Newsletter #126 – The Islamic State and Sharia Are Always the End Goal

emerick book


 “Allah says in this ayah [verse in the Quran] not to take non-Muslims as       protectors. (3:118,4:144) Only fellow Muslims you can rely on should have authority or power over you.  Because in the end, a non-Muslim who knows you, and who doesn’t accept Islam, is a rebel against Allah’s way of life and will harm you in the end or try to make you like him or her.” p.366


“Muslims know that Allah is the Supreme Being in the universe, therefore, His laws and commandments must form the basis for all human affairs.  If we didn’t follow Allah’s commandments, but then still called ourselves Muslims, we would be hypocrites like the Christians, Buddhists and Jews are today.” p.381


This textbook is shown in the 2013 promotional video* for Annoor Academy Islamic school in Knoxville and helps us understand how young Muslims in Tennessee are being taught to think about the Jews and Christians that live in their communities.

Muslim American Center for Outreach (ACO) Director, Remziya Suleyman who is regarded as the voice of Tennessee Muslims, is a fan of Annoor Academy.

remziya like yasir qahdi copy 2

Even though Suleyman routinely criticizes and fights against Tennessee’s Republican legislators and their initiatives, she is a fan of Republican Senate District 21 candidate, Mwafaq Aljabbary, aka Mwafaq Mohammed, the president of her Kurdish mosque.

aljabbary with haslam

Is Suleyman compromising her political principles to support of a Muslim Republican candidate or is she simply following Quranic doctrine? Could it be that Suleyman understands what Aljabbary aka Mwafaq Mohammed’s end goal is?

The Assembly of Muslim Jurists of America (AMJA) has addressed the situation Aljabbary/Mohammed will confront should he actually be elected to the TN General Assembly. AMJA issues legal opinions and interpretations of Islamic law specifically for Muslims living in the U.S. These rulings are issued by highly respected sharia scholars. AMJA also hosts the annual Imams training conference; Memphis imam Yasir Qadhi, spoke at the conference in 2012.

On the question of “Is Islam expandable enough to tolerate political parties?” AMJA responds:

 “Tenth: There is no problem in making alliances with moderate secular trends in the stage of pursuance of establishing the Islamic State, on condition that the subject of alliance is legal, and that it must not comprise any bindings that would harm the message of the religion, or that would tie the hands of the people who are involved in the Da`wa works and prevent them from spreading the truth and from marching towards the objective of establishing the Islamic State.”

Just the grown-up version of what Muslim students in Tennessee are taught:

“The way of life known as Islam is a complete code of life.  It was revealed by the Creator of the Universe as a guide for people to live their lives thereby. This being the case, Islam provides answers for individuals, families as well as societies and governments.  There is no separation of Masjid and state for the object of the Islamic state is the establishment of the Deen of Allah. …. The basis of the legal and political system is the Shari’ah of Allah.  Its main sources are the Qur’an and Sunnah.  People do not make the laws, Allah does.” (What Islam Is All About, p.381)

Is this where we want to take the State of Tennessee?

*Use of this textbook at the school was exposed last year which may account for the reason that it is not seen anywhere in the school’s 2014 promotional video.