Newsletter #172 – Nashville: A Welcoming City Where Some Lawbreakers Are More Equal Than Others

Nashville will elect its next mayor in August with early voting starting on July 17th.

The fictional non-partisan mayor’s race has become a contest of “who can top this promise” for enhancing the lives of sharia adherents and illegal aliens living in Nashville.

Candidate Bill Freeman is reminding Latino voters (legal and illegal?) that his $100,000 donation to Conexion America was the single largest bribe for Latino allegiance. Freeman also reminds the black community that he is a major donor to Tennessee State University and has the support of black state and local elected officials.

Freeman says he is the man for everybody except of course for those that helped make him rich enough to try and buy his way into office.

He boasts that his picture with Obama shows “he’s the only candidate in the race who has connections from the courthouse all the way to the White House.” Does that mean back-room deals instead of transparency in city government business?

freemanandobama (1) copy

Freeman and Obama

Freeman and the other six mayoral candidates promise to bring Obama’s radical Marxist agenda to continue Mayor Karl Dean’s transforming Nashville into a sanctuary city for illegal immigrants and expand the sharia enclaves which Mayor Dean proudly celebrates. All mayoral candidates promise a municipal ID card program, which in effect, gives illegal lawbreakers the same rights as a citizen of Tennessee.

Mayoral candidate Charles Bone, a licensed attorney, said he would defend a lawsuit against the ID card program. He probably knows that several years ago, Tennessee’s state legislature passed a law that would prohibit cities from establishing programs like municipal ID cards.

Freeman should excel at making Nashville a sanctuary city; he hired NYC Mayor Bill DeBlasio’s former campaign manager. DeBlasio launched a municipal ID card program that gives IDs to illegal aliens so that they will have a “document” and take advantage of city services.

DeBlasio had to add another $5 million to the original $8.4 million to pay for his program. This ID program means that New York citizens will have to pay for the increase in services for people who aren’t New York citizens – legals paying the way for illegals.

Will Bill Freeman use his $2 million dollar plus annual income to help pay for his leftist agenda?


Shouldn’t a Welcoming City Be Fair to Everyone?

The mayoral candidates all say Nashville should be a welcoming city to the 33,000 plus illegal aliens living there. In fact, the candidates all say they want to do more for non-English speaking students. Why? Their parents have all broken the law by being here, so why should we reward them?

The U.S. Department of Education (DOE) told school districts that they could take money earmarked for disadvantaged U.S. citizens’ children and use it instead to teach English to illegal immigrant children – or maybe buy them the computers and ipads Metro thinks they should have. DOE doesn’t say how Metro will pay for this “welcoming.”

And, does the Nashville NAACP think the historically black North Nashville schools and students are getting their fair share? What do they think about taking public money for use by illegal immigrant students?

If the Nashville mayoral candidates really wanted a welcoming city, they would end all forms of discrimination, especially discrimination toward all lawbreakers. It simply isn’t just that someone who breaks the immigration laws can be protected by city government, but someone who gets a speeding ticket or a parking ticket, is penalized.

Do our mayoral candidates think this is fair?