Newsletter #130 – Partnering for Islam (part 3 of 3)

Nashville’s Islamists and Hispanics Working Together For Change

Renata Soto and her alliance with the Islamists is especially interesting. Soto’s Nolensville Road Casa Azafran, a community center offering a variety of programming directed at Nashville’s immigrant communities, describes itself as the “Gateway to Nashville’s International District.” The building allocates space to political organizations that see themselves aligned against the big-bad-bigoted racists who oppose things like illegal immigration, open borders and the encroachment of sharia-like law in the public domain.

Suleyman’s organization, the Muslim American Center for Outreach (ACO), the American Muslim Advisory Council (AMAC) and TIRRC (TN Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition) have offices in Casa Azafran. These three organizations in particular are heavily cross-pollinated with individuals that have served interchangeably on each organization.

JFON (Justice For Our Neighbors) is also housed at Casa Azafran. JFON provides legal services for immigrants including “unaccompanied alien children” (UAC) like those currently surging the border. JFON was started by the United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) that has its own close relationships with Muslim Brotherhood affiliate organizations. (See also the United Methodist building in DC that they comfortably share with the Muslim Brotherhood’s Islamic Society of North America).

Casa Azafran is a gigantic 28,800 square feet! It’s newest tenant is the Metro Nashville Public School’s Pre-K hub set to open at the start of the 2014 school year. Metro taxpayer’s are spending a minimum of $1.9 million of public money in construction and capital improvements to the building which is privately owned by Conexion Americas.   This does not include money that will be paid in lease expenses. Your tax dollars at work.

remziya with durbin and congress cooper

Pro-amnesty Tennessee Rep. Jim Cooper and Sen. Dick Durbin, a Democrat from Illinois, who do not think the illegals surging at the border should be deported. They are big supporters of Casa Azafran, Islamists and open border groups like TIRRC. Does this mean that they are looking at Casa Azafran as an emergency shelter for them?

Think of the dawa (Islamic proselytizing) opportunities! Don’t forget that AMAC is now a trained ING affiliate whose mission is to educate the non-Muslim public school students about Islam. AMAC board member Kamel Daouk’s wife, originally from Mexico works to convert members of the Hispanic community. Daouk himself served as president of the Islamic Center of Nashville in 2012 and was an officer in the Olive Tree Education Islamic propaganda organization that promoted writings by Anwar Al Awlaki, a top recruiter for al-Qaeda.


Who knows how the Metro Pre-K hub will evolve; Aljabbary/Mohammed might get his publicly funded Islamic school after all. U.S. Rep. Andre Carson, a Muslim convert agrees that public schools should be like madrassas (Islamic schools). But consider that the Minnesota charter school, the TiZa Academy, was sued into bankruptcy by the ACLU for violating the Establishment clause of the Constitution.  TiZa made religious accommodations for the predominantly Muslim student population, thereby effectively turning the school into an Islamic madrassa.

Should Metro Schools be investing public money in a privately held political building? Will the students’ parents be told that they might get serving of dawa with their lunch? Maybe.