Newsletter #107 – Honest Answer Part 2

“I condemn … any act of terrorism”

Apologists like supporters of Family of Abraham, Nashville Rabbi Schiftan, and the Jewish Observer editorial board chair are typically unwilling to examine Islamic doctrine in statements of Imam Bahloul’s condemnation of terrorism.  Despite Dr. Boehm’s invitation in the Observer to receive comments and reactions that might “help deepen dialogue,” we at TCPJ doubt their commitment to critical thinking in this regard.

Imam Bahloul says that that he condemns terrorism. Does he condemn the torture of the Jewish chief at Khaybar by Mohammed? Does he condemn Mohammed’s execution of 800 male Jews of Medina in one day? Does Bahloul condemn the rape of captives by Mohammed’s troops?

It is unlikely that he will condemn these acts because they were not terror, they were “fighting in Allah’s cause” aka, jihad.

A summary of Mohammed’s career is that he preached the religion of Islam for 13 years in Mecca and converted 150 Arabs. When he moved to Medina, he became a politician and jihadists. He averaged an event of violent jihad on the average of every 6 weeks for the last 9 years of his life and when he died, every Arab was a Muslim. Islam always has a peaceful religious message and war message. Imam Bahloul has a degree in Da’awah (proselytizing for Islam) from Al-Ahzar University in Cairo, the foremost university teaching Islamic law, and well understands that Islam is dualistic and allows for these kinds of contradiction.

He misleads his reader regarding his reference to the Quran verse about killing one innocent person being as though you killed humanity. The actual verse, 5:32, says that this commandment was given to the Jews. The very next verse, 5:33, directs the Muslims to wage jihad.

Based on Dr. Boehm’s comments it doesn’t look like the Observer is interested in facts that might upend the fantasy they have constructed.  It is unlikely they would ever print this information, but please feel free to get them to try.

P.S.  TCPJ knows that it has a biblical responsibility to bless Israel.  You can awaken a man who is sleeping but you cannot awaken a man who is just pretending to sleep.  We will continue to write about and expose what is happening in Tennessee in the hopes that we are fulfilling our duties and may eventually awaken the sleepers.