Newsletter #30 – Dear Party Leaders…

How much do we give away when we “go along to get along”?

Is it about awards and titles or principles?

Is it about qualifications or connections?

“When it was known we were looking to fill a position in our office, I got a call from her father asking me if I would look at her resume. Like any father, he would like for his daughter to move closer to home. I interviewed her for the job, and she was the best qualified.”  Bill Hagerty at First Tuesday, June 2012

Dear Party Leaders,

As you may have heard, there are two resolutions being reviewed by some county GOPs.  One deals solely with the issue of Sharia in Tennessee.  This resolution is based on the Governor approving a partnership between the TN American Muslim Advisory Council and the TN Department of Homeland Security, and the Governor’s appointment of a Shariah Compliant Finance specialist as the International Director for the TN ECD.   You have received this resolution earlier but another copy is attached. RESOLUTION

The county GOPs are the backbone of the party, are closest to the voters, and do most of the “leg work” for the party.  Consequently, the county GOPs can often be heard the most clearly by the Governor.  

The following counties have already passed this resolution:

Carroll, Stewart, Gibson, Putnam, Williamson, Humphreys, White, Obion, Grundy, Warren, Maury  with at least 15 other counties having committed to considering the resolution.

-The resolution is NOT about Muslims or religion; it is about political Shariah.  It does not matter whether or not you are a Muslim, only whether you are promoting political Shariah

-The resolution is NOT about any individual nor about Samar AliThe resolution IS about the ideology that individuals like Samar Ali have chosen to promote through her expertise in Shariah Compliant Finance

-The resolution IS about Governor Haslam’s elevating the status of political Shariah by institutionalizing the TN American Muslim Advisory Council as a non-governmental partner with the various Departments within the Tennessee government including the TN Department of Homeland Security and the TN Department of Children’s Services

-The resolution IS about Governor Haslam’s choice to further advance a toehold for Shariah in Tennessee by appointing an internationally recognized expert in Shariah Compliant Finance to be the International Director for ECD

-The resolution IS based on and cites to original source documentation written by authoritative Islamic Shariah scholars; all information and citations can be verified by you

-The resolution’s declarations ARE all supported by original source documents and facts

     Examples of Western government submission to Political Sharia rules include but are not limited to (in no particular order):

1.      Wife beating is legal

2.      All food served in government cafeterias and prisons must be halal

3.      Sharia finance

4.      A non-Muslim is not allowed to say or write anything that offends Muslims

5.      Child marriage is allowed

6.      Polygamy is allowed

7.      Those who leave Islam may be killed

8.      Honor killing is simply labeled murder

9.      A women’s testimony is half that of a man in court

10.   Those who criticize Islam may be murdered

Governor Haslam has chosen to begin the institutionalization of Shariah in Tennessee with #3 on the list.