Newsletter #7 – Does Any State Really Need a Muslim Advisory Council?

State-level Muslim Advisory Councils like the one established in Tennessee are fast becoming a popular tool of Islamist’s governmental infiltration, an objective included in the 1991 Muslim Brotherhood Explanatory Memorandum as one step in the “civilization jihad” against the United States:

“…It must be stressed that it has become clear and emphatically known that all is in agreement that we must “settle” or “enable” Islam and its Movement in this part of the world….

Four: The Process of Settlement:

– In order for Islam and its Movement to become “a part of the homeland” in which it lives,”stable” in its land, “rooted” in the spirits and minds of its people, “enabled” in the live of its society and has firmly-established “organizations” on which the Islamic structure is built and with which the testimony of civilization is achieved, the Movement must plan and struggle to obtain “the keys” and the tools of this process in carry out this grand mission as a “Civilization Jihadist” responsibility which lies on the shoulders of Muslims and – on top of them – the Muslim Brotherhood in this country. Among these keys and tools are the following:

2- Politicallv [The Political Oreanization]: to include:

– A central political party.

– Local political offices.

– Political symbols.

– Relationships and alliances.

– The American Organization for Islamic Political Action

– Advanced Information Centers.. . .and things like that.”

Advisory councils with almost identical names and mission statements have been established in Tennessee and several other states/cities.  The incubator for these councils began with a 2006 conference jointly sponsored by the International Center for Religion & Diplomacy (ICRD), the International Institute for Islamic Thought (IIIT) and the Institute for Defense Analyses (IDA).  It is interesting to note that the IDA, a private “government –sponsored and funded research institution with access to “highly classified and industry proprietary data not normally available to non-government organizations”, had representatives from the American Muslim community meet with US security officials and foreign policy folks to find ways to work together. (See, “Your Tax Dollars Funding Terror”,, April 8, 2008.), and,

Recommendations generated from the 2006 conference included the following labeled as

“American Muslim Actions”:

  • Establish an American Muslim Advisory Council to work with a U.S. interagency Task Force (or some other USG organizational equivalent) to explore policy issues that affect the Muslim community and its attitudes toward the government.”
  • Create a directory of articulate American Muslims … who can represent the American Muslim viewpoint in the mainstream media…”
  • Establish programs to encourage greater Muslim involvement in local government…Encourage the participation of young Muslims in law enforcement careers.”
  •  Develop an effective lobbying and policy analysis capability for influencing members of the Legislative and Executive branches of government.”

Recommendations labeled as “U.S. Government Actions” included:

  • ·      Include American Muslim representatives in U.S. government delegations to international organizations and in other high-level bodies and advisory commissions.”
  • ·      Appoint more Muslims to high-profile positions, including political appointments that may or may not be directly related to Public Diplomacy and Foreign Policy.  Recruit young Muslims into law enforcement and government careers.”

Recommendations labeled as “Joint Actions” included:

  • ·      Develop roundtables of American Muslim community representatives and representatives of USG domestic security agencies that can meet on a regular basis…Examine and seek to institutionalize the kind of coordination that appears to be working well in Chicago.” (no further explanation given for this reference)

But then consider that the three named organizations involved in the 2006 conference are part of a larger alliance called American Muslims for Constructive Engagement (AMCE):

  •  IIIT
  • ICRD
  • IDA
  • Islamic Society of North America (ISNA)
  • Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR)
  • Muslim American Society (MAS)

IIIT and ISNA are two of the 29 organizations listed in the 1991 Muslim Brotherhood memorandum and along with CAIR were listed by the Dept. of Justice as unindicted co-conspirators in the Holy Land Foundation trial.  MAS was identified in a different terrorism related case as “the overt arm” of the Muslim Brotherhood in America.

An alternative explanation for justifying the advisory councils as partnering with law enforcement can be found in MPAC’s 2009 paper “Building Bridges to Strengthen America”.  In advancing their model for assisting law enforcement and “preserving the rights of all Americans as defined by a Muslim American perspective”, they recommend “long-term policy engagement with the political system”, ie, become part of the infrastructure.

Seems pretty consistent with the Muslim Brotherhood memorandum…..

An interesting “tidbit” was reported by the Washington Post in 2007; AMCE steering committee member, MAS president Esam Omeish was forced to resign from the Virginia Commission on Immigration after being recorded “preaching jihad and praising suicide bombers.”

American Muslim Advisory Councils in the U.S.

A Muslim advisory council in Oklahoma established by a prior administration’s executive order, was not reauthorized last year, which may explain why the Tennessee AMAC established itself as an independently funded organization.

New York state took a different route and passed a statute establishing the “NY Muslim American Advisory Council” to:

  • advise the legislature on ways to advance the role and civic participation of Muslim Americans in NY including appropriate policy development and faith-based issues
  • achieve goals related to international commerce in Muslim countries

Suffolk County, N.Y.’s Muslim-American Advisory Committee was created to among other things, “make recommendations regarding proposed legislation”

Los Angeles’ Muslim American Homeland Security Congress established in 2006 by Sheriff Baca says it is a “non-political, non-governmental, non-religious and non-profit organization”.  So what exactly is it?  It lists as board members community organizations including CAIR and MPAC.  MPAC leadership is reported to support Islamic extremists and engages with Muslim Brotherhood affiliates.  MPAC sponsored a petition to reinstate assets to the Holy Land Foundation after it was designated as a front for terrorist financing.  A 2009 MPAC report ascribes “peaceful political activism” to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Illinois’ Governor Quinn created his Muslim American Advisory Council in 2011.  The duties and objectives of the council are virtually word for word the same as stated in the New York legislation.  Governor appointees include Safaa Zarzour, Secretary-General of ISNA and the Executive Director of the Chicago chapter of CAIR.  Recently the Illinois Council was asked to comment with regard to the death sentence issued for convert from Islam, Christian pastor Yousef Nadarkhani.  The response issued through the Governor’s office was no comment because the council’s constituency was solely within the borders of the state of Illinois.

Why is government leadership not asking what’s wrong with this picture?  Bet if we asked Tennessee’s Commissioner of Safety, Bill Gibbons and Tennessee Director of Homeland Security, David Purkey if they have this info, they’d say they were not aware.  But shouldn’t they be – after all, all this information is publicly available.