Newsletter #74 – and she calls us “haters”

dear haters

The “she” is Remziya Suleyman, Director of the Muslim American Center for Outreach (ACO).  The “Dear Haters” are those who disagree with her pro-Islamist, pro-political Shariah, and anti-assimilation immigration positions and advocacy.

Suleyman admitted to knowing nothing about Shariah law but demonizes anyone who objects to its insertion into American public life.  Did she also fail to read the 1991 Muslim Brotherhood Memorandum before speaking at the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood’s ancestral U.S. home in Indiana?  When she brought CAIR to Tennessee to work with her opposing the anti-terrorism bill did it matter to her that “ample evidence” exists tying CAIR to Hamas?

Neither Suleyman nor her promoter at the Tennessean, religion editor Bob Smietana, include objective analysis of original source documents as part of any discussion involving Islam or Islamists.  Seems there is no room for this in their propaganda.

Only a narcissist would think that this provocative message to her “Dear Haters” makes any difference to US.