TNDHS Regional Advisor who said with regard to foreign threats, “anything that they do over there can happen here and will.” [almost like a prediction of Chattanooga]. Not long after helping AMAC organize, Cotter was promoted to the state’s Office of Homeland Security Training Advisor.
  • 2011 – AMAC posted these pictures from when they were invited by TNDHS to start training Tennessee safety and homeland security personnel.

paris landing copy

  • November 2011, Gibbons sent a congratulatory letter to AMAC dated months before his denial of his agency’s involvement with them.


  • In early 2012 when asked, Gibbons denied ever having been involved with AMAC – right before his 2011 letter appeared.
  • September 2012 – Nashville Somali refugee worker said “she was ready to die for Allah. Further, Abdullahi said that her life starts after death and that she should pick up a gun and ‘shoot all these people,’ referring to her co-workers.”

amal-ahmed-abdullahi-620ds091012 copy

Bill Killian – In June 2013 Tennessee U.S. Attorney Bill Killian spoke at an AMAC event. He said he would use federal civil rights laws to stop legally permissible hate speech directed at Muslims. The next day Killian disclosed how he planned to promote politically correct speech while suppressing First Amendment rights:

“Hateful statements directed at another will be used as evidence in a hate crime,… Our district has a 96 percent conviction rate…and we’ve never had a conviction overturned for violation of First Amendment.”  

  • December 2014 – a claimed ISIS related group threatened to blow up the Memphis-Arkansas bridge.
  • January 2015 – Cyber Caliphate hacks into “secure” Stewart County, TN server.
  • May, 2015 – Nashville Douglas Corner Cafe cyber-hacked with “I am Muslim and I love jihad”
  • July 16, 2015 – Jihad murders at two military reserve centers in Chattanooga.

Bill Killian has been assigned the lead position in investigating the Chattanooga jihad murders. Bill Killian has made his Islamist apologist bias public and has a conflict of interest and should recuse himself.

Bill Haslam – the governor of Oklahoma, Mary Fallon DID NOT HESITATE to immediately issue an executive order enabling National Guardsmen to be armed at military facilities. Governors in several other states followed her lead.

With his typical lack of urgency, the best Bill Haslam could do was delay action. First he’s having an inquiry made and then he’ll see about how the state can expedite members of the military getting a state gun carry permit.

Is the Governor aware that the Brentwood mosque where jihadi murderer Abdulazeez prayed while he was working in Franklin, is located right next door to a Marine recruitment center? 


What’s the likelihood that any or all of the Three Bills, can put their political correctness and Muslim apologist bias aside to remember that they have a duty to protect all of us, not just Muslim sensitivities?

Newsletter #171- Do Haslam and TNDHS Understand That Appeasing Islamists Doesn’t Prevent Jihad?

  • 2011 – Commissioner of Safety and Homeland Security Bill Gibbons assigns a staff person to help organize the American Muslim Advisory Council (AMAC) which has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, but in 2012 denies ever having been involved with the group.
  • 2011 – AMAC posts pictures from when they were invited by TNDHS to start training Tennessee safety and homeland security personnel.
  • 2011 Gibbons sends a congratulatory letter to AMAC dated months before his denial of his agency’s involvement with them.
  • 2012 – Muslim worker threatens to kill kaffirs because she’s ready to die for Allah.
  • December 2014 – ISIS related group threatens to blow up Memphis-Arkansas bridge.
  • January 2015 – Cyber Caliphate hacks into “secure” Stewart County, TN server.
  • May, 2015 – Nashville Douglas Corner Cafe cyber-hacked with “I am Muslim and I love jihad”
  • Former CAIR director from Texas, Paul “Iesa” Galloway, is now a registered Tennessee lobbyist operating the American Center for Outreach (ACO), the sister organization of AMAC. That’s the same Muslim Brotherhood CAIR that was named an unindicted co-conspirator in the biggest terrorism financing prosecution for raising money and sending it to support HAMAS, a U.S. designated terrorist organization. Nihad Awad, CAIR National Director, Paul Galloway’s former boss and frequent visitor to the Murfreesboro mosque, publicly says he supports HAMAS.
  • CAIR has said that Tennessee is one of the most Islamophobic states in the U.S. so expect them to help support former AMAC chair Daoud Abudiab who is planning an Islamophobia conference in September.
  • Hamzah Abdul-Malik joins the private Islamic Pleasant View School in Memphis, a school already connected to Muslim Brotherhood affiliates and individuals. He is one more imam brought to Tennessee trained at places like Al-Azhar University in Egypt. Al-Azhar is credited with starting the Islamist movement with training from Islamic radicals, is closely tied to the Muslim Brotherhood and stands for sharia as a complete way of life and the worldwide domination of Islam. He is close personal friends with super Islamist Zaid Shakir.
 Hamzah Abdul-Malik

Hamzah Abdul-Malik

  • Abdul-Malik is getting ready to open a new “Midtown Mosque” in Memphis. In 2012, he was Chair of Islamic Studies at the Toledo Islamic Academy, a school established by the Masjid Saad, where in 2006, two attendees were arrested on terrorism charges. At the time, the Masjid’s website featured anti-Israel articles and articles supporting the Holy Land Foundation and KindHearts Foundation (incorporated in Toledo) – two Islamic charities shut down by the U.S. government for funding the militant arm of the Muslim Brotherhood, HAMAS.

As to Haslam, he’s too busy promoting Obama’s Common Core, Medicaid Expansion, amnesty for illegal immigrants and keeping his corporate Chamber of Commerce cronies stocked with low-wage refugee sharia-adherent workers, to care about Islamist entrenchment in Tennessee.

Haslam was either willfully or neglectfully blind to the Islamist growth in Knoxville while he was mayor. He defended hiring sharia finance specialist Samar Ali based on “freedom of religion” which just shows how very little he knows or understands about political sharia and the Muslim Brotherhood’s plan.


There are daily reports of Muslim jihadists living in the U.S. who have declared an allegiance to ISIS. The FBI’s Director of Counterterrorism has testified that ISIS suspects can be found in every state including neighboring Georgia and that ISIS is effectively using social media to spread its message and recruitment efforts.

Obama appointed Rashad Hussain as director of the Center for Strategic Counterterrorism Communications. The problem is Hussain, “is a terror-supporting Islamist who says that terrorists need more, not less, of fundamentalist Islam.” Like most Islamists, Hussain is connected to Muslim Brotherhood affiliates, “has defended known terrorists and is aligned with groups that espouse jihad.”

American Muslims or those Haslam welcomes from overseas; all have the same Mohammed, same Quran, same Sira, same Hadith, same Allah….same sharia law.

When will Tennessee’s apologist and appeasing leadership get serious about the jihad threat?

Newsletter #168 – How the Muslim Brotherhood Operates in Tennessee (part 6 of 8)

Islamist Political Action Groups

American Muslim Advisory Council (AMAC)

AMAC was organized in late 2011 with the support of the Commissioner of Tennessee’s Department of Safety and Homeland Security and assistance of department personnel.

gibbons letter.jpg


DHS advisory group copyOrganizing state level councils such as AMAC is a step taken right out of the Muslim Brotherhood plan. Coincidentally the 2006 conference that launched this action step included three organizations, one of which is among the 29 named organizations in the Muslim Brotherhood plan. All three of the conference participants were part of a larger coalition that included other mainstream Muslim Brotherhood groups CAIR, ISNA and MAS.

AMAC board members have spoken favorably about Muslim Brotherhood organizations. Sabina Mohyuddin an AMAC organizer and board member, announced in an AMAC presentation that several Muslim Brotherhood organizations “help American Muslims stay true to their religious values while being uniquely American.” (embed video)

AMAC board members Zak Mohyuddin (current) and Mwafaq Aljabarry (former) each ran for political office in August 2014 primaries. Mohyuddin ran as a Democrat and Aljabarry as a Republican. Both lost.

In 2012, AMAC announced that it had become an affiliate of the Islamic Networks Group (ING), which itself is heavily connected to the mainstream Muslim Brotherhood collective of CAIR, ICNA, MAS, and ISNA. Taking its cue from the Brotherhood’s directive, AMAC planned to use ING’s prepared scripts to spread its reach to “middle and high schools, universities, faith-based and community organizations, and other venues. We seek to educate about American Muslims and their faith as a means of promoting religious literacy, mutual respect, and understanding.”

AMAC board members have also followed the Brotherhood’s plan strategy of forming coalitions. AMAC organizer and board member Drost Kokoye has concentrated her efforts in working with the pro-HAMAS group Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP), illegal immigration advocates and pretty much any group that has a “I hate America” agenda.

drost pro-hamas copy

drost new american

AMAC leadership openly supports Obama’s unConstitutional actions regarding illegal immigration.

Immediately prior to organizing and chairing AMAC, Daoud Abudiab teamed up with Awadh Binhazim, (the self-appointed Vanderbilt Muslim chaplain), on November 3, 2011 to educate the Williamson County Democrats about Islam.

daoud and awadh copy

Abudiab and his AMAC co-chair also joined the board of the TN Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition (TIRRC) to solidify the cross-pollination of these groups. In 2013 Abudiab left the AMAC board, but as of this writing, continues to serve as the president of the TIRRC board. In 2014 he started an interfaith organization, the Faith & Culture Center which is heavily focused on “Our Muslim Neighbor” emulating ISNA’s interfaith outreach tactics.

American Center for Outreach (ACO)

AMAC and ACO were started at the same time by the same people. Several AMAC members served on both organizations. They hired Remziya Suleyman to operate ACO and lobby for Muslims in Tennessee. Suleyman is credited with solidifying Muslim Brotherhood CAIR’s presence in Tennessee and affirmatively linking the Muslim voice in Tennessee with Muslim Brotherhood ideology and organization representatives.

In the fall of 2014, Paul “Iesa Galloway took over the operation of ACO and Suleyman moved to Washington to work for the Kurdish Regional Government office there. Galloway is a professional spin doctor, an asset to an organization forced to “massage” facts to fit their victim narrative which has characterized the ACO since its start.

Shortly after converting to Islam, Galloway founded and directed the Muslim Brotherhood’s CAIR office in Houston for four years. He was the PR director for Mohamed Elibiary’s Lone Star Intelligence company and a board member on Elibiary’s Freedom and Justice Foundation Board serving alongside former ICN imam Abdulhakim Mohamed who was a board member at the same time.

Galloway, Elibiary, Abdulhakim Mohammed

Galloway                                                                                                               Abdulhakim Mohamed

Mohamed Elibiary has a long and public relationship with the Muslim Brotherhood. He admits having a relationship with an official of the Holy Land Foundation who is now in jail for helping to finance Hamas. Elibiary also served on the Board of Muslim Brotherhood’s CAIR Dallas-Forth Worth chapter.

Galloway coordinated the 2012 Texas Dawa Conference, connecting with conference speakers from Tennessee, Remziya Suleyman, Memphis imam Yasir Qadhi and Danish Siddiqi. In 2009 Qadhi lectured at the mosque attended by the Boston marathon bombers. His comments included “replacing U.S. democracy with Islamic rule” and he called Christians ‘filthy’ polytheists whose ‘life and prosperity … holds no value in the state of Jihad.’”

There is a significant degree of cross-pollination between ACO, AMAC and the TN Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition (TIRRC). All three organizations have located their offices in the Conexion Americas building in Nashville.

TIRRC runs amnesty workshops and employs a DACA Coordinator. DACA is Obama’s 2012 amnesty for children brought to the U.S. illegally by their parents who also entered illegally.)

Jerusalem Fund (JF)

As stated on its website:

“The Jerusalem Fund for Education & Community Development is an independent, non-profit, non-political, non-sectarian organization based in Washington, D.C.  Funding for operational expenses is derived from investment income. This, together with donations from private individuals throughout the U.S., supports our humanitarian grants.”

The Jerusalem Fund (the Fund) in its current configuration, is comprised of 3 programs – “The Palestine Center”, “The Humanitarian Link” and “The Gallery”. Despite the Fund’s self-description as “non-political”, a review of its leadership, programming, and issues of focus, reflect overtly pro-Palestinian/pro-Hamas/anti-Israel positions.

In 1977 Hisham Sharabi founded the organization that in 1981 was renamed to the Jerusalem Fund. He served as Chairman until 2005 when Dr. Subhi Ali took over. In 1991 Sharabi founded The Centre for Policy Analysis on Palestine that was added to the Fund’s organization and renamed the Palestine Center. This arm of the Fund held a conference in 2003 entitled “Israel’s Policy of Apartheid and Ethnic Cleansing,” reflective of the Fund’s real purpose. Sharabi  advocated a Palestinian “armed struggle” if necessary, to end “Israel’s occupation of the West Bank and Gaza”.

Sharabi was also a board member of WISE (World and Islam Studies Enterprise) which was incorporated and led by Sami al-Arian, who was subsequently sentenced in 2006 to prison and deported in February 2015 because of his leadership of the U.S.-designated terrorist organization Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ). WISE was funded by the Muslim Brotherhood’s IIIT.  Tarik Hamdi, identified as an officer/staff member of WISE, is listed in a federal affidavit as providing material support to Al-Qaeda, Bin Laden and the PIJ.  He left WISE to work for IIIT.  He subsequently left the U.S. and relocated to the Middle East.

WISE served as the U.S. money-receiving front for PIJ and while Sharabi was a board member, funneled payments to the PIJ martyrs through the Islamic International Arab Bank (Arab Bank).

The HAMAS Charter is posted on the JF website along with position papers and information briefs highlighting positive aspects to HAMAS. Sharabi described HAMAS as “the true fida’i (self-sacrifice) resistance in Palestine since the outbreak of the Palestinian intifada.

The Jeruslaem Fund’s recently departed Executive Director Yousef Munayyer was explicit in his anti-Israel pro-BDS (boycott, divestment and sanctions) advocacy. When asked by Hannity Munayyer did not answer the question, “Is HAMAS a terrorist organization?”

Law school professor William Jacobson explains, “BDS should being seen for the anti-Semitic movement it is, a movement that demonizes only the Jewish State, holds only the Jewish State to the highest standards no one else meets (certainly not in the Middle East), and seeks the destruction only of the sole Jewish State in a sea of Islamic States.”

The Jerusalem Fund shares many attributes with the Holy Land Foundation that was shut down by the government.

alis copy

The organization is located in Washington, D.C. but its chairman, Dr. Subhi Ali, lives in Waverly, Tennessee. Subhi Ali joined the Fund’s board in 2000, serving as Chairman since 2005 after the Fund’s founder, Hisham Sharabi stepped aside.

Subhi Ali is the father of Samar Ali, appointed by Governor Haslam to the Tennessee Department Economic and Community Development (ECD) as Assistant Commissioner for International Affairs.

When questioned about the hiring of Samar Ali, a sharia finance specialist, then ECD Commissioner Bill Hagerty admitted publicly that Subhi Ali called him and asked him to look at Samar’s resume which includes work done on behalf of the Jerusalem Fund. After Subhi’s phone call, Haggerty hired Samar.

Shortly after Samar’s hiring in 2012, questions were raised about why the Haslam administration hired a sharia finance specialist. In response, the administration redacted her sharia finance credentials from information released to the public about her hiring. Samar left the ECD less than two years later with little accomplished in the international division.

Muslim American Society (MAS)

Fadi Ezzeir is the President of the Nashville chapter of MAS and listed as the Executive Director of its scouting department. He was also an assistant imam at the Nashville Salahadeen Center mosque and Youth Director there. In 2002 he organized the first Islamic boy scout troop in Nashville. In 2006, in violation of scouting rules, Ezzeir used the Muslim boy scout troop to make voter calls using a MAS script.

In 2004 the Secretary-General of the MAS acknowledged in court that it had been founded by members of the Muslim Brotherhood.

The Muslim Brotherhood’s plan addresses establishing organizations as part of “settling” Islam in the West and to serve the functional part of a civilizational jihad. The plan says that the first “comprehensive organization” established by their prophet, was the mosque. But to accomplish their plan in the West, they need other organizations because “[the West] does not respect or give weight to any group without effective, functional and strong organizations.”

The plan lists all kinds of organizations that are needed, including scouting.

boy scouts

Newsletter #76 – “Hey hey DOJ whose rights will you take today?”

In March 2010, a video surfaced of Imam Abdullah Faarooq, from the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center (ISBCC), calling on Muslims to support Aafia Siddiqui, a known Al-Qaeda operative sentenced to 86 years in prison for her role in attempted murder on U.S. officers and employees in Afghanistan.  At the same time Imam Faarooq exhorted the worshippers, “You must grab on to this rope, grab on to the typewriter, grab on to the shovel, grab on to the gun and the sword, don’t be afraid to step out into this world and do your job.” 

The ISBCC is the sister mosque of the Islamic Society of Boston mosque where Boston bombers Tsarnaev attended.  “What both mosques have in common is an affiliation with the Muslim American Society, an organization founded in 1993 that describes itself as an American Islamic revival movement. It has also been described by federal prosecutors in court as the ‘overt arm’ of the Muslim Brotherhood, which calls for Islamic law and is the parent organization of Hamas, a U.S.-designated terrorist group.” (

Despite an earlier “cozy” relationship with Imam Suhaib Webb, Massachusett’s Governor Deval recently disinvited Imam Webb from the interfaith service held after the Boston Marathon bombing.

If only Governor Haslam could also understand the ramifications of having elevated the political status of Islamists in Tennessee when he sanctioned the partnership between the state and the TN American Muslim Advisory Council (AMAC).

AMAC recently convened a forum in Manchester, Tennessee to educate the public about American Muslims and invited U.S. Attorney Bill Killian and FBI agent Kenneth Moore to remind the public that the victimized and besieged Islamist minority living in Tennessee have rights also.

So what do Governor Haslam, Bill Gibbons (TN Commissioner of Safety and Homeland Security), Bill Killian, his boss Tom Perez, and Kenneth Moore (FBI) all have in common?  They are all united in an effort to ensure that Tennesseans respect Islamic political demands even if it means that fundamental American Constitutional freedoms are eroded in the process.

Tennessee seems to have a “special” relationship with the DOJ and its attorneys.  In November 2012, Tom Perez, head of the Civil Rights Division of the U.S. Department of Justice spoke at the grand opening of the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro.  Perez was an ideal choice of speaker since he also reflects the alliances in Tennessee between the Latino and Islamist communities.  Both the American Center for Outreach (ACO) and AMAC house their Nashville offices in the new Conexcion Americas building.

Whether it is Perez’s advocacy for illegal aliens, his position as a trustee for the Soros-funded Center for American Progress, his selective enforcement of civil rights or his passion for Islamists peddling victimhood, it lays a path of destruction for this country.

Just witness Perez’s Islamist-influenced approach to First Amendment free speech. In August 2012, Rep. Trent Franks (R-Arizona), a member of the House Judiciary Committee’s Subcommittee on the Constitution, asked Perez: “Will you tell us here today that this Administration’s Department of Justice will never entertain or advance a proposal that criminalizes speech against any religion?” Perez refused to answer, four separate times.

Following his boss’ marching orders to warn Tennesseans that the federal government is there to protect the Islamist agenda, Tennessee U.S. Attorney Bill Killian recently suggested that he’d use federal civil rights laws to stop legally permissible hate speech directed at Muslims.  It was not until the day after the AMAC event in Manchester, TN, that Killian disclosed how he planned to promote politically correct speech while suppressing First Amendment rights:  “Hateful statements directed at another will be used as evidence in a hate crime,… Our district has a 96 percent conviction rate…and we’ve never had a conviction overturned for violation of First Amendment.”  He goes on to give this hypothetical:

“Imagine if you and I were planning to vandalize a mosque and we conspired over Facebook. We set a time to meet at that mosque through Facebook chat. Those statements would be used as evidence in prosecuting a conspiracy to commit a hate crime. By no means are we prosecuting anyone in violation of the First Amendment.”

But what if neither of you show up to vandalize the mosque because you changed your mind but someone who is friended to you on facebook does?  According to Killian’s powerpoint presentation in Manchester, you can still be prosecuted for the conspiracy because your “hate speech” is all that is needed to prove the crime.

So his warning to everyone is that despite being legally protected by the First Amendment, the federal government will punish hate speech.  Where better for Perez to demonstrate the power of the federal government than in Tennessee?

My question for Mr. Perez is whether he has dispatched his Massachusetts U.S. Attorney to give the same cautionary talk to Imam Faarooq and his congregation.  After all, Mr. Killian reminded the Manchester crowd that Mr. Perez said, that “today’s bullies are tomorrow’s civil rights defendants.”

I’d also suggest they both read “Incitement in the Mosques: Testing the Limits of Free Speech and Religious Liberty”.


President Obama has nominated Perez for Secretary of Labor so he can do for Labor what he has done for Civil Rights.

Even though Senator Lamar Alexander opposed Perez’s nomination at the committee level it passed out of committee along party lines.  It will now go to the Senate floor for a vote.  Perez is a political appointee; he can and hopefully will at a future date, be replaced.

Tell BOTH Tennessee Senators to vote “NO” on Perez.

Senator Lamar Alexander                Senator Bob Corker

You might also want to ask Governor Haslam and Commissioner Gibbons whether they plan to continue to promote the TN American Muslim Advisory Council as partners with our state government?






Newsletter #70 – TN Dept. Homeland Security working with TN Islamists

Working together since at least June 5, 2011


Newsletter #51 – “American Muslims” or “Muslims That Just Live in America”?

An article posted on the Kurdistan National Assembly website quotes MTSU’s Saleh Sbenaty – faculty advisor to the school’s Muslim Brotherhood’s Muslim Students Association (MSA), and member of Governor Haslam’s American Muslim Advisory Council (AMAC), as saying, “I considered myself an American the moment I placed a foot in this country”.  It seems, however, that his daughter Dimaa feels otherwise, or at the very least, finds living in Syria preferable:























Despite being American born and raised in the U.S Dimaa Sbenaty, self-titled “Dove of Damascus” seems like many Muslims of her generation who identify first as Muslims, then according to a parent’s country of origin (e.g., Palestinian, Kurdish, Syrian,), with the American adjective taking on a connotation more about physical location than identity.

According to both the current and proposed Syrian constitutions, the “religion” and “values” which Dimaa wants to be immersed in by living in Syria are defined in part, by Islam and Shariah law.  The Organisation for Economic Co-operation & Development’s (OECD), 2012 Social Institutions & Gender Index ranks Syria 75th out of 86 countries surveyed, down from 59th in 2009.  The report cites the following factors for this ranking:


  • Discriminatory Family Code – the status of Muslim women in Syria is governed by Shariah law which discriminates against women in matters of marriage, divorce and inheritance, all of which are decided by the religious Shariah courts with no option to be heard in the civil court system.
  • Polygamy is allowed if the husband satisfies the court that he can afford it; no consent from wife #1 needed.
  • Unilateral divorce by the husband is allowed (talaq); women have very narrow circumstances under which they can petition for divorce.
  • A child’s Syrian citizenship only passes through a Muslim father so children born of non-Muslim fathers cannot inherit, or access free healthcare and education.
  • Honor killings occur and “honor” is accepted as a mitigating factor for violent crimes.
  • Married women may only work outside the home if the husband permits.
  • All women are barred from working at night and in certain professions “deemed injurious to their health or morals.”

Dimaa, like her sister Lema from Newsletter #50, also participated in the MTSU Muslim Brotherhood Muslim Students Association.  Given her father’s commitment to that organization and all it stands for, the Sbenaty household seems steeped in the Brotherhood’s credo that “Islam is the solution”.


Reflected in any number of articles and even one college student’s thesis, Tariq Ramadam, the grandson of Hassan al-Banna, founder of the Muslim Brotherhood, claims a prized status among the West’s Muslim young adults. (see eg. Lema Sbenaty’s “Tariq Ramadannnnnnn omg”{can you link?}). Described in these circles as an “Islamic modernist leader”, others who have thoroughly studied his writings, tapes and interviews, demonstrate that his message to the children of Muslim immigrants living in non-Muslim countries, redefines what assimilation means.  His message is clear and consistent that “Muslims must bring ‘the overall philosophy of the Islamic message’ into Western education, assuming ‘their Islamic frame of reference as a starting point.’”


For this generation of Muslim young adults, Ramadan defines “citizenship” as simply a place to reside and “not a country to which one is bound.”  He says “contribution” is what counts because that is what makes one part of the country in which they reside.  He tells his young audiences to “Islamizie modernity rather than modernize Islam”;  “agree to integration, but it is up to us to determine the contents”, “accept the law, provided it does not force [you] to do something in contradiction with [your] religion”.

The core of what Ramadan professes is political by nature and action.

No different than his Islamist grandfather’s message of rigid insistence that Islam should dominate such that any and all “requested” accommodations are made.  No different than the Islamist message being advanced by Governor Haslam’s “American” Muslim Advisory Council and its lobbying organization the “American” Center for Outreach.





Newsletter #50 – More Muslim Brotherhood & the Governor’s Muslim Advisory Council

This is a recent photo posted on Lema Sbnaty’s facebook page.  Lema, past president of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Muslim Students Association (MSA) at Middle TN State University (MTSU), is now working in Washington, D.C.  She is pictured here with Tariq Ramadan at “Politics and Prose” bookstore on Connecticut Ave.  He seems to have greatly impressed her –


Lema is the daughter of TN American Muslim Advisory Council (AMAC) member Saleh Sbenaty.  He is a professor of Electrical Engineering at MTSU where he also serves as the advisor to the school’s MSA.  Dr. Sbenaty, a founding member and spokesman for the Murfreesboro Mosque (who emailed mosque “turncoat” Eric Allen Bell: “The lies you are spreading is a characteristic of a scumbag”), was an active and vocal opponent to Tennessee’s 2011 anti-terrorism bill.

Dr. Sbenaty may also be the reason that his daughter Lema has more in common with Tariq Ramadan than even she realizes.

Tariq Ramadan

Tariq Ramadan’s maternal grandfather, Hassan al-Banna founded the Muslim Brotherhood in 1928, and his father, Said Ramadan led the Brotherhood throughout the 1950’s.  Then as now, the Muslim Brotherhood’s motto recently repeated by Egypt’s President Morsi, states, “The Quran is our constitution, jihad is our path, and death for the sake of Allah is our most lofty aspiration”.  The only difference now is that the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt is out of hiding.

2006 article in the Weekly Standard, Counterrorism and Foreign Affairs consultant, Olivier Guitta notes that Gamal Nasser expelled Tariq’s father from Egypt because of his Islamist Muslim Brotherhood activity.  Before finally settling in Switzerland, Tariq’s father Said went to Saudi Arabia where he founded the World Islamic League funded by the Saudi government to promote the spread of Wahhabism, a conservative and fundamentalist form of Islam.

“Said Ramadan was one of the most important Islamist thinkers of the 20th century. He is probably the author of “The   Project”, a 14-page document dated 1982 found by the Swiss secret service in 2001.”

“The Project” is a 12 point strategy “that presents a global vision of a worldwide strategy for Islamic policy [“political Islam”].”  In other words, a plan for installing Islamic governments in the West.

In Switzerland, Tariq’s father founded the Geneva Islamic Centre which is reported to be the European headquarters for the Muslim Brotherhood.

Tarek Fatah, described as a liberal Muslim writer living in Canada wrote this in advance of Tariq’s 2009 appearance at the American Academy of Religion’s conference held in Montreal that year:

“Brother Tariq, your father Said Ramadan came to my birthplace Pakistan in 1948 as a Muslim Brotherhood emissary and was instrumental in turning a secular Muslim country into a hotbed of Islamic extremism.  I will not let the son of Said Ramadan come to my adopted home Canada and do the same, without a fight.  Your Islamist father ruined my birthplace; I will not let you ruin the place where I will die.”

Third generation Tariq has continued in the family tradition but with a focus on engaging Muslim youth.  After studying all of Tariq Ramadan’s books, interviews and tapes, Arabic-speaking French Islamic fundamentalism expert Caroline Fourest has labeled him “a war leader” and the “political heir of his grandfather.”

After attending the University of Geneva, Tariq studied Arabic and Islam at Al Azhar Islamic University in Cairo.  He subsequently returned to Switzerland and started the Movement of Swiss Muslims, the objective of which “was to reach Muslim youth by Islamizing modernity rather than modernizing Islam”.  He then moved on to the same type of activity with French Muslim youth, offering Islam as “the solution”, which “…partly explains the radicalization of this community.” (see the Weekly Standard article).

In 2008 this warning was sounded again with regard to Tariq’s appeal to Muslim youth, “…beneath the urbane liberal lurks a far more sinister ideologue, committed to some of the most backward fundamentalist repressions.  And because he comes over as so contemporary and convincing, he’s feted by a generation of young Muslims looking for a more hip hero.”

Guitta also notes that one of Tariq’s interfaith partners stated that Tariq “wants a total separation between Muslims and other communities”, a perspective consistent with the Muslim Brotherhood’s opposition to secularization for all Muslims regardless of where they reside.

Also in keeping with his Muslim Brotherhood heritage, it has been reported based on Tariq’s writings, tapes and interviews, that he supports eliminating Israel as a state.  The tribute to Tariq’s father posted on the Geneva Islamic Center website, acknowledges his father’s role in 1948 “declar[ing] jihad [to] defend Palestine.”

The attached articles provide plenty of detail about the 2004 revocation of Tariq’s U.S. work visa, barring him from coming to the U.S. to teach at Notre Dame, his subsequent appeal of that denial and the eventual order signed by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in 2010 lifting his ban.  On April 8, 2010 he made his first public appearance in the U.S. since 2004.

Saleh Sbenaty

According to Lema Sbenaty, her father Saleh, immigrated from Syria to the U.S. in 1982, almost 2 years after graduating from Damascus University with a degree in Electrical Engineering.

From 1976 to 1982, Sunni Islamists, (the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria), seated in the town of Hama, waged an insurgency against the Assad government because as Lema describes it, the minority Alawit sect to which the Assads belong, were controlling the majority Sunni Muslims – just as it is today.  In 1982, just one month after the Hama massacre began Dr. Sbenaty left Syria for the U.S.

In 1980, two years prior to what is now referred to as “the Hama massacre”, the Syrian government outlawed the Muslim Brotherhood, making membership punishable by death.

Lema comments in her interview that while she, her mother and her siblings “typically visit Syria every summer, her father has not been back in 30 years.”  She claims that if her father returns to Syria he would be subject to compulsory military service and that “If he goes back, he gets jailed instantly, even though he’s a citizen here.”

Does she mean that he gets jailed because he skipped out on his military service or that his political commitments are otherwise subject to punishment in Syria?

Dr. Sbenaty is the faculty advisor to the Muslim Brotherhood MSA at MTSU.  His mosque has been reported to provide reading material from the Muslim Brotherhood’s Muslim American Society and Institute of Islamic Information and Education.

And he is a member of Governor Haslam’s TN American Muslim Advisory Council.


Samar Ali and Lema Sbenaty – two Muslim girls born and raised in Tennessee, both connected to Governor Haslam’s administration; one through an appointed position, the other through her father’s position, and both by their own words, attached first to an identity that has nothing to do with having been born and raised in the U.S.

This is precisely what Tariq Ramadan has sought to achieve through his work with this generation of Muslims growing up in the West offering them Islam “…as the solution to all the problems of Muslim youth – in keeping with the slogan of the Muslim Brotherhood, ‘Islam is the solution.’”

“You are known by the company you keep.”  “Birds of a feather flock together.”

Look at the company chosen by Governor Haslam and Commissioner of Safety & Homeland Security, Bill Gibbons.