ACTION ALERT – Tell Vanderbilt University “NO” to Hate Groups on Campus

Action Alert: Hate Group Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) should not be recognized by Vanderbilt University or UT Knoxville as campus supported organizations:

  • SJP at Vanderbilt is currently forming and will shortly be seeking to register as a university recognized student organization
  • SJP at UT Knoxville was recognized almost 2 years ago
  • SJP is a hate group – see the short video here:

  • at Vanderbilt, contact Mark Bandas, Dean of Students, bandas@Vanderbilt.Edu or call him at 615-322-6400 and tell him that:
  • SJP was started by Islamists whose sole purpose is to use lies and fabrications to delegitimize the State of Israel
  • SJP chapters justify violence and intimidation of pro-Israel students and pro-Israel groups to achieve their stated mission
  • SJP chapters target Jewish students simply because they are Jewish;  [note: pro-BDS group Jewish for Peace is not a Jewish organization, it is a progressive political leftist group]
  • SJP chapters seek to make college campuses hostile environments for pro-Israel students, pro-Israel groups and Jewish students
  • SJP is no different than hate groups like the KKK
  • at UT Knoxville, contact Melissa Shivers, Dean of Students, or call her at (865) 974-3179

Tell these deans and universities that there is no room for hate groups on their campuses.

If you are an alumnus of Vanderbilt and donate money to Vanderbilt, please consider contacting Susie Stalcup, Dean of Alumni Relations and telling her that you will no longer donate to Vanderbilt if SJP is recognized as a student organization by the University

If you are an alumnus of UT Knoxville and donate money to UT, please consider contacting Scott Rabenold, Vice Chancellor for Development & Alumni Affairs and tell him that you will no longer donate to UT Knoxville until the University withdraws its recognition of the SJP as a student organization