TCPJ Alert – “Strong and Free” Mailers Highly Suspect, Be Very Careful

Voters need to watch their mailboxes – and their backs.  Reported yesterday, an unregistered PAC (political action committee) with no website or named individuals, calling itself “Strong and Free Tennessee,” is sending out mailers endorsing candidates against conservatives who are running for the Republican State Executive Committee (SEC).

The SEC members run the state’s Republican party. So it makes perfect sense that Tennessee’s establishment Republicans and alleged conservatives (like those pictured) that collaborate with them do not want to lose control of the state party.

The Jackson Press has asked a very logical question: “Why would a PAC endorse candidates for the SEC’s unpaid committee seats and yet attempt to hide itself? Did the PAC hide its origins on purpose or out of ignorance of the law?”

postcard 2

So far though, the address of the senders has been confirmed. Clues about who is sending the mailers are everywhere and are being actively pursued as are the suspected regulatory violations.

Study the picture postcard carefully. Running as a conservative with Haslam by your side? And you want voters to believe you are a conservative? Seriously?

Stay tuned.