Newsletter #71 – Are Tennessee’s Islamists Any Different from the Ones “over there”?

Political shariah foot soldiers like Charles Haynes and Remziya Suleyman promote the “American Muslim” propaganda by claiming that Muslims in the US are somehow different from Muslims “over there”.  They do not explain, however, whether “over there” includes other Western nations such as England and France.

Muslims “over there” like those in England and France have made it very clear that they want more not less shariah in their lives, they want shariah no-go zones and they want to ultimately have these countries ruled by shariah law, here and here.

We have yet to hear Ms. Suleyman or any of the other Islamists in Tennessee deny their desire to advance political shariah into the public square.  Who knows, maybe a “Halal hamburger Day” could be the start of eliminating all pork products from school cafeterias and  prisons.

This past June, Ms. Suleyman’s Muslim community elders were satisfied with the amended 20011 anti-terrorism bill but she told them that her political activism demanded she move forward, that it was not about religion anymore.  She said she was adamant about continuing political opposition.

With this rallying cry, Ms. Suleyman works to radicalize the Islamists of her generation.  Has Ms. Suleyman read the 1991 Muslim Brotherhood Memorandum?  If she did, would she still be able to deny that she and her fellow Tennessee Islamists, are actually more like the “Muslims over there” than not?

The Islamic Center of Tennessee (ICT) models Muslim Brotherhood socialism

One of Nashville’s Muslim Brotherhood mainstays, Awadh Binhazim (featured in the  “Losing Our Sons” documentary and Newsletters 11,  12, and 13), has honestly expressed Islam’s disdain for our First Amendment right to freedom of speech and Islam’s capital punishment for homosexuality.

A publicly recognized spokesman for the Islamice Center of Tennessee (ICT), Binhazim and Ms. Suleyman have served on speakers’ panels together.  They both also share a working relationship with CAIR.

Binhazim served as the CAIR[1] Austin chapter president when he lived in Texas.[2]  He’s now with the ICT, a mosque that is readying to emulate what the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt did to make “Islam the solution.”  By providing social services “like health care and education to the 40% of Egyptians who live under the poverty line” (CNN, “The Muslim Brotherhood Comes to America”), the Muslim Brotherhood was able to translate their ideology into political reality.

The ICT will start its social services endeavors with health care and legal services.  On Febrary 8, 2013, Mohammad Ali Syed of the Syed Law Firm offered the following:

“Free legal advice seminar” at the ICT:   (“Helping the Muslim Community of Nashville and Middle Tennessee in legal and business matters.  Immigration, litigation, insurance, real estate, contracts, business law and general practice. If you need an advocate/counselor for your legal matters, please call me.  Please call with any questions or send an email.”)

 On February 10, 2013, the ICT held a “Medical Clinic Proposal Presentation”:

“As you may already know we are conducting a study for the purpose of establishing a permanent medical clinic in the back of the ICT building. We have been in contact with Umma Clinic in California and they have sent us detailed presentation about how to set up such a clinic.

Expertise needed:

Medical, legal, Public relations, business management & financial planning, fundraising / grants, IT, architecture & interior design, and religious advice.”

This is the same political template that the Muslim Brotherhood has used in the mid-east.

The Muslim Brotherhood has come to power in Egypt, bringing with it imposition of fundamentalist shariah law including Islam’s blasphemy laws.  The result for Coptic Christians under these laws has literally been deadly.  While the mainstream media has failed to report the destruction of churches and religious persecution, these incidents have been documented and are being reported by alternative media.  Morsi’s virulent Islamic doctrine driven anti-Semitism has also been exposed. (See Newsletter #60).

Attempting to counteract the harsh reality of a Muslim Brotherhood ruled Egypt and to “raise the morale of the Eygptian people”, the government launched its new social services campaign called “Mother Egypt – Your Children Matter” providing medical assistance and clean drinking water to towns and villages.


Free or low-cost social services for the every -day Egyptian has brought success in the polls for the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.  If the ICT sticks with it long enough, the same might be true for the Muslim Brotherhood in Antioch and Davidson County.

[1] Recall that CAIR’s parent organization, the Islamic Association for Palestine a front organization for Hamas is the reason CAIR was named an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation trial.

[2] Coincidentally during the same time as the Holy Land Foundation terror financing trial was ongoing in Texas.