Newsletter #1- AMAC: Islamist Settlement in Tennessee

Dear Fellow Tennesseans
There is a new voice in town – The Tennessee Council for Political Justice (TCPJ)
The mission of the TCPJ is to educate by disseminating accurate and documented information that concerns the rights of and justice for all Tennesseans so that policy makers will be better equipped to make informed decisions on behalf of their constituents.
In keeping with the mission of the TCPJ, this is an alert about a recently formed organization in Tennessee – the American Muslim Advisory Council (AMAC).
This organization grew out of a project sponsored by The Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition (TIRRC).  That project was called The Muslim Rapid Response Team which organized to voice opposition to the anti-terrorism bill that was passed last year by the Tennessee legislature.  (the anti-terrorism bill was introduced in part, as a response to the Army recruiting center assailant, Memphian Carlos Bledsoe).
The AMAC enjoys a special relationship with The Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security, having recently partnered with them to help train law enforcement and other safety and emergency professionals in Tennessee. See flyer ( and  attachment.
Similar to the Muslim Advisory Council in Illinois, the Tennessee AMAC also includes members with ties to Muslim Brotherhood entities.
Who are the members of the AMAC?
Watch for the next TCPJ newsletter and please forward this and future newsletters to your friends and email list.