Newsletter #141 – Suleyman Exposed: Hairline and All

Remziya Suleyman, director of the American Center for Outreach (ACO) blames being self-concious about wearing her hijab in Tennessee on the attitudes of Tennesseans:

“I know, every day, as a Muslim, as a woman, and as an immigrant, people will look at me differently. When I go out wearing my hijab I know there will be stares and comments.”

suleyman hijab

Actually, very few people care about Suleyman’s hijab, which she says she began wearing in  2008, right before she began lobbying Tennessee  legislators.  A 2007 op-ed  written by leaders of  the Muslim Canadian Congress asserts that the “hijab  has nothing to do with morality” but has become a tool for both political and religious operatives.

Suleyman’s co-Islamist, rabid Jew-hater, friend and colleague, CAIR lawyer Zahra Billoo confirms that she also loves the hijab for this reason:

billoo flag of islam

Tweeting from Switzerland several days ago, Suleyman said:

no stares for hijab

Sharia-adherent Islamic State jihadis (IS), agree with Suleyman that they want to see more women in hijabs and are willing to take steps to ensure that it happens. IS even takes it a step further, issuing a warning to Iraqi women that they are “to wear full-face veils or risk severe punishment” like in Saudi Arabia or Afghanistan.

Suleyman sent out a picture of her new more European hijab look which includes exposing her hairline:

remziya w samar ali in geneva - Version 2

Does her new hijab look pass the sharia smell test?

How would she know anyway? She said, “she never knew the concept of sharia” until she asked the imams in Tennessee.

Fellow sharia pusher, Tennessee American Muslim Advisory Council (AMAC) board member Sabina Mohyuddin said that:   “A hijab is worn to please God and to maintain modesty.  I wouldn’t take mine off in public,…I would be the kind of person to put up  a fight about that. … I would compare asking a Muslim woman to remove her hijab to asking a woman to take off her blouse. That’s really how Muslim women feel about it.”

Maybe Suleyman is simply confused about her identity and who can blame her? She is chained to the Islamic sharia camp that makes wife beating a sacred duty and relegates women to chattel breeder status. But she keeps trying to pass herself off as some kind of modern twenty-first century Muslim woman living in the freedom in the U.S. Except that a woman’s sharia-ruled life will never match Suleyman’s propaganda that sharia supports feminism.

Suleyman has exposed more than just her hairline. Whatever version of headgear the self-declared “voice of Tennessee Muslims” decides to wear when she returns to Tennessee, it will no longer be credible cover for her pro-sharia advocacy.