Newsletter #98 – Remziya Suleyman: What To Do When Facts Fail….

In the absence of facts to support her position on or response to any issue, American Center for Outreach (ACO) Director, Remziya Suleyman simply reverts to name-calling.

When Islamophobe gets repetitive, she switches to “hater.” (see Newsletter #74) or puts the word “anti” in front of any fact, even if it isn’t accurate.  She well understands that facts don’t trump emotions in our overly politically correct communities.

She often tries to bait those she labels, claiming they are afraid of Islamism (the political ideology of Islam).  Resorting to name-calling is the best she can do because no amount of deceit can counter the truth of why people reject what political Islam offers.

Staying true to the creed of socialist-progressives that the moral high ground is their’s alone, Suleyman doesn’t hesitate to publicly admonish her own Kurdish community:

fellow Kurds more Islamophobic



Wonder how they feel about her?





Seems that some in her Kurdish community don’t fully appreciate her self-appointed efforts on their behalf.  Could it be that her personal ambitions and self-aggrandizement have brought unwanted attention to Tennessee Muslims who were simply going about their everyday business before her political agitating?

suleyman about muslims and kurds




How ironic then that Islamist apologists, leftist dhimmis and even Tennessee Sunni Muslims think she represents “the Muslim voice” in Tennessee.