Newsletter #138 – Jews Should Stand With Hamas Against Israel

So says Tennessee Muslim American Center for Outreach (ACO) Director, Remziya Suleyman who criticized Nashville Federation Director Mark Freedman for speaking at a recent pro-Israel rally in Nashville. She objected to him standing up for Israel at this event that included some organizations she characterizes as “anti-Muslim.”

On her facebook page, Suleyman rants against the Jewish Federation. In her typical broad-brush labeling of anyone who doesn’t agree with her, she deliberately ignores pertinent facts like:

  • the material support bill was a response to Memphis jihadist Carlos Bledsoe, aka Abdulhakim Moahmmed, It was an anti-terrorism bill, NOT an anti-sharia bill. Suleyman and CAIR were the ones that equated anti-terrorism with material support and sharia
  • she admitted she didn’t even “know the concept of sharia” before she decided to launch her pro-sharia political agenda
  • early objections to the Murfreesboro mosque were based on evidence of Muslim Brotherhood involvement with mosque leadership which has continued with visits from CAIR-Hamas director Nihad Awad and senior Muslim Brotherhood leader and terrorism financing unindicted co-conspirator, Jamal Badawi

Suleyman relies on the Anti-Defamation League’s (ADL) reports to castigate the Jewish Federation director’s participation with the Christians rallying to support Israel. Has Suleyman read what the ADL has to say about the organizations she works with and the individuals she favors? Obviously not.

After attending Louis Farrakhan’s talk in Nashville, Suleyman publicly commented that the Nation of Islam “got it right.” Has Suleyman read the ADL’s unfavorable opinion about Louis Farrakhan?

The ADL website confirms CAIR’s Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas ties. It also cites CAIR among the Top 10 Anti-Israel groups in the U.S.. Suleyman actively promotes and participates with CAIR, publicly supports their work and even brought CAIR’s anti-Semitic Michigan director to Tennessee to train Muslim high school students. Here is what the ADL says about CAIR:

“CAIR also continues to offer a platform to conspiratorial Israel-bashers and outright anti-Semites.  For example, CAIR’s Florida chapter operates a Web site that makes anti-Semitic material available for visitors interested in learning about Islam. CAIR also organizes anti-Israel rallies during which protestors and speakers engage in anti-Semitic rhetoric, use offensive Holocaust imagery likening Jews and Israelis to Nazis, and express support for terror groups.”

August 6, 2014, pro-Hamas, anti-Israel rally; ACO Civic Engagement Coordinator, Drost Kokoye with the megaphone

August 6, 2014, pro-Hamas, anti-Israel rally; ACO Civic Engagement Coordinator, Drost Kokoye with the megaphone

Nor does Suleyman offer any explanation about why her organization’s Civic Engagement Coordinator, Drost Kokoye, has been organizing and leading the pro-Hamas rallies. Does Suleyman understand that even if Drost calls it a “free Gaza, pro-Palestinian” rally, it is Hamas, the elected government that she is supporting? Does Suleyman agree with the part in the Hamas charter that calls for jihad to destroy Israel?

 “From the river to the sea Palestine will be free” is a reference that means there would be no Israel between the Jordan River and Mediterranean—and no Jews.

“From the river to the sea Palestine will be free” is a reference that means there would be no Israel between the Jordan River and Mediterranean—and no Jews.

Suleyman likes to compare the Muslim struggle to American blacks’ civil rights history. Black Christian Zionist Chloe Valdary would tell Suleyman and her employee Drost Kokoye, that Martin Luther King, Jr., Rosa Parks and other black leaders, were both Zionists. As King said, “[w]hen people criticize Zionists, they mean Jews. You are talking anti-Semitism.” So why does Suleyman surround herself with friends and colleagues who advocate Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS), against Israel and other expressions of anti-semitism and Jew-hatred?

Suleyman says she has Jewish friends who like her, are offended that Freedman put his allegiance with Israel over Muslim sensitivities. Are these the same Jewish friends who belong to the J Street organization that says Israel should negotiate with the terrorist organization Hamas?

Is this the same J Street organization that has included the BDS voice in their annual conference? And the same organization that was rejected membership in the Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations?

And the same J Street organization that recently pulled out of an Israel solidarity rally? We would guess that these are Suleyman’s Jewish friends. It’s not likely they would have been at the Nashville Israel rally simply because they would have been confused as to which rally to join. Or, maybe they aren’t confused at all but don’t want to be seen standing with hijabis shrilling in support of Hamas.

Suleyman and her Civic Engagement Coordinator Are Out of Step with Kurdish Support for Israel

Suleyman’s claim to interfaith work is a one-way street because it is really about the Quran’s commandment to proselytize the non-Muslim kaffir. Her sole objective is for non-Muslims to accept what she believes Islam is despite having admitted to the large gaps in her knowledge base. “I never knew the concept of sharia…”

Despite her professed yearning for a free and independent Kurdistan, the country she idealizes and identifies most closely with, she cannot breach the Quran’s Jew-hating directives. She says the Quran “is always right.” Here are only a few of what the Quran says about Jews:

Surah 5:60 from the Quran says: “Say, ‘Shall I inform you of [what is] worse than that as penalty from Allah ? [It is that of] those whom Allah has cursed and with whom He became angry and made of them apes and pigs and slaves of Taghut. Those are worse in position and further astray from the sound way.’”

Surah 5:51O you who have believed, do not take the Jews and the Christians as allies. They are [in fact] allies of one another. And whoever is an ally to them among you – then indeed, he is [one] of them. Indeed, Allah guides not the wrongdoing people.”

That may explain why she hasn’t rallied in support of Israel or hasn’t acknowledged that Israel’s Prime Minister is the first world leader to call for an independent Kurdistan.

The Young Kurds group rallied last week in front of the White House shouting, “We support Kurdistan.” “We support Israel our new friend.” “No to Hamas.”

Who does Suleyman support?

Suleyman’s interfaith work is about the Red-Green Alliance

The red-green alliance is part of Suleyman’s interfaith work in Nashville. This interfaith work is more about being anti-Israel in an effort to support Islamist sensitivities. It is dominated by liberal progressive Christians, Jews and even some Muslims, who either openly support the BDS campaign, or like Jewish Voice for Peace, give it their “Jewish” stamp of approval.

The Israel bashers and Jew-haters in their midst, including the Islamists and Arabs, have shrewdly embedded their objectives in the leftist jargon of social justice and human and minority rights.  The Islamist partners in the Red-Green Alliance steadfastly challenge man’s right to legislate over Allah and make laws of their own while the Christian leftists delight in practicing social justice with Hamas, a terrorist organization that rules over its own apartheid state.

Drost sign says: "ISIS kills Kurds and Shias to make an Islamic state ISRAEL kills Palestinians to make a "Jewish" state OPPOSE BOTH!

Drost sign says: “ISIS kills Kurds and Shias to make an Islamic state
ISRAEL kills Palestinians to make a “Jewish” state

Suleyman’s other interfaith work is with Religions for Peace, USA (RFP), an organization heavily threaded with Muslim Brotherhood representatives. RFP is “yet another coalition of Islamists and their non-Muslim political allies”

Some Jewish leaders in Nashville finally saying “no” to Jew hatred

Apologists like Rabbi Mark Schiftan cannot control their compulsion to appease Islam. Nor do they acknowledge that the Arab-Israeli conflict is not confined to the Middle East but has implications right here in the U.S.. Other Nashville rabbis and the director of the Nashville Jewish Federation were at the rally and each stated unequivocally that as American Jews, they stood with their Christian friends in support of Israel. They condemned Hamas attacks against Israel and joined in recognizing the courage of IDF soldiers defending their country.

We can only hope that these Jewish leaders will also acknowledge that no matter how they try to appease Islamists like Drost Kokoye, they are not immune from the Islamic Jew-hatred that is rapidly emerging and threatening Jews in Europe. Did they ever believe they would confront pro-Hamas rallies in their city? Are they surprised that their Muslim interfaith partners didn’t join them to rally for Israel?


What Suleyman offers is nothing more than the standard blackmail within the interfaith racket. First they form a warm relationship with you. But then, when you speak up for Israel, they spring into a threatening mode.  As Suleyman says, “that’s a nice relationship we got there, it would be a shame if anything happened to it.”