Newsletter #91- Remziya Suleyman Brings Hamas-CAIR to Train Tennessee Students

American Center for Outreach (ACO) Director Remziya Suleyman brings the Muslim Brotherhood message directly to the youth she trains.  Suleyman provides youth education about political activism and advancing the objectives of political sharia, ie, the Muslim Brotherhood plan.

“Muslim Brotherhood” is as much about an ideological plan for the U.S. as it is about individual relationships and the organizations that have come together to work toward these goals.

On Saturday, April 6, 2013, Suleyman spoke at the birthplace of the U.S, Muslim Brotherhood’s Muslim Students Association (MSA) at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.  She was part of the Spring Camp 2013.  The MSA is a Muslim Brotherhood off-shoot for colleges and universities across the country that have become the training ground for Suleyman’s stealth jihad generation.

Muslim Youth Network of TN

Closer to home Suleyman is bringing the message of political sharia to Tennessee’s Muslim youth.  Organized in 2012 and based in Nashville, the Muslim Youth Network of TN (MYNT), is a mosque/college collaboration to provide programming, mentorship and training to the younger members of the TN ummah and partners to feed the university MSAs.

MYNT board members identified as of this writing are Fardin Mohammadi who is the current president of the Vanderbilt MSA, Drost Kokoye who until recently was the Multicultural Organizer for the TN Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition (TIRRC) and is an American Muslim Advisory Council (AMAC)  Board member, and Kasar Abdullah, an ACO board member and sister to Suleyman’s administrative assistant, Jihan Abdullah.

A stated goal of MYNT is to help develop future Islamic leaders.  Two recent MYNT events reveal just what kind of leadership advisor- Suleyman is trying to mold.

MYNT_Poster-SummerRetrt_withWalid copy


The day started with Hannah Cornfield, ACO’s “Policy Fellow” and daughter of TN ACLU’s director, teaching about the civic process.

On June 27, MYNT’s “Muslim Advocacy Day”  played out in Nashville’s city offices.  There was a private tour of Mayor Dean’s offices, a presentation by a city council member, and a mock debate in the council chambers – all designed to feed the narrative that youth must become politically empowered.


Dawud Walid – Islamic militant and CAIR extremist

Dawud Walid has been the Executive Director at the Michigan CAIR chapter since 2005 so he was there when CAIR was named an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation trial in 2007.  CAIR’s unindicted co-conspirator status resulted because its parent organization, the Islamic Association for Palestine (IAP), was proven to be a front organization for Hamas.  In 2009 a federal judge confirmed the “ample” evidentiary link between Hamas and CAIR.  CAIR is also under suspicion of an international money laundering scheme.

CAIR Co-founders



Omar Ahmed, IAP Public Relations Director                                               Nihad Awad, IAP President

Walid serves as an imam at Masjid Wali Muhammad, a Detroit-area mosque whose roots were in the black separatist Nation of Islam.

Walid is also a member of the North American Imams Federation (NAIF) whose director, Omar Shahin, was one of the six imams that staged an airport controversy in Minnesota and was a fundraiser for two Hamas-related charities, Kindhearts and the Holy Land Foundation.  These charities have been shut down by the U.S. government.

Walid has been recorded telling Muslim youth the following:

Consistent with CAIR’s anti-FBI messaging, Walid lectures to students that he believes that FBI agents are waiting to set them up through informants, suggesting that they should feel threatened by law enforcement:  “you have agent provocateurs and people who are acting as informants that are trying to further their careers, to get out of trouble, to get arrests, try to set people up, and guess the No.1 group of people who are targeted by these FBI agent provocateurs?  Does anyone have a guess?  Muslims.”

He casually tells students about al-Shabaab and almost questions whether it should be designated as a terrorist entity.  Al Shabaab is the group that is responsible for the recent terrorist attacks on non-Muslims in a mall in Nairobi, Kenya.

If it’s a Muslim being arrested it can only be entrapment or wrongful targeting by law enforcement:

For example, as reported by IPT:

In 2009 he publicly defended the “Liberty City Seven” (see p.12), and characterized it as entrapment of Muslims.  Five of the seven were eventually convicted of agreeing to provide material support to Al-Qaeda

In 2010 speeches, he “accused FBI ‘agent provocateurs’ of taking advantage of ‘emotional people,’ ‘getting them excited,’ ‘giving them plots,’ and then ‘after they push the people,’ saying ‘gotcha’”.  These remarks followed the arrest of the Oregon Christmas-tree lighting bomb plot and the Maryland recruiting center bomb plot.

Without supporting facts, he challenged the DOJ report that showed no FBI wrongdoing in the attempted arrest and eventual shooting of Luqman Abdullah

More on Walid and the September 2010 FBI raids and the “Bronx Four” here

Walid jumped on the hate crime bandwagon regarding the 2012 bludgeoning death of the San Diego Iraqi mother, which turned out to be death by domestic violence.

Walid is an anti-Semite who demonizes Jews as the source of Black Muslims’ problems:

Walid’s May 2012 sermon at the Islamic Organization of North America mosque asked, “Who are those who incurred the wrath of Allah?  They are the Jews, they are the Jews”

In his 2012 speech at the Islamic Center of Detroit he confirmed that those who earned Allah’s wrath are the Jews and those who go astray are the Christians which is the Al-Fatihah prayed by Muslims multiple times a day.

He has also been recorded: “One of the greatest social ills facing America today is Islamophobia and anti-Muslim bigotry.  And if you trace the organizations and the main advocates and activists in Islamophobia in America, you will see that all those organizations are pro-Israeli occupation organizations and activists.”  And,

“So this is why you see the Islamophobia network trying to gin up negative information about Muslims and Islam.  This is a direct connection to the occupation of Palestine.  It is a direct connection.  And [it is] because the strongest Israeli lobby in the world is in America, because America is the sole patron of Israel.”

Parroting other CAIR leaders, Walid says Hamas deserves to participate in all peace talks because it “represents the elected government of the Palestinian people during a fair election.”


Dawud Walid’s visit was the second time Remziya Suleyman brought a CAIR representative to Tennessee.  Does it matter to her that federal prosecution established “ample evidence” tying CAIR to Hamas and to the Muslim Brotherhood?

Does it matter to Suleyman that the individuals and organizations with which she regularly interfaces are deeply committed, connected and rooted in the Muslim Brotherhood plan for our country to replace the U.S. Constitution with sharia law?  Deception?  Intentional ignorance?  Either way suggests that public officials, citizen activists and even her own community should start questioning her judgment and motives.