Newsletter #10 – Hate Crime Statistics

Note – for anyone living in Shelby Co – the information that was sent out re: the pending charter school applications in Shelby Co. involving the Cosmos Foundation – all that information was sent to all school board members and Jane Roberts at the Commercial Appeal – you may want to let them know that you know that they also have that information.

TCPJ – Newsletter #10 – May 5, 2012

Tennessee Bureau of Investigation 2011 Hate Crime Statistics

Since taking office, Governor Haslam and his administration, (specifically, Commissioner Gibbons and David Purkey, Director Tennessee Office of Homeland Security), have gone out of their way to elevate the status of Muslims in Tennessee.  So has Jerry Martin, U.S. Attorney for Middle Tennessee.

Good examples are the public partnership with the TN American Muslim Advisory Council and the law enforcement training held this past February.  See newsletters #1 & 2.

The most recent hate crime statistics released by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) do not support the efforts of the administration.  While buying into the myth of “Islamaphobia”, they have ignored the other groups, which are consistently subjected to an increase in “hate crimes”.

2011 data                           incidents reported                      2010             2009

anti-Jewish                                     4                                             1                     8

anti-Protestant                                2                                             1                     6

anti-Islamic                                      2                                            4                     0

anti physical disability                   9                                           4                     2

anti mental disability                      6                                           4                     1

Muslims in Tennessee have demanded special attention from the state government and they have gotten it.

The only way to correct the imbalance in Tennessee is to let the Governor hear YOUR voice.