Newsletter #106 – The Right Question Gets the Honest Answer – Part 1

Why do we bother asking Muslims living in America whether they support acts of terrorism?  Seriously, does anyone expect a “yes” in response?

Dr. Frank Boehm, chair of the editorial board of the Nashville Jewish newspaper, The Observer, changed it up a bit and asked the question this way – Why don’t peace loving Muslims publicly condemn Muslims killing Muslims, and “where is the same moral outrage by peace-loving Muslims when Jews are killed merely because we are Jews?”

Dr. Boehm explains that The Observer exchange is an extension of the dialogue that Rabbi Schiftan began with his congregational visit to the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro.

On the same page the paper has the ICM Imam Bahloul’s response as to why he personally condemns acts of terrorism by anyone, Muslim and non-Muslim.  He cites Quranic support for his position.  In fact, he explains that his doctrine even tells him to treat insects kindly.  Bahloul is a graduate of Al Azhar University in Egypt with a degree in Da’awah (proselytizing for Islam) so he should know the Islamic doctrine.

We at TCPJ want to pose a slightly different question: “What does your doctrine say about Jews?”  We think this simple question is more relevant both to the open and honest dialogue the Jewish community claims to be having with the Imam, and to the future of their open and honest relationship.

Here is what some of Imam Bahloul’s colleagues have to say: in Al-Azhar University’s Friday Sermon: The Jews Are The Muslims’ Worst Enemies, May 10, 2013  (Imam Bahloul’s alma mater!) – Why We Hate the Jews, Various Clerics Explain Hatred of Jews in Islam, Dec. 2011 – Egyptian Cleric Sami Abu Al-‘Ala Calls on God to Annihilate Jews, Make Them Widows and Orphans, May 3, 2013 – International Union of Muslim Scholars Member Tareq Hawwas in Antisemitic Diatribe: “If Only Hitler Had Finished Them Off”, April 18, 2013 – Sheik Bassam Al-Kayed, Head of the Islamic Scholars Association in Lebanon: The Jews Are Behind Almost All Civil Strife in the World, Agu.10, 2012 – Blood Libel on Hamas TV – President of the American Center for Islamic Research Dr. Sallah Sultan: Jews Murder Non-Jews and Use Their Blood to Knead Passover Matzos, Mar. 31, 2010* – Egyptian Clerics Repeat Franklin Prophecy Myth, Call the Jews “Donkeys” and “Apes and Pigs,” and Say: Making Our Children Loathe the Jews Is a Form of Worship of Allah, Mar. 6, 2012**

Since 1988 MEMRI (Middle East Media Research Institute) has been helping the West follow what is being said in the Middle East by “monitoring, translating, and studying Arab, Iranian and Turkish media, schoolbooks, and religious sermons.”  This sample barely scratches the surface of what has been documented by MEMRI.

Does this make Imam Bahloul an apostate or a taqiyah (lying for the cause of Allah) champion?  Does this mean Dr. Boehm and Rabbi Schiftan are willfully blind to the truth or only uninformed?

Dr. Boehm says that the dialogue is not over; he has invited more questions, opinions and reactions because he says the Jewish community seeks greater unity with those who demonize them.  You can contact Dr. Boehm through The Observer at


*Sallah Sultan, supporter of Hamas and Muslim Brotherhood, religious leader of the Islamic school in Hilliard, Ohio and scholar -in residence for the Islamic cultural center there, left the U.S. after his application for U.S. citizenship was suspended because of his extremist statements.

** this is being taught at the Islamic school in Knoxville. From the textbook What Islam Is All About, used in this school and others around the U.S.: p. 188 – “Prophet Ibrahim called all people to Allah’s way of life.  The ‘Jews’ don’t call anybody to anything.  They subscribe to a belief in racial superiority calling themselves the ‘chosen’ ones and excluding non-Jews as much as possible.  Their religion even teaches them to call down curses upon the worship places of non-Jews whenever they pass by them!  They arrogantly refer to anyone who is not Jewish as ‘Gentiles,’ equating them with sin.” …

“They follow laws and practices that no Prophet or Messenger ever taught.  They earned the wrath of Allah for their disobedience and as Allah said: there will be enemies who will attack them until the Day of Judgment unless they repent and return to the path.”