Newsletter #90 – What Is This Rabbi Thinking?

This year the Jewish observance of Kol Nidre (day of atonement for Jews)  fell on the 40th anniversary of the Yom Kippur war, an Egyptian-Syrian offensive launched against Israel on one of the Jewish people’s holiest days.  Despite suffering heavy casualties, Israel prevailed, much to the increased humiliation of the Arab countries.

Curiously, a Nashville rabbi did not choose to speak to his congregation about this stunning historical moment in his ancestral homeland’s history.

Instead, in Nashville, The Temple congregation listened to Rabbi Schiftan speak (starting at 1:36), about 1st Amendment rights, his experiences with anti-semitism in the United States (was he referring to Christian or Islamic anti-semitism?), and a planned congregational visit to the Murfreesboro Mosque, titled “A Sacred Journey of Understanding:  from Belle Meade to Murfreesboro”.  (high drama as reported in The Tennessean here).

It ‘s a shame that Rabbi Schiftan didn’t mention the pro-Israel resolution passed by the Tennessee legislature last year.  Or the pro-Israel rally held by Nashville’s Christian friends at the state capitol last year. (wonder if he attended?)

He could have thought to mention the very recent demonstration held in downtown Nashville by Coptic Christians protesting the killing taking place now of their Christian brethren in Egypt.  That seems pretty relevant to the 1st Amendment issue.

Rabbi Schiftan says he is going to use his mosque visit to have “honest dialogue.”

Before he goes, he might want to review why there was a Yom Kippur war.  More contemporarily, he might want to read about why the Coptic Christians and Christians across the Middle East are being slaughtered in 2013. Chances are, “Hamas” and “Muslim Brotherhood” will be part of the answer. We get that he believes it is only a problem “over there” and a problem he would like to pretend has no relevance or implications here.  Sorry rabbi, but there is nothing honest about that position.

A truly honest review of documented facts will in fact, lead him right back to the mosque he is planning to visit, and the mosque’s relationship with CAIR – the Council on American Islamic Relations whose director, Nihad Awad made sure to be present at the mosque’s opening.


Rabbi Schiftan can start with some of the documentary trial evidence:

  • CAIR was named an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation trial, the largest terror financing prosecution in U.S. history.
  • CAIR was so named because of their connectedness to Hamas
  • prior to co-founding CAIR, executive director, Nihad Awad was the President of the Isalmic Association for Palestine (IAP), an organization named by the Muslim Brotherhood in their 1991 Strategic Plan for North America, as one of their organizations
  • documentary evidence supports that the Islamic Association for Palestine was the Hamas propaganda arm in the U.S.
  • Nihad Awad has stated unequivocally that he supports the Hamas movement (watch through very short video)
  • in 2009 when CAIR tried to get its unindicted co-conspirator status removed, Judge Solis ruled that “ample evidence exists tying CAIR to Hamas”

For those going on the mosque trip, go with ALL the information.  Be polite and respectful, but be knowledgeable.  Let the Rabbi and media provide the propaganda.