Newsletter #75 – Immoral and Indecent: What it means to be a “progressive”

Used as an adjective, “progressive” suggests something positive, something good.

Used as a noun, this term has proven to mean nothing less than the absence of morality and ethical behavior.  One thing for sure though, you can always count on the community-busting-Alynskite disciples of Progressivism to think of new and creative ways to spread their disdain and disrespect for our country.

Fox News has just reported, (“Terrorists or journalists? Washington’s Newseum to honor fallen Hamas operatives”), that the Freedom Forum’s Newseum plans to honor two cameramen working for Hamas funded media Al-Aqsa Television who were killed during fighting between Israeli Defense Forces and Hamas.  The Newseum considers them “journalists killed in the line of duty” and their names will be included on the same memorial that lists Daniel Pearl.

The Newseum will accord these two men the same status of recognition as Daniel Pearl who was beheaded by Islamic jihadis in a public demonstration of their doctrinal hatred for America, Jews and non-Muslims.

The Fox report points to a 2010 report from [U.S.] Treasury that:

“the TV station [Al-Aqsa] is ‘financed and controlled by Hamas,’ and ‘airs programs and music videos designed to recruit children to become Hamas armed fighters and suicide bombers upon reaching adulthood.”

“Al Aqsa doesn’t only encourage attacks on Israelis, according to Steve Stalinsky at the Middle East Media and Research Institute, who called Al Aqsa TV ‘the microphone for Hamas’ and a ‘vehicle for spreading their propaganda.’

‘They are continually calling for the destruction of America. They are very active on social media and there’s a lot of Anti- American and Anti-West content,’ Stalinsky said.”

Palestinian media also reported that the two men were Hamas operatives, according to the Weekly Standard.” (emphasis added)

“Sen. Mark Kirk, R-Ill., said Americans should be outraged over the recognition of Al-Kumi and Salama as journalists.  ‘Hamas is a designated terrorist organization responsible for the murders of at least 26 American citizens, including children,’ Kirk said. ‘I would urge the Newseum to reconsider this decision.’”

Newsletters #63 – 68 is the series about the Freedom Forum, the parent organization of the Newseum.  Given what we know and have detailed about Charles Haynes, director of the Newseum who describes himself as coming from a “background shaped by progressive social views and Christian principles”, and his fetish for all things Islamic, it comes as no surprise that the Newseum would glorify Hamas operatives simply because they pretended to be journalists.

John Seigenthaler is the founder of the Freedom Forum’s First Amendment Center and self-appointed defender of First Amendment rights.  Does it bother him just a little that he is also the self-appointed defender of those who seek to destroy these rights?  He should be pilloried for not insisting, no, demanding that the Newseum accolade be reversed.  Has retirement made him morally decrepit or was this his true nature all along?

Along with all the information about the Freedom Forum, its programs and materials provided in Newsletters 63 – 68 this is one more reason to oppose allowing them anywhere near their favorite prey of schools and students.  In fact, this is one more reason to recognize that they are not credible on any issue involving Islam and the Islamist agenda.

Typical of progressives like Charles Haynes, the moral equivalences they draw are fraudulent due to the complete absence of morality.  What could possibly be their excuse?

Maybe they have no moral frame of reference from which to distinguish good from evil.

They also seem to have forgotten how the freedoms of speech, religion and press that they purport to promote and defend, have been protected and preserved for their use.  Or rather, for their perversion.

Feel free to email Charles Haynes at and  John Seigenthaler at  and let your disgust shine through.

Also please post a thank you to Senator Kirk on his wall – Sen. Kirk’s facebook.  His fax number is 202-228-4611 and his D.C. office number is 202-224-2854.