Newsletter #139 – Rabbi Phillip Rice – Flip-Faced?

Stand for Israel or stand with her enemy?

On August 6, 2014, Nashville Rabbi Phillip “Flip” Rice spoke  (starting at minute 55), at a public pro-Israel solidarity gathering in Nashville.

This past March, however, Rice was part of an interfaith panel sponsored by the Tennessee chapter of the Atlantic Institute (the Institute). A CAIR-Hamas representative was also part of the panel.




The Atlantic Institute is a “spinoff” organization of the Society for Universal Dialogue (SUD).

The SUD used to be known as the Knoxville Turkish Cultural Center. Back in 2013, the SUD and the Iris Foundation shared the same address. The Iris Foundation submitted the failed Knoxville Academy Gulen charter school application. The Iris Foundation Board’s secretary (and proposed President of the failed Knoxville charter school), Suzan Mertyurek, is a board member of Gulen schools in other states.

Growing public awareness about the Gulen charter school network along with reports of the federal investigation of problems associated with these schools may have contributed to the denial of the Knoxville charter school proposal.

The Atlantic Institute works with its partner organizations, the Istanbul Center and the Southeast Turkish American Chamber of Commerce to organize “multiple trips to Turkey.” These trips are designed to influence “figureheads from universities, law enforcement agencies, and faith based community leaders in the Southeastern US.”   The Turkish American Chamber of Commerce takes Tennessee legislators on these trips routinely.

Turkey: “moderate” Muslims who just happen to support the killing of Jews and Israel

Erdogan permitted Hamas to operate out of Turkey to organize the abduction of the three Israeli teenagers who were murdered in June. It was confirmed that Hamas funded the operation.

Turkey is moving away from secularism and toward Islamic rule. For example, it was reported that Sunni Islam religious classes are compulsory in the public schools. Women are increasingly being chastised in accordance with sharia standards. Last week a female journalist who writes for The Economist and a Turkish newspaper, was called a “shameless woman” by Erdogan and told to “know your place” because her question allegedly insulted Islam and Muslims.

In July, Erdogan’s Prime Minister said it was immodest for women to laugh in public.

Erdogan embraces the Muslim Brotherhood whose ideology is being actively promoted by Tennessee jihadis. Tennessee’s Islamists share Erdogan’s vision for a dominant world Islamic power under sharia law. In 1998 he declared: “the mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets, and the faithful our soldiers.”

There are reports that Turkey’s military is prepared to support another flotilla of aid to Gaza. It is being organized by the same relief organization that tried to break Israel’s blockade of Gaza in 2010. Footage of Israeli Navy commandos being attacked when they boarded the ship disproved the mainstream media’s efforts to characterize the Israelis as the aggressors rather than having to resort to defensive measures.


Rabbi Flip’s temple calendar at Congregation Micah lists a program called “Moderate Muslims.” On August 15, 2014, Rabbi Flip will talk about “his trip to Turkey with an interfaith delegation.”

Is he going to talk about the Jew haters who voted Erdogan into office or the ones here who want him to believe that they are “moderate Muslims?” Which face will he show at his program? The friend of Israel or her enemy Hamas supported by Turkey?