Newsletter #79 – Slip of the Tongue…or Not?

When it serves their purpose, the AMAC and ACO’s outreach message is “Muslims are just like everybody else.” Sometimes the message is “Muslim women have more rights under Islam than American women.”

On June 4th at the American Muslim Advisory Council (AMAC) program in Manchester,TN, the outreach message was different still.  Zak Mohyuddin’s opening remarks warned that it is a “simple fact of life that nothing stays the same.  Change is always happening.  American Muslims are part of the changing demographics of this country.”

Some of the issues reported to be associated with this demographic change include the increase in female genital mutilation, honor killings, and  jihad motivated attacks.  Allahu akbar!  Were AMAC members honest enough to acknowledge the Medinan parts of the Quran, they would have to admit that Muhammad’s legacy as a political warrior and the atrocities that he and his followers committed, were considered sacred acts.  This history lesson could really shed some light on the Islam the world is experiencing today.

Mohyuddin also said that it “must be unacceptable and unfashionable to lump all American Muslims into a one dimensional, exaggerated stereotype.  One that is based on the distorted and self-reinforcing assumptions of who we are.”  Since the AMAC and ACO hold themselves out as the Muslim voice in Tennessee does that mean that they are speaking on behalf of all Tennessee’s Muslims?

The audience was then shown an excerpt from the “Welcome to Shelbyville” propaganda film where women found common ground by sharing a meal and music. The message? Given the chance, otherwise bigoted, hateful, mean-spirited and xenophobic small town Tennesseans would realize that “we really are all the same.”

But FBI agent Ken Moore told the audience something different albeit something the audience already understood and didn’t like.  Moore told the audience that he believes that a “sound and trusting relationship with the Muslim community and other communities of faith are very important in helping us to keep this nation safe.”  Everyone knew that Moore’s comments were biased and untrustworthy because he was one of the key FBI leaders who purged FBI training materials about the Muslim Brotherhood and sharia.

Agent Moore referenced the 2011 national hate crime statistics (2012 haven’t been published yet) and the fact that 20% were identified as motivated by religion-bias.  It seems ironic however, that he would use this reference at a Muslim outreach program but fail to mention that of the total 1,480 anti-religious hate crimes in 2011 63.2% were against Jews and only 12.5% were committed against Muslims.  Since he was speaking to a Tennessee audience he could also have shared that the 2011 TBI hate crime statistics show 5 anti-Jewish acts, 2 anti-Protestant and 3 anti-Islamic and even more dramatically, the TBI 2012 statistics show 5 anti-Jewish hate crimes and only 1 anti-Islamic.

He closed his segment with this sentiment: “what has always seen us through our difficult times is our unity as Americans, not our religion, not our race, not our gender but our citizenship as Americans.”  Would Agent Moore be able to make the same statement as confidently after reading the April 2013 Hudson Institute report “America’s Patriotic Assimilation System is Broken”?

Sabina Mohyuddin followed with a power point presentation titled “Understanding the American Muslim Community” and opened with a resounding “I want to see a show of hands, how many people are native Tennesseans?” And then she emphatically shouted,

“SO AM I!  I was born and raised in Nashville, my children were born here and raised here [see, we’re all Tennesseans, right?]

and that makes me a second generation Muslim and my children third generation Muslims and I’m proud to be an American and Tennessean above all.”



 AMAC member Sabina Mohyuddin promises to keep on talking.

We say, please do, because the more you talk, the more we understand who you really are and that “American Muslims” whether naturalized citizens or native born, are prevented by their own doctrine from considering themselves Americans first and foremost.  Indeed Mohyuddin told us that Muslims living in the U.S stay “true to their Muslim values while still staying uniquely American.”

Talk about a contradiction in terms.