Newsletter #102 – Progressives Side With Islamists to Feel ‘Good’

Is it the “brains have fallen out” syndrome?  Or is it denial due to cowardice?

Nope. It’s all about feeling good about yourself!  Consider the acceptance and endorsement of Islamist activist Remziya Suleyman by liberal-socialist-progressives, the media, and ignorant dhimmis of Muslim interfaith diaolgue. They love her for her moral egotism. With full conviction and 100% certainty, she separates the wheat from the chaff and uses the “hater” or “Islamophobe” label.

dear haters

Jewish and Christian apologists like Rabbi Mark Schiftan, Baptist Robert Parham and media propagandist Bob Smietana (former religion reporter for The Tennessean), identify with Suleyman’s self-professed moral superiority because they believe it is their strongest trait as well.

As Jonah Goldberg points out in “Liberal Fascism” – “They [liberals] do this because it is what liberals do –  liberals identify the bad guys and call them things like fascist [or hater or Islamophobe in this case], “based on no other criteria than that liberals think they are bad.”

This group of progressives agree that the Islamophobia fiction should be used to silence even Constitutionally protected speech about the political ideology of Islamists. They eagerly concede one of the greatest hallmarks of freedom – the freedom to put offensive and distasteful ideas into the public domain (even if it is the truth).

Schiftan, Parham and Smietana and all others who side with the oppressors, hear this – watchmen on the wall will not be silenced.