Newsletter #2 – AMAC Cont’d

American Muslim Advisory Council (AMAC) cont’d

A little more background regarding how the AMAC came into being may be helpful at this point.

Remziya Suleyman, the policy coordinator for The Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition (TIRRC) was integral to organizing the “Muslim Rapid Response Team”.  During opposition to the debate occurring in the state legislature regarding the anti-terrorism bill, Ms. Suleyman joined with The Council on American- Islamic Relations – CAIR, on the steps of the capitol to speak against this bill.

A Little Background on CAIR:

The 2008 Holy Land Foundation (HLF) trial was the largest terrorism financing trial in U.S. history. Evidence presented by the government during the trial established that the “mission and purpose of HLF was to raise funds for Hamas” and was one of the largest Muslim charities in the U.S. funneling money to Hamas. CAIR, along with other organizations, was named an unindicted co-conspirator based on evidence of its ties to Hamas, a U.S. designated foreign terrorist organization.

CAIR’s connections to Hamas are well-documented.  In 2008 several of the named unindicted co-conspirators including CAIR, sought to have their names removed from the list and their ties to Hamas removed from the trial record.  As to CAIR, Federal Judge Solis, confirmed the designation and ruled that the government had introduced extensive evidence tying CAIR to Hamas.

Going back to the “Muslim Rapid Response Team” (MRRT)…

While a date certain as to when the MRRT began working with a Regional Advisor of the Tennessee Office of Homeland Security cannot be stated with certainty, a photograph, date stamped June, 2011 emerged shortly after the 2011 legislative session ended.  The description that accompanied the photo indicated that the Tennessee Office of Homeland Security was assisting the group which opposed the anti-terrorism legislation, to organize and work with the State to oppose future legislation.

This was a private meeting behind closed doors and names of attendees were not made public.

The AMAC was formed from this initial working group and is now partnered with the Tennessee Office of Homeland Security.

More to follow.  Please share with your email lists – the public has a right to know.