Newsletter #3 – Security For All? – NOT!

American Muslim Advisory Council (AMAC), cont’d

Visit the AMAC website (, and see the tag line “Enhancing security for all Tennesseans”.  Keep reading and you will quickly understand that the ONLY demographic represented, are Muslims.

And the more recently formed Nashville-based spin-off organization, the American Center for Outreach (ACO – likewise claims it’s genesis in the anti-terrorism legislation.  Ironically, during the debate on that specific legislation, those who are now members of the AMAC and the ACO all claimed that they too, were opposed to acts of terrorism.   They claimed to represent the “Tennessee Muslim community” and insisted that their concerns be part of the debate.  And they were.

In fact, Ms. Suleyman, then working for TIRRC – the TN Immigration and Refugee Rights Coalition, was interviewed on camera remarking that the group was finally satisfied with the bill’s rewording.  But instead of supporting a measure to strengthen Tennessee’s anti-terrorism statute (remember Carlos Bledsoe), they aggressively opposed it.  Was it acting in bad faith then that the same group aggressively and knowingly continued to misrepresent the bill simply to serve their own political agenda?

The inaccurate and sensationalistic narrative posted on the ACO “History” segment of their website seems to evidence this purpose.  The bill referred to in the narrative NEVER outlawed the peaceful practice of any religion. In fact, this was specifically stated in the bill.   And perhaps just as incredible is the ACO’s claim that because of the efforts of the Tennessee Muslim community (led of course by Ms. Suleyman), the bill was never passed.

Simply and completely untrue.  While it is true that the bill was amended (as often is the case during the legislative process), the bill retained its core principles resulting in a stronger anti-terrorism law in Tennessee.

The ACO is undeniably a political organization whose demonstrated purpose is to advocate positions on legislation in the Tennessee General Assembly and thereafter attempt to activate the Muslims in Tennessee to voice opposition.   Is deliberate misrepresentation to their own constituencies a justifiable means to a desired end?  Shouldn’t the process really be about objective, factually true information?

The ACO recently launched a Memphis chapter and it is expected that the same activity will be established in Knoxville because all the members of ACO with the exception of its Director, are also all members of the American Muslim Advisory Council (AMAC).

In some circles this is called double-dipping.

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