Newsletter #9 – More Islamist Connections in Tennessee

Many individuals and organizations and the overlapping and inter-relationships between them have been introduced to date – it all sounds confusing!  It is and it is deliberate on the part of the players, so that confusion will reign.  TCPJ believes it is worth the time to dissect and tease out the individuals and their connections to see what is really going on.

With that in mind, attached at the end of this entry is a visual representation of the main individuals and groups discussed so far in the newsletters.  It might even be helpful to print it out and fill in additional details that were omitted because of space, as well as information that will continue to be added.

 TN American Muslim Advisory Council profiles cont’d

The following individuals are members of BOTH the AMAC and the American Center for Outreach (ACO) that was discussed in newsletter #3:

Danish Siddiqui – AMAC Regional Coordinator for West TN; also listed on the ACO website as chair of that organization.

Danish serves as the Director of Communications for the Memphis Islamic Center perhaps because he claims to own a computer consulting company.  Research to date has not turned up any record of activity for this company.  He also serves on the telecommunications board for the City of Germantown.  And as with other individuals already discussed, he was president of the Muslim Brotherhood’s  Muslim Students Association (MSA) while attending the University of Memphis.

While Mr. Siddiqui was president of the MSA, he wrote a letter in 2000 to the Memphis Commercial Appeal regarding the Holy Land Foundation investigation,( ie, the largest terrorism financing investigation and trial in the U.S.).  His letter stated that:

“officials of the two charities mentioned in the article, the Global Relief

Foundation and the Holy Land Foundation visit us frequently in

Memphis.  As regular donors, we can firmly attest that their only

Mission is to serve war-ravaged and oppressed Muslims overseas.”

Kasar Abdullah – she serves as the Secretary/Treasurer of the AMAC and is listed as a Director on the ACO website.  She is discussed extensively in newsletters #4 & 5.

Soyab Malani – West TN AMAC representative and Treasurer of the ACO

Soyab’s family owns a large wholesale distribution company that provides products to Muslim owned mini-mart stores.

It is not known whether these stores have ever been implicated in the numerous reports of food stamp fraud that seem to plague some of the mini-marts.

(see Refugee Resettlement Watch blog for more on food stamp fraud reports

Sherish Siddiqui – West TN AMAC representative and Secretary of the ACO

She is Danish’s sister and an attorney who lists a practice in the areas of financial and securities law.  She serves on the Financial Advisory Commission for the City of Germantown and is also identified as an active at the Memphis Islamic Center.

The ACO held a “Memphis launch” a few weeks ago and a “Nashville launch” yesterday at the Scarritt Bennett Center.  Anyone attending had to register in advance, probably to control who could and could not attend – a private meeting advertised to the public on the internet.  Expect to see a Knoxville launch soon.

The ACO website includes these statements under the “Issues” link:

“The critical issues impacting all Americans today are stemmed in religious freedom and xenophobia. The most evident issues are manifested in Islamophobia and its underlying forces…..

By encouraging outreach, dialogue, civic participation, and working across faith, ethnic, cultural, and economic boundaries, ACO aspires to build bridges and remove the fear and division that has spread across our state towards the Islamic faith and the Muslim community.”

The emphasis on “Islamaphobia”, a term originally coined by the International Institute for Islamic Thought (IIIT) (see also newsletter #7), a Muslim Brotherhood affiliate named in the 1991 memo, has been aggressively promoted by the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (the 56 member bloc of Islamic countries at the UN), CAIR and local Muslim-centric groups.  The OIC recently announced a deeply funded media blitz to address Islamaphobia.

But closer to home, the FBI, as announced on their website, (, will be participating with the U.S. Attorney Northern District of Alabama, and the Huntsville Islamic Center to present a workshop titled, “Combating Islamophobia: Truths and Myths about Islam.”

The FBI announcement also notes that, “The U.S. Department of Justice Community Relations Service, UAH Muslim Student Association, Birmingham Islamic Society, Interfaith Mission Service, UAH Office of International Programs and Services, and the International Services Council of Alabama are helping the U.S. Attorney’s Office, the FBI, and the Huntsville Islamic Center present the workshop.”

An interesting note turned up about The Huntsville Islamic Center.  Back in 2004, the Center signed onto a letter that condemned the Danish cartoons and asked governments around the world to criminalize freedom of speech and expression when it offends Muslims:

Freedom of expression is not absolute.”   The organization behind this letter, the American Muslim Association of North America has its own questionable pedigree – past link on their website to a Saudi charity that raised funds for al Qaeda (charity now closed down), public praise for the founder of Hamas as a “renowned Islamic scholar”, and a Director who was the VP of a now closed charity linked to the Hamas front group Islamic Association for Palestine, and which openly admitted to having raised funds for suicide bombers.

Earlier this year, Jerry Martin, U.S. Attorney for the Middle District of Tennessee was quoted as saying that he is “on the lookout for hate crimes in Middle Tennessee, particularly against Muslims”.  Given the collaboration between his office and TN Commissioner of Safety, Bill Gibbons and TN Director of Homeland Security, David Purkey, should we expect to see an Islamaphobia conference somewhere in Tennessee sometime soon?

flow chart

Newsletter #8 – More Tennessee AMAC

TN American Muslim Advisory Council (AMAC) profiles cont’d

One small postscript to Newsletter #4 –

Mention of one of the Institute’s more high profile graduates was omitted –  Muneer Awad who is the Executive Director of the Oklahoma CAIR chapter.  He sued and enjoined the Oklahoma constitutional amendment banning Sharia law in Oklahoma.

This newsletter and the one to follow will profile more of the TN American Muslim Advisory Council (AMAC) members.

Abdulkadir Gure – Middle Tennessee representative

Former taxi driver turned Arabic instructor at Vanderbilt University (listed as a “lecturer, Religious Studies Dept), he is affiliated with the Nashville Metro Taxi Drivers Alliance, which offered free rides last year to Muslims going to legislative plaza to protest against the anti-terrorism legislation.  He is also affiliated with the Workers Interfaith Network in Memphis and is a Middle Tennessee organizer for TIRRC.

Of greater interest perhaps is his work with the Center for Refugees and Immigrants of Tennessee (CRIT), formerly named the Somali Community Center.  In 2007 Abdirizak Hassan, the Center’s Executive Director until last year, was charged with and sentenced to 2 years federal probation for making false statements in connection with a federal grant for the Center.  Despite these charges, he was still able to apply for and have the Center receive federal grant money throughout this time period.

This federal charge relates back to his indictment in 2001 for felony illegal banking.  Prior to serving as ED of the Somali Community Center/CRIT, Hassan ran a halwa money changing business out of a convenience store.  As reported by New English Review:

“Hassan’s Nashville bank was shut down by counter-terrorism investigators because they said the bank was linked to Al-Barakat.

Al-Barakat is a bank and wiring transfer service that is linked to al-Qaida, according to investigators.  Hassan was arrested and charged with felony illegal banking.  While out on bond, Hassan and the Somali Center were awarded a grant in the amount of nearly $500,000 by the same federal government that indicted him.”

The CRIT even when it was named the Somali Community Center, is what is known as an “ethnic based organization” that receives taxpayer money from the Tennessee Office for Refugees to provide refugee resettlement services.

Mwafaq Aljabary – Middle Tennessee representative

This individual also goes by the name Mwafaq Mohammed.  In 2010 he was listed as the president of the Salahadeen Islamic Center (see newsletter #4 for more info about this center).  He is employed by the Tennessee Department of Transportation and is involved with a group attempting to start the Nolensville Academy of Science & Math charter school in Metro Nashville.

Haneef Shabazz – Middle Tennessee representative

Property records indicate that he owns property in the Jamaat ul-Fuqra (Islamville) compound in Stewart County.  Jamaat ul-Fuqra, also known as Muslims of America (MoA), has been described as a “Sunni militant group”.

They follow Pakistani cleric Sheikh Gilani whose terrorist training video “Soldiers of Allah” shows Gilani explaining how to kill American infidels –  “Act like you are his friend. Then kill him.”  In 2006, the videos were confiscated and sealed by the Department of Justice.  It is reported that Jamaat ul-Fuqra/MoA have approximately 35 compounds across the U.S.

Saleh Sbenaty – Middle Tennessee representative

Immigrated from Syria in 1982 to attend college in the U.S. and now teaches engineering at MTSU.  He is a board member and on the planning committee for the Murfreesboro mosque.  He was a vocal and active opponent of the anti-terrorism legislation and was quoted in the Tennessean a number of times on the issue.  He also spoke out against the law during a panel discussion at the First Amendment Center in 2011.  He was recently advertised as participating in a program with the Society for Universal Dialogue (SUD) on environmental issues.

Dr. Mohammed Moinuddin – West Tennessee representative

In 2008 the Director of the FBI presented Dr. Moinuddin with the Community Leadership Award.  He is also a trustee of the Memphis Islamic Center and a board member of the Masjid al-Noor.  Per the warranty deed, this mosque, which also houses the Muslim Student Association (MSA), is owned by the North American Islamic Trust (NAIT), one of the organizations listed in the 1991 Muslim Brotherhood Explanatory memorandum.

It has been reported elsewhere that in 1993 Dr. Moinuddin attended an event in Virginia involving Sheikh Muhammad Al-Hanooti. Dr. Moinuddin was later quoted speaking favorably about Al-Hanooti.  In 2000 Al-Hanooti headed the Michigan CAIR office.  In 2008 he was indicted on charges of spying for Iraqi intelligence.  He has been identified by the FBI as a top fundraiser for Hamas (over $6 million) and is named as both an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation trial (identified as top Muslim Brotherhood leadership), and a conspirator in the trial of “blind sheik” Omar Rahman (1993 World Trade Center bombing).  See, “Blue Suede Jihad: Major Hamas Fundraiser Welcomed in the Land of Elvis”, Patrick Poole, July 1, 2010.

In July 2010, the Masjid al-Noor posted an announcement on their website that Al-Hanooti would be speaking at the mosque that month.  When the event was published by Patrick Poole in his article “Blue Suede Jihad”, the mosque scrubbed the announcement from its website and denied that the event was ever scheduled.  Poole notes in a follow-up piece on August 6, 2010, that “..we’ve been provided two separate classified terror alerts that were sent to Memphis-area law enforcement agencies prior to the publication of my initial report warning them of al-Hanooti’s upcoming appearance.”

Younis Sherif – West Tennessee representative

Mr. Sherif is active at the Masjid As-Salam, another Memphis mosque owned by NAIT, and with the Muslim Society of Memphis located in another property also owned by NAIT.

 Three other members, Dorothy Awayyed, Hanan Ayesh, and Zak Mohyuddin (brother-in-law to Sabina Mohyuddin in newsletter #6), are all East Tennessee representatives.  All were actively and vocally opposed to the anti-terrorism legislation and lobbied legislators to that end.

Many connections between individuals and organizations; many affiliations with Muslim Brotherhood entities.  We have to assume that Commissioner Gibbons and Asst. Commissioner David Purkey who heads the TN Office of Homeland Security have all the same information and simply discounted it all in order to move forward and begin working closely with this group.

Newsletter #7 – Does Any State Really Need a Muslim Advisory Council?

State-level Muslim Advisory Councils like the one established in Tennessee are fast becoming a popular tool of Islamist’s governmental infiltration, an objective included in the 1991 Muslim Brotherhood Explanatory Memorandum as one step in the “civilization jihad” against the United States:

“…It must be stressed that it has become clear and emphatically known that all is in agreement that we must “settle” or “enable” Islam and its Movement in this part of the world….

Four: The Process of Settlement:

– In order for Islam and its Movement to become “a part of the homeland” in which it lives,”stable” in its land, “rooted” in the spirits and minds of its people, “enabled” in the live of its society and has firmly-established “organizations” on which the Islamic structure is built and with which the testimony of civilization is achieved, the Movement must plan and struggle to obtain “the keys” and the tools of this process in carry out this grand mission as a “Civilization Jihadist” responsibility which lies on the shoulders of Muslims and – on top of them – the Muslim Brotherhood in this country. Among these keys and tools are the following:

2- Politicallv [The Political Oreanization]: to include:

– A central political party.

– Local political offices.

– Political symbols.

– Relationships and alliances.

– The American Organization for Islamic Political Action

– Advanced Information Centers.. . .and things like that.”

Advisory councils with almost identical names and mission statements have been established in Tennessee and several other states/cities.  The incubator for these councils began with a 2006 conference jointly sponsored by the International Center for Religion & Diplomacy (ICRD), the International Institute for Islamic Thought (IIIT) and the Institute for Defense Analyses (IDA).  It is interesting to note that the IDA, a private “government –sponsored and funded research institution with access to “highly classified and industry proprietary data not normally available to non-government organizations”, had representatives from the American Muslim community meet with US security officials and foreign policy folks to find ways to work together. (See, “Your Tax Dollars Funding Terror”,, April 8, 2008.), and,

Recommendations generated from the 2006 conference included the following labeled as

“American Muslim Actions”:

  • Establish an American Muslim Advisory Council to work with a U.S. interagency Task Force (or some other USG organizational equivalent) to explore policy issues that affect the Muslim community and its attitudes toward the government.”
  • Create a directory of articulate American Muslims … who can represent the American Muslim viewpoint in the mainstream media…”
  • Establish programs to encourage greater Muslim involvement in local government…Encourage the participation of young Muslims in law enforcement careers.”
  •  Develop an effective lobbying and policy analysis capability for influencing members of the Legislative and Executive branches of government.”

Recommendations labeled as “U.S. Government Actions” included:

  • ·      Include American Muslim representatives in U.S. government delegations to international organizations and in other high-level bodies and advisory commissions.”
  • ·      Appoint more Muslims to high-profile positions, including political appointments that may or may not be directly related to Public Diplomacy and Foreign Policy.  Recruit young Muslims into law enforcement and government careers.”

Recommendations labeled as “Joint Actions” included:

  • ·      Develop roundtables of American Muslim community representatives and representatives of USG domestic security agencies that can meet on a regular basis…Examine and seek to institutionalize the kind of coordination that appears to be working well in Chicago.” (no further explanation given for this reference)

But then consider that the three named organizations involved in the 2006 conference are part of a larger alliance called American Muslims for Constructive Engagement (AMCE):

  •  IIIT
  • ICRD
  • IDA
  • Islamic Society of North America (ISNA)
  • Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR)
  • Muslim American Society (MAS)

IIIT and ISNA are two of the 29 organizations listed in the 1991 Muslim Brotherhood memorandum and along with CAIR were listed by the Dept. of Justice as unindicted co-conspirators in the Holy Land Foundation trial.  MAS was identified in a different terrorism related case as “the overt arm” of the Muslim Brotherhood in America.

An alternative explanation for justifying the advisory councils as partnering with law enforcement can be found in MPAC’s 2009 paper “Building Bridges to Strengthen America”.  In advancing their model for assisting law enforcement and “preserving the rights of all Americans as defined by a Muslim American perspective”, they recommend “long-term policy engagement with the political system”, ie, become part of the infrastructure.

Seems pretty consistent with the Muslim Brotherhood memorandum…..

An interesting “tidbit” was reported by the Washington Post in 2007; AMCE steering committee member, MAS president Esam Omeish was forced to resign from the Virginia Commission on Immigration after being recorded “preaching jihad and praising suicide bombers.”

American Muslim Advisory Councils in the U.S.

A Muslim advisory council in Oklahoma established by a prior administration’s executive order, was not reauthorized last year, which may explain why the Tennessee AMAC established itself as an independently funded organization.

New York state took a different route and passed a statute establishing the “NY Muslim American Advisory Council” to:

  • advise the legislature on ways to advance the role and civic participation of Muslim Americans in NY including appropriate policy development and faith-based issues
  • achieve goals related to international commerce in Muslim countries

Suffolk County, N.Y.’s Muslim-American Advisory Committee was created to among other things, “make recommendations regarding proposed legislation”

Los Angeles’ Muslim American Homeland Security Congress established in 2006 by Sheriff Baca says it is a “non-political, non-governmental, non-religious and non-profit organization”.  So what exactly is it?  It lists as board members community organizations including CAIR and MPAC.  MPAC leadership is reported to support Islamic extremists and engages with Muslim Brotherhood affiliates.  MPAC sponsored a petition to reinstate assets to the Holy Land Foundation after it was designated as a front for terrorist financing.  A 2009 MPAC report ascribes “peaceful political activism” to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Illinois’ Governor Quinn created his Muslim American Advisory Council in 2011.  The duties and objectives of the council are virtually word for word the same as stated in the New York legislation.  Governor appointees include Safaa Zarzour, Secretary-General of ISNA and the Executive Director of the Chicago chapter of CAIR.  Recently the Illinois Council was asked to comment with regard to the death sentence issued for convert from Islam, Christian pastor Yousef Nadarkhani.  The response issued through the Governor’s office was no comment because the council’s constituency was solely within the borders of the state of Illinois.

Why is government leadership not asking what’s wrong with this picture?  Bet if we asked Tennessee’s Commissioner of Safety, Bill Gibbons and Tennessee Director of Homeland Security, David Purkey if they have this info, they’d say they were not aware.  But shouldn’t they be – after all, all this information is publicly available.

Newsletter #6 – Islamists Connected to Tennessee Mosques

The Islamic Center of Nashville (ICN) cont’d

Ms. Sabina Mohyuddin, who lives in Tullahoma and is the Youth Director at the ICN.  Given that the linkage between the ICN and the Muslim Brotherhood organization ISNA is easily confirmed through publicly available information, one has to assume that the individuals associated with or working at the ICN, also know of this relationship.

The relationship between the ICN and ISNA is not a casual one either.  Attached is a copy of the warranty deed for a Nashville property where the actual street address of the mosque is crossed out and substituted with the P.O. Box # which lists the ISNA address.  That is the same P.O. Box # on the bank direct deposit form that was posted on the ICN website (now removed), on another internet listing and the Tennessee Secretary of State’s website.

Ms. Mohyuddin was a vocal opponent to the anti-terrorism material support bill and testified to that effect during debate in the legislature last year. (It was reported that she and her cohorts had relatively easy access to the Governor’s office and Commissioner Gibbons’ department during and after this time.)  She supports TIRRC’s activities and they in turn, have endorsed her public criticisms of Tennessee legislators and legislation.

Ms. Mohyuddin is also a member the TN American Muslim Advisory Council (AMAC) that is working with Commissioner Gibbons’ department.  Ms. Mohyuddin has used the Commissioner’s endorsement of the AMAC to lend credence to the AMAC’s political agenda, making public criticisms to the media of Tennessee legislators and recent legislation as a representative of the AMAC.

One certainly has to wonder whether Commissioner Gibbons understands the position he has placed the state in by providing a status to this organization that doesn’t seem to have been extended to any other religious or political organization in the state.  You also have to wonder whether the “generous sponsors” listed in TIRRC’s 2011 Annual Report are aware of the political activities and connections of those TIRRC aligns with such as Muslim Brotherhood organizations.

Some of TIRRC’s sponsors include Bank of America, Fifth Third Bank, Vanderbilt University, Mayor Karl Dean, and The Nissan Foundation.  Shouldn’t they know what they are really endorsing?  (Granted, no big surprise about Vanderbilt’s support here since they didn’t have a problem when the Muslim Student Association’s imam publicly affirmed Islam’s capital punishment for homosexuality.)

Private entities are free to endorse any organization, political position, etc, and people in the community can choose not to do business with them.  But what about public officials such as Commissioner Gibbons and Mayor Karl Dean?  Shouldn’t they have a higher duty to vet the organizations and individuals they sanction and give voice to?  And what is the consequence of elevating the credibility and status of one group over others?

Since all the information passed on by TCPJ is publicly available, shouldn’t they also be as well informed?  Don’t they owe it to their constituents?  What duty does Bank of America and Fifth Third Bank owe to all its customers when it comes to sponsoring organizations with questionable alliances and a political agenda that might not sit well with other bank customers?

Perhaps they all need to start hearing….perhaps they will even listen.

taxworld  warranty deed

Newsletter #5 – Islamists Organizing in Tennessee

Kasar Abdulla cont’d

On more than one occasion, Ms. Abdulla has publicly acknowledged her connection to the Islamic Center of Nashville (ICN).  She participated as a representative of the ICN at a 2010 Nashville Human Rights event and has been cited as an ICN representative by the American Banking and Market News later that same year.

The ICN is yet another Muslim Brotherhood affiliated organization and operates under the umbrella of one of the unindicted co-conspirators named in the Holy Land Foundation trial.

The Islamic Society of North American (ISNA) is not only a named unindicted co-conspirator, but also one of the 29 organizations specifically named in the 1991 Muslim Brotherhood Explanatory Memorandum detailing the plan of “…dismantling American institutions and turning the U.S. into a Muslim nation.”

The ICN shares a P.O. Box address with ISNA which is listed on various internet sites, on the TN Secretary of State’s website under the ICN’s entry, on a bank direct deposit form previously posted on the ICN website and on a warranty deed for a 5 acre parcel of land in Nashville.

The ICN is also linked to ISNA through Nashville community activities.  For example, in February 2010, ICN, along with other Nashville mosques, partnered with ISNA for a two day conference titled “Awakening the Leader Within”.  Given the title, content and Muslim Brotherhood identification of the presenting organization, one has to wonder whether this conference was in furtherance of the Muslim Brotherhood document titled “Preliminary vision for preparing future leadership” which was introduced into evidence at the Holy Land trial.

One of the featured ISNA speakers, Louay Safi, Director of Communications and Leadership Development, also has an “interesting” pedigree.  In February 2010, Mr. Safi who had been contracted by the DoD to lecture troops at Fort Hood on Islam, was suspended from this work after his association with organizations involved in funding terrorism were documented.  Mr. Safi previously served as Executive Director and Director of Research for theInternational Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT).  The IIIT was listed among the 29 “like minded organizations” in the Muslim Brotherhood Explanatory Memorandum and was raided by the FBI in 2002 with subsequent criminal convictions for two of the staff.

And the ICN is yet one more experience Ms. Abdulla and Carlos Bledsoe have in common.  Anyone who followed the story of Carlos Bledsoe may recall that when he converted to Islam, he took the name of the former Imam of the ICN – Abdulhakim Mohamed whose own questionable affiliations have been detailed in any number of articles.

The ICN’s current Imam – Ahmed Mohammed is a graduate of Al-Ahzar University in Cairo; an institution that stands for the propagation of Islam and Sharia as a complete way of life.  It was recently reported that as the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt was protesting against the military rulers, students at Al-Ahzar also held a protest demanding that the Muslim Brotherhood form a new government for Egypt.

In the spring of 2011 ICN’s Imam Ahmed Mohammed, gave a lecture in Nashville in which he defended the Egyptian police forced virginity tests reportedly performed on the female protesters in Tahrir Square.  He also talked about honor killings and confirmed that they do occur throughout the Muslim world and even suggested that they used to occur in the U.S. but no longer because of how “crazy our moral ethics have become.”

And Imam Ahmed Mohammed who testified against the anti-terrorism bill during the 2011 legislative session, was also a participant at the Tennessee Office of Homeland Security’s closed door June 2011 meeting with the Tennessee DHS Regional Advisor.

Another ICN representative, Ms. Sabina Mohyuddin, also a member of the Tennessee American Muslim Advisory Council, will be the subject of the next installment.

Newsletter #4 – Pattern of Islamist Settlement

So far, you have been introduced to several Tennessee organizations – the American Muslim Advisory Council (AMAC), the American Center for Outreach (ACO) and the Tennessee Immigration and Refugee Rights Coalition (TIRRC).  As different individuals involved with these organizations are profiled, you will likely start to see patterns emerging.

Ms. Kasar Abdulla is one name that comes up when you look at all three of the above referenced organizations.

She is listed on the AMAC website as the Secretary/Treasurer of the AMAC.

She is listed on the ACO website as a Director of the ACO.

She is listed on the TIRRC website as the Director of Advocacy and Education of TIRRC.

Additional information about Ms. Abdulla:

The TIRRC website links to the website of the “Welcoming Tennessee” website which shows Kasar Abdulla as staff of this initiative.

Her bio posted on the TIRRC website, states that while attending Tennessee State University, she was president of the Muslim Student Association (MSA) there.  Available timeline information indicates that Carlos Bledsoe and Kasar Abdulla attended TSU during an overlapping timeframe between 2003 – 2004.

Recall that the Muslim Student Association was one of the first Muslim Brotherhood organizations established in the U.S.  It now has approximately 600 chapters across the U.S. and Canada. In Tennessee, MSA has chapters at Vanderbilt, MTSU, U of Tenn Knoxville, TN Tech Cookville, U of Memphis, Tenn State U, Rhodes College, East TN U, Nash State Community College and TN Tech Nashville. The MSA has been officially absorbed by the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), a  named unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land trial.  Both the MSA and ISNA are organizations specifically named in the 1991 Muslim Brotherhood plan for North America as “…our organizations and the organizations of our friends – imagine if they all march according to one plan!!!.”

The MSA “pledge of allegiance” which was videotaped at a regional conference last year, concludes with “I will fight against oppression. And I will die to establish Islam.”

The Muslim Brotherhood is one of the leading proponents of global shariah law working to actualize this goal through cultural mechanisms including the establishment of organizations such as the MSA.

Ms. Abdulla is also associated with the Salahadeen Center in Nashville where she led a girl scout unit for some time.  Fadi Ezzeir, an assistant imam at the Salahadeen Center was the Muslim boy scout leader and also ran the Youth Education Center at the Salahadeen Center.  As late as 2009, Mr. Ezzeir was the President of the Nashville chapter of the Muslim American Society (MAS), an organization described in federal court testimony as “a representative of the Muslim Brotherhood in the United States.”  In 2004 the Secretary-General of the MAS acknowledged that it had been founded by members of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Ms. Abdulla is also an alumnus of the American Muslim Civic Leadership Institute (AMCLI).  This Institute works in partnership with the Center for Muslim Christian Understanding at Georgetown University, funded by a $20 million grant from Saudi Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal.

Other alumni of the AMCLI include Mohamed Elibiary and Farhad Chowdhury.

Elibiary was appointed by Janet Napolitano to the Homeland Security Advisory Council.  In October, 2011, it was reported that he downloaded Texas Public Safety documents which included intelligence information marked for official use only, to his personal computer.  Elibiary thereafter offered these documents to a media outlet claiming them as evidencing Islamaphobic activity in Governor Rick Perry’s administration.  The media outlet rejected the information for failing to make such a case.

Chowdhury is the owner of a government services firm.  Prior to running his own firm, he provided management, security and technical consulting services to the U.S. Census Bureau, FEMA, the Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Department of the Interior, Morgan State University, IBM and Thomson Financial.

More on Ms. Abdulla in the next post and her relationship with a Nashville Muslim Brotherhood affiliate organization.

Newsletter #3 – Security For All? – NOT!

American Muslim Advisory Council (AMAC), cont’d

Visit the AMAC website (, and see the tag line “Enhancing security for all Tennesseans”.  Keep reading and you will quickly understand that the ONLY demographic represented, are Muslims.

And the more recently formed Nashville-based spin-off organization, the American Center for Outreach (ACO – likewise claims it’s genesis in the anti-terrorism legislation.  Ironically, during the debate on that specific legislation, those who are now members of the AMAC and the ACO all claimed that they too, were opposed to acts of terrorism.   They claimed to represent the “Tennessee Muslim community” and insisted that their concerns be part of the debate.  And they were.

In fact, Ms. Suleyman, then working for TIRRC – the TN Immigration and Refugee Rights Coalition, was interviewed on camera remarking that the group was finally satisfied with the bill’s rewording.  But instead of supporting a measure to strengthen Tennessee’s anti-terrorism statute (remember Carlos Bledsoe), they aggressively opposed it.  Was it acting in bad faith then that the same group aggressively and knowingly continued to misrepresent the bill simply to serve their own political agenda?

The inaccurate and sensationalistic narrative posted on the ACO “History” segment of their website seems to evidence this purpose.  The bill referred to in the narrative NEVER outlawed the peaceful practice of any religion. In fact, this was specifically stated in the bill.   And perhaps just as incredible is the ACO’s claim that because of the efforts of the Tennessee Muslim community (led of course by Ms. Suleyman), the bill was never passed.

Simply and completely untrue.  While it is true that the bill was amended (as often is the case during the legislative process), the bill retained its core principles resulting in a stronger anti-terrorism law in Tennessee.

The ACO is undeniably a political organization whose demonstrated purpose is to advocate positions on legislation in the Tennessee General Assembly and thereafter attempt to activate the Muslims in Tennessee to voice opposition.   Is deliberate misrepresentation to their own constituencies a justifiable means to a desired end?  Shouldn’t the process really be about objective, factually true information?

The ACO recently launched a Memphis chapter and it is expected that the same activity will be established in Knoxville because all the members of ACO with the exception of its Director, are also all members of the American Muslim Advisory Council (AMAC).

In some circles this is called double-dipping.

Please feel free to have your contacts request to be added to the TCPJ distribution list.