Newsletter #20 – the Ali appointment cont’d


Why has the Haslam administration deliberately omitted the one area of Ms. Ali’s professional accomplishments that every other entity has written about, including the White House, her high profile former law firm, and the Global Islamic Finance Magazine?  Each one has put her expertise in Shariah Compliant Finance (SCF), front and center and yet the Haslam administration is going to great lengths to conceal this information about Ms. Ali.

It was also reported in her White House bio and law firm press release that Ms. Ali interned for theIslamic International Arab Bank.  As stated on the bank’s website, it conducts “its banking operations in accordance with Islamic Sharia rules …to meet the growing demand for Islamic banking services and products in the local, Arab and Islamic markets.”

Another SCF first for Ms. Ali was her legal work regarding a Foreign Aid Conventional and Shariah Compliant Student Loan Program.

And still another of Ms. Ali’s highly touted professional accomplishments also nowhere mentioned by the Governor’s office, was her role in organizing and participating in the first U.S. delegation to the World Islamic Economic Forum in 2010.  The theme of that year’s forum was “Nurturing the Future in Islamic Finance and Thought Leadership”. It was noted in the conference booklet that “Shariah based products…would have a much wider market: everyone”. Ms. Ali’s bio in that same booklet credits her not only with founding her law firm’s Abu Dhabi office, but also with the firm’s Islamic Finance Group.

The World Islamic Economic Forum (WIEF) and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC –formerly the Organization of Islamic Conference)

In its own words, the OIC is the collective voice of the Muslim world and ensuring to safeguard and protect the interests of the Muslim world…”.  The OIC which works cooperatively with theMuslim Brotherhood, represents the 56 (57 if you include the Palestinian Authority) Muslim majority countries and is also the largest voting bloc in the United Nations.  The objectives, principles and “fundamental purposes” of the OIC is to “…strengthen the solidarity and cooperation among the Member States… The Organization has the singular honor to galvanize the Ummah into a unified body…”

“Based on the views and recommendations of scholars and intellectuals, convinced of the potential for the Muslim Ummah to achieve its renaissance, and in order to take practical steps towards strengthening the bonds of Islamic solidarity, achieve unity of ranks, and project the true image and noble values of Islam and its civilizational approaches, a Ten-Year Programme of Action has been developed…”

While the OIC did not coin the term “Islamaphobia” (that was done by the Muslim Brotherhood front group the International Institute for Islamic Thought [IIIT]), included in the 10 year plan was the goal to, “…have the United Nations adopt an international resolution to counter Islamophobia, and call upon all States to enact laws to counter it, including deterrent punishments.”  In other words, impose Shariah blasphemy laws and punishments internationally.

The OIC has pushed for this U.N. resolution since 2005, and sure enough, this year the U.N. Human Rights Council passed Resolution 16/18 which criminalizes the criticism of Islam.  To no big surprise, the U.S. State Department met privately with OIC representatives to discuss the implementation of Resolution 16/18.

The World Islamic Economic Forum (WIEF) started as the OIC Business Forum, which was held in 2003, in conjunction with the tenth OIC Summit in Malaysia. The OIC convened the Business Forum to “create a business ‘face’ of the OIC” and in keeping with the 10 year plan, to discuss opportunities for business partnerships in the Muslim world.
The second OIC Business Forum was convened in 2004, resulting in the World Islamic Economic Forum.

Among the corporate members of the WIEF, two in particular, stand out – the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) and the Islamic Development Bank of Saudi Arabia (IDB).

The IDB, established by the OIC, conducts its business in accordance with Shariah law.  Dr Ahmad Mohamed Ali Al Madani has been the bank’s first president since 1975.  He also served as the Secretary General of the Muslim World League, a Saudi government controlled and funded organization that (according to “Discover the Networks), promotes extremist Wahabbai Islam, whose Pakistan office employed al-Qaeda operatives, and which supervised a charity that knowingly funded terrorist groups.

With regard to the MCB, in 2009, the British government severed its relationship with the MCB (at that time Britain’s largest Muslim group), because its deputy Secretary-General signed onto a declaration, which among other things supported the smuggling of arms into Gaza to support Hamas and in opposing the 2002 Arab peace initiative, called upon the “Islamic Nation” to “carry on with the jihad and resistance against the occupier until the liberation of all Palestine”.

Given Governor Haslam’s actions to date regarding the establishment of the Tennessee American Muslim Advisory Council and now his appointment of Ms. Ali, is he preparing Tennessee to follow the economy building example of Illinois and its Governor – Muslim American Advisory Council partnership?  Next week on June 26, 2012, Governor Quinn, his Muslim Advisory Council and the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce will hold a reception to “learn about growth opportunities for Illinois businesses in Gulf Cooperation Council countries” (see attached flyer).  Sounds like they could use the services of a lawyer like Ms. Ali.