Newsletter #9 – More Islamist Connections in Tennessee

Many individuals and organizations and the overlapping and inter-relationships between them have been introduced to date – it all sounds confusing!  It is and it is deliberate on the part of the players, so that confusion will reign.  TCPJ believes it is worth the time to dissect and tease out the individuals and their connections to see what is really going on.

With that in mind, attached at the end of this entry is a visual representation of the main individuals and groups discussed so far in the newsletters.  It might even be helpful to print it out and fill in additional details that were omitted because of space, as well as information that will continue to be added.

 TN American Muslim Advisory Council profiles cont’d

The following individuals are members of BOTH the AMAC and the American Center for Outreach (ACO) that was discussed in newsletter #3:

Danish Siddiqui – AMAC Regional Coordinator for West TN; also listed on the ACO website as chair of that organization.

Danish serves as the Director of Communications for the Memphis Islamic Center perhaps because he claims to own a computer consulting company.  Research to date has not turned up any record of activity for this company.  He also serves on the telecommunications board for the City of Germantown.  And as with other individuals already discussed, he was president of the Muslim Brotherhood’s  Muslim Students Association (MSA) while attending the University of Memphis.

While Mr. Siddiqui was president of the MSA, he wrote a letter in 2000 to the Memphis Commercial Appeal regarding the Holy Land Foundation investigation,( ie, the largest terrorism financing investigation and trial in the U.S.).  His letter stated that:

“officials of the two charities mentioned in the article, the Global Relief

Foundation and the Holy Land Foundation visit us frequently in

Memphis.  As regular donors, we can firmly attest that their only

Mission is to serve war-ravaged and oppressed Muslims overseas.”

Kasar Abdullah – she serves as the Secretary/Treasurer of the AMAC and is listed as a Director on the ACO website.  She is discussed extensively in newsletters #4 & 5.

Soyab Malani – West TN AMAC representative and Treasurer of the ACO

Soyab’s family owns a large wholesale distribution company that provides products to Muslim owned mini-mart stores.

It is not known whether these stores have ever been implicated in the numerous reports of food stamp fraud that seem to plague some of the mini-marts.

(see Refugee Resettlement Watch blog for more on food stamp fraud reports

Sherish Siddiqui – West TN AMAC representative and Secretary of the ACO

She is Danish’s sister and an attorney who lists a practice in the areas of financial and securities law.  She serves on the Financial Advisory Commission for the City of Germantown and is also identified as an active at the Memphis Islamic Center.

The ACO held a “Memphis launch” a few weeks ago and a “Nashville launch” yesterday at the Scarritt Bennett Center.  Anyone attending had to register in advance, probably to control who could and could not attend – a private meeting advertised to the public on the internet.  Expect to see a Knoxville launch soon.

The ACO website includes these statements under the “Issues” link:

“The critical issues impacting all Americans today are stemmed in religious freedom and xenophobia. The most evident issues are manifested in Islamophobia and its underlying forces…..

By encouraging outreach, dialogue, civic participation, and working across faith, ethnic, cultural, and economic boundaries, ACO aspires to build bridges and remove the fear and division that has spread across our state towards the Islamic faith and the Muslim community.”

The emphasis on “Islamaphobia”, a term originally coined by the International Institute for Islamic Thought (IIIT) (see also newsletter #7), a Muslim Brotherhood affiliate named in the 1991 memo, has been aggressively promoted by the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (the 56 member bloc of Islamic countries at the UN), CAIR and local Muslim-centric groups.  The OIC recently announced a deeply funded media blitz to address Islamaphobia.

But closer to home, the FBI, as announced on their website, (, will be participating with the U.S. Attorney Northern District of Alabama, and the Huntsville Islamic Center to present a workshop titled, “Combating Islamophobia: Truths and Myths about Islam.”

The FBI announcement also notes that, “The U.S. Department of Justice Community Relations Service, UAH Muslim Student Association, Birmingham Islamic Society, Interfaith Mission Service, UAH Office of International Programs and Services, and the International Services Council of Alabama are helping the U.S. Attorney’s Office, the FBI, and the Huntsville Islamic Center present the workshop.”

An interesting note turned up about The Huntsville Islamic Center.  Back in 2004, the Center signed onto a letter that condemned the Danish cartoons and asked governments around the world to criminalize freedom of speech and expression when it offends Muslims:

Freedom of expression is not absolute.”   The organization behind this letter, the American Muslim Association of North America has its own questionable pedigree – past link on their website to a Saudi charity that raised funds for al Qaeda (charity now closed down), public praise for the founder of Hamas as a “renowned Islamic scholar”, and a Director who was the VP of a now closed charity linked to the Hamas front group Islamic Association for Palestine, and which openly admitted to having raised funds for suicide bombers.

Earlier this year, Jerry Martin, U.S. Attorney for the Middle District of Tennessee was quoted as saying that he is “on the lookout for hate crimes in Middle Tennessee, particularly against Muslims”.  Given the collaboration between his office and TN Commissioner of Safety, Bill Gibbons and TN Director of Homeland Security, David Purkey, should we expect to see an Islamaphobia conference somewhere in Tennessee sometime soon?

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