TCPJ Alert: Rabbi Schiftan Invites Islamists to Proselytize at The Temple

Staying true to their doctrine and mission, the Islamic Center of Tennessee has alerted their members to attend “this important Dawa and interfaith visit.

Dawa has one and only one meaning and objective – invite non-Muslims to Islam.

Dawa is the aggressive, religiously obligatory proselytizing of Islam which Islamist organizations say should also be conducted in U.S. public schools.

Second generation Islamists like Remziya Suleyman claim that advancing their religion in the U.S. is a matter of politics; the perfect example of political shariah.

Students at Islamic schools like the Anoor Academy in Knoxville are taught, (along with lies about Christians and Jews), about Dawa from the textbook What Islam Is All About:

  • pg. 51 – “Da’wah, (Calling others to Islam)
  • pg. 162 – “In Islamic teachings there are three activities a Muslim must do to affec the society around them…The three duties are Da’wah, Jihad and Encouraging the good while forbidding the evil.

What is Da’wah?  ‘Call people to the path of your Lord with wisdom and inspiring speech.  Reason with them in a superior and respectful manner.  Certainly, your Lord knows best who strays from His path and who is guided.

  • pg. 163 – “..we must also share [Islam] knowledge with others.  If we don’t, then on the Day of Judgment they may stand there and accuse us of forgetting them and not telling them the one thing that would have saved them from Hell-fire.”

dawa at the Temple

And, we wonder if Rabbi Schiftan knows that 5 times a day, Muslims implore their god Allah not to let them be like “those [the Jews] who earned Allah’s anger.”.