Newsletter #6 – Islamists Connected to Tennessee Mosques

The Islamic Center of Nashville (ICN) cont’d

Ms. Sabina Mohyuddin, who lives in Tullahoma and is the Youth Director at the ICN.  Given that the linkage between the ICN and the Muslim Brotherhood organization ISNA is easily confirmed through publicly available information, one has to assume that the individuals associated with or working at the ICN, also know of this relationship.

The relationship between the ICN and ISNA is not a casual one either.  Attached is a copy of the warranty deed for a Nashville property where the actual street address of the mosque is crossed out and substituted with the P.O. Box # which lists the ISNA address.  That is the same P.O. Box # on the bank direct deposit form that was posted on the ICN website (now removed), on another internet listing and the Tennessee Secretary of State’s website.

Ms. Mohyuddin was a vocal opponent to the anti-terrorism material support bill and testified to that effect during debate in the legislature last year. (It was reported that she and her cohorts had relatively easy access to the Governor’s office and Commissioner Gibbons’ department during and after this time.)  She supports TIRRC’s activities and they in turn, have endorsed her public criticisms of Tennessee legislators and legislation.

Ms. Mohyuddin is also a member the TN American Muslim Advisory Council (AMAC) that is working with Commissioner Gibbons’ department.  Ms. Mohyuddin has used the Commissioner’s endorsement of the AMAC to lend credence to the AMAC’s political agenda, making public criticisms to the media of Tennessee legislators and recent legislation as a representative of the AMAC.

One certainly has to wonder whether Commissioner Gibbons understands the position he has placed the state in by providing a status to this organization that doesn’t seem to have been extended to any other religious or political organization in the state.  You also have to wonder whether the “generous sponsors” listed in TIRRC’s 2011 Annual Report are aware of the political activities and connections of those TIRRC aligns with such as Muslim Brotherhood organizations.

Some of TIRRC’s sponsors include Bank of America, Fifth Third Bank, Vanderbilt University, Mayor Karl Dean, and The Nissan Foundation.  Shouldn’t they know what they are really endorsing?  (Granted, no big surprise about Vanderbilt’s support here since they didn’t have a problem when the Muslim Student Association’s imam publicly affirmed Islam’s capital punishment for homosexuality.)

Private entities are free to endorse any organization, political position, etc, and people in the community can choose not to do business with them.  But what about public officials such as Commissioner Gibbons and Mayor Karl Dean?  Shouldn’t they have a higher duty to vet the organizations and individuals they sanction and give voice to?  And what is the consequence of elevating the credibility and status of one group over others?

Since all the information passed on by TCPJ is publicly available, shouldn’t they also be as well informed?  Don’t they owe it to their constituents?  What duty does Bank of America and Fifth Third Bank owe to all its customers when it comes to sponsoring organizations with questionable alliances and a political agenda that might not sit well with other bank customers?

Perhaps they all need to start hearing….perhaps they will even listen.

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