Newsletter #85 – Human Rights Activist Remziya Suleyman & Friends Mock Gays

Anti-bullying applies to Muslims also!

This past weekend, an organization called “Tenacious Teens 4 Christ” held a special anti-bullying event in Nashville.  Production manager for the event Ahmad Rashad said, “We want to teach kids its cooler to respect each other than it is to disrespect each other.”

Who could possibly disagree with him?

Isn’t this the message constantly delivered by self-proclaimed human rights activist Muslim American Center for Outreach director Remziya Suleyman?

Haven’t Muslim parents complained about their children being bullied in school?  Isn’t this the reason that schools in Davidson and Rutherford counties, have spent time and money providing Islamic sensitivity training to teachers and students?

What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.


Drost Kokoye is a board member of the TN American Muslim Advisory Council, an advisor to the Muslim Youth Network of Tennessee, a former Multicultural Organizer and Board member for the TN Immigrant & Refugee Rights Coalition (TIRRC).

Jihan Abdulla, a Supervisor at the Outpatient Diagnostic Center of Nashville, was the Administrative Assistant to Remziya Suleyman at the Muslim American Center for Outreach, and a Crisis Counselor at the YWCA.

Remziya Suleyman former lobbyist for TIRRC, now director of the Muslim American Center for Outreach and self-titled “human rights activist.”