Newsletter #24 – the Ali family politics

The Governor’s office has suggested that Samar Ali’s father former leadership with the Tennessee Medical Association somehow enhances her candidacy as the International Director for the ECD.

Information about Dr. Ali’s (Samar’s father), political activities not released by the Governor’s office follows.

Dr. Subhi Ali, has been involved for quite some time with an organization called the Jerusalem Fund for Education and Community Development (the Fund), and currently serves as the Chair of its Board.  As stated on its website:

“The Jerusalem Fund for Education & Community Development is an independent, non-profit, non-political, non-sectarian organization based in Washington, D.C.  Funding for operational expenses is derived from investment income. This, together with donations from private individuals throughout the U.S., supports our humanitarian grants.”

The Jerusalem Fund is comprised of 3 programs – “The Palestine Center”, “The Humanitarian Link” and “The Gallery”.

Despite the Fund’s self-description as “non-political”, a review of its leadership, programming, and issues of focus, reflect an overtly pro-Palestinian/pro-Hamas/anti-Israel sentiment. “The Gallery” is solely focused on promoting “..the rich culture and national heritage of the Palestinian people, as well as that of surrounding Arab societies.”

“The Palestine Center”, noted as the educational arm of the Jerusalem Fund, is designed specifically to “…give[s] voice to the Palestinian narrative through policy briefings, lecture series, conferences, symposia, scholarly research publications.” With disclaimers on behalf of the Jerusalem Fund and its educational program displayed, the Palestine Center offers Information briefs such as the one written by its 2010 intern titled “The Rising Support for Hamas and the Roots of its Success in Palestine” (“One of Hamas’ more distinctive qualities is its emphasis on Islam. In addition to its self-proclaimed role as a legitimate and honest replacement to Fateh, Hamas also acts as a religious alternative to the secular Fateh.”)

In addition to making grants for social services in the “Occupied Territory” “The Humanitarian Link” supports the Palestine Diabetes Institute.  As reported in her White House bio, Samar served as the transatlantic liaison during the development of this project.

Originally named the “Occupied Land Fund”, recall that the Holy Land Foundation was the largest Islamic charity in the U.S. which in 2007 was successfully prosecuted and shut down for funding Hamas and other Islamic terrorist organizations.

In the company of the Jerusalem Fund….

Jerusalem Fund Board member Omar Jamil Fayez is a Chicago attorney who is also an officer in the 501(c)(3) The Middle East Cultural and Charitable Society, Inc. (MECCS).  In a 2001 article he wrote that “Today more than two thousand years after the birth of Christ, the Christians of Palestine are once again being threatened by the Jews.”

A past officer of MECCS, Daniel McGowan whose written commentary defends Holocaust revisionism and denial, asserted in an online video that “the 9/11 attacks were simply a reaction to our pro-Israel policies” and called Nobel Prize laureate and Holocaust survivor Elie Weisel, “a fraud”.

Another officer in the MECCS is Ali Abunimah, described by “Discover the Networks” as a “Palestinian American [and Board of Director member] for the Chicago-based Arab American Action Network.  He is also a founding member of Al Awda, the Palestinian Right of Return Coalition.

In 2001 Abunimah co-founded and heads as the executive director, Electronic Infitada, a major online media outlet promoting the Palestinian agenda along with BDS (boycott, divestment and sanctions) against Israel.  His former website, ( now only accessible through “wayback”), serves as an archive for his personal writings which are stridently pro-Palestinian and equally hostile toward Israel and the U.S.  In a 2010 entry on his blog he defended Hamas’ policy blocking the International Committee of the Red Cross from visiting Gilad Shalit, the Israeli soldier abducted in a cross border raid by Hamas and then held captive by them for over 5 years.

Electronic Infitada’s other co-founder and contributing editor wrote an article claiming that the 9/11 attacks were “the biggest gift, wrapped up in silk ribbons and presented on a golder platter, that [the pro-Israel lobby] could ever hope to receive.  A real day of victory and glee for them to see that now they have the entire US populace in the palm of their hands.”