TCPJ Alert: Islamic Center of Murfreesboro to Host Prominent Muslim Brotherhood Leader

The Islamic Center of Murfreesboro (ICM), like mosques in other cities, is finally being honest about its allegiance to the Muslim Brotherhood.

This allegiance was the concern of mosque opponents all along.  Earlier on, the clues were more subtle, with brochures printed by Muslim Brotherhood off-shoot ISNA and a board member’s facebook page extolling the virtues of Hamas.  Then the ICM hired an Egyptian native and Al-Azhar graduate, Imam Bahloul.

With the support and cover provided by Middle Tennessee Jews and Christians, it looks as if Imam Bahloul no longer needs to conceal the true identity and doctrinal allegiance of the mosque.   Nihad Awad, public supporter of Hamas and executive director of CAIR, (another Muslim Brotherhood off-shoot with proven ties to Hamas), attended the ICM’s opening.



On November 3, 2013, the ICM is hosting a program called “God’s Books.”  Panelist Jamal Badawi is listed as a member of ISNA (another Muslim Brotherhood unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation terrorism financing prosecution).  Born and raised in Egypt, Badawi’s resume also includes:

  • Member of the Fiqh Council of North America (FCNA) – along with Al-Ahzar University in Cairo, the preeminent teaching center of sharia law, the FCNA authenticated the English translation of the “Reliance of the Traveller, the Classic Manual of Islamic Sacred Law.”  Read more in Newsletter #86 about what this book says and about FCNA members that have been arrested, deported and named as unindicted co-conspirators in connection with terrorist activities.
  • Board member of CAIR
  • Founding incorporator of the Muslim American Society (MAS) – In 2012, convicted terrorist  Abdurrahman Alamoudi told federal investigators that “[e]veryone knows that MAS [Muslim American Society] is the Muslim Brotherhood.”
  • Member of European Council for Fatwa and Research, an organization headed by Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas spiritual leader, Yousef Al-Qaradawi (Qaradawi has many “credits” to his name including heading up the Hamas created Union of Good charities which was designated by the U.S. Treasury in 2008 for terrorism financing).  Qaradawi has been banned from the U.S. since 1999 and from the United Kingdom since 2008 because of his support for suicide bombings against Israel and attacks against American troops in Iraq.
  • Named individually as an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation terrorism financing prosecution.

In another terrorism trial federal prosecutors said that the Muslim American Society had been “founded as the overt arm of the Muslim Brotherhood in the United States”. Badawi was one of the three founders of MAS and is listed on the group’s articles of incorporation.

More on Badawi’s terrorist, Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas associations reported here.

Anyone attending the November ICM event should ask Badawi about his religious rulings on wife-beating (it’s OK as long as it’s never on the face) or his justification for executing Muslim apostates (when it’s considered treason against the Islamic state).


Mark Schiftan, head Rabbi of The Temple in Nashville is taking busloads of his congregants to visit the ICM next week.  Given his interest in supporting the Muslim Brotherhood presence in Nashville and the political activism of the Islamists, he might be interested in attending the November program.
Or maybe if he read and studied what was in “God’s Books,” he might reconsider his course of action.