Newsletter 135# – Allah Says You Cannot Break Ranks With Other Muslims (part 1 of 2)


Also known as identity politics for Muslims:



So here’s what this Kurdish Muslim is saying:

Vote for Aljabbary because he is one of us, a Kurd. It doesn’t matter what he says he will or won’t do. Once he is elected he will ALWAYS put Muslim needs first. He has to because that is what Allah commands him to do and he is a very observant Muslim. Otherwise he would not have been the president of his mosque.

We don’t care whether he will represent anyone else that lives in our district. Catholic Charities brought us Kurds to Nashville and we want more of us here. Aljabbary has lots of experience in refugee resettlement, and if, elected, he could help bring more of us! This is how we will have the kind of political power we still don’t have in our real homeland. Besides, we are commanded to bring this political jihad to the West.