Newsletter #29 – it’s all about the relationships

The Tennessean newspaper and Clint Brewer, TN’s Economic and Community Development Asst. Commissioner of Communications and Creative Services

That is the same Clint Brewer formerly the political editor for The Tennessean.  Both the Tennessean and Mr. Brewer use the same spin when (not) addressing the facts related to Governor Haslam’s appointment of a Shariah Finance Specialist to the ECD.

Samar Ali and Mufti Usmani

Past newsletters have detailed Samar Ali’s professional experience and credentials regarding Shariah Compliant Finance (SCF), including her role in establishing the Hogan Lovells Abu Dhabi office.  As an internationally recognized expert in and promoter of SCF, she is likely familiar with the Accounting and Auditing Organization for Islamic Financial Institutions (AAOIFI) referenced by her industry colleague in the “Weathering the Storm” article in which Ms. Ali was also quoted.

The AAOIFI is chaired by Mufti Muhammad Taqi Usmani, a jihadist who has ties to the Taliban and has called for jihad against the West.

Conducting SCF business in Abu Dhabi, presumably Ms. Ali is also familiar with the Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank, whose Shariah Advisory Board is also chaired by Mufti Usmani.

Prior to having his jihadist ties exposed, Usmani headed the HSBC Shariah Council and Dow Jones Islamic Index (which is managed by Muslim Brotherhood unindicted co-conspirator North American Islamic Trust (NAIT); NAIT controls the funds of at least 27% of U.S. mosques.).  Usmani is a central leader with the madrassa that produced the Taliban and he has publicly endorsed suicide bombing.  Among his writings is a book “Islam and Modernism” – “Killing is to continue until the unbelievers pay jizyah (subjugation tax) after they are humbled or overpowered.”  He is reported to serve on at least a dozen shariah supervisory boards of banks and financial institutions worldwide.

The “Weekly Report on Global Islamic Finance and Business in the Muslim World” also notes Ms. Ali’s SCF specialty and its purpose of promoting Islam and Shariah.  No different than Mufti Usmani.

Another entry in the same weekly report notes, “The real issue is that we cannot establish an Islamic Banking System of the truest form without having a true Islamic Economy and we cannot establish a true Islamic Economy without surrendering our non-Islamic lifestyles and societies.”

This is the industry that Ms. Ali promotes.

Devon Bank and Nashville International Academy

The warranty deed for the Nashville International Academy (NIA), the Islamic school in Nashville started by the leadership of the Islamic Center of Nashville (ICN), shows the owner as D.B. Client Service, LLC.  Devon Bank in Chicago created D.B. Client Service to manage special clients.

Devon Bank has been involved with SCF products since early 2000 and in 2008 it was reported that SCF made up more than 75% of the bank’s mortgage portfolio.  Devon Bank products receive their Shariah compliant blessing from the Sharia Supervisory Board of America whose Vice-President is Mufti Usmani.

(TN) American Center for Outreach and the (TN) American Muslim Advisory Council

Both the American Center for Outreach (ACO) and the TN American Muslim Advisory Council (AMAC) claim the same victimhood, have the same objectives, represent only members of the Muslim community, are connected to Muslim Brotherhood entities, and share the same Board and Council members.  While the Governor- approved AMAC partners with the TN Department of Homeland Security and “trains” government personnel, its alter ego, ACO Director of Policy and Administration, Remziya Suleyman, lobbies the General Assembly.