Newsletter #134 – A Leopard Doesn’t Change Its Spots

Predictably, CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations) is standing in defense of Hamas using civilians as human shields as Israel ….

Predictably, the Executive Director of the pro-Palestinian D.C. think tank, the Jerusalem Fund/Palestine Center, when asked directly, will not answer the simple yes/no question:

            “Is Hamas a terrorist organization?”


CAIR was founded by members of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Islamic Association for Palestine, which was created to promote and raise money for Hamas in the U.S. Federal prosecutors have established ample evidence tying CAIR to Hamas. In 1994 CAIR Director Nihad Awad publicly declared his support for Hamas.

The Jerusalem Fund and Palestine Center was founded by Hisham Sharabi who described Hamas as “the true fida’i (self-sacrifice) resistance in Palestine since the outbreak of the Palestinian intifada.” In 2003 he said:

 “In the face of relentless Israeli force, the only weapon the helpless and desperate have is to fling their bodies against the beast.  Suicide bombings are no longer the lone act of desperate fanatics, but have become a conscious weapon of resistance and war.  The culture of death and self-sacrifice is spreading in many Arab and Muslim countries.”

Jerusalem Fund Chairman is Subhi Ali from Waverly, Tennessee. He joined the Jerusalem Fund in 2000, became Vice-President in 2004 serving alongside Sharabi and then became President of the Board in 2005, a position he still retains. The Jerusalem Fund campaigns for boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) against Israel. This is a campaign, the intent of which is widely recognized, to try and destroy the state of Israel.

Subhi Ali is the father of former Haslam appointee, sharia finance specialist, Samar Ali.

ECD Commissioner Bill Hagerty admitted publicly that Subhi Ali called him and asked him to look at Samar’s resume which includes work done on behalf of the Jerusalem Fund. After Subhi’s phone call, Haggerty hired Samar. Sounds like Haggerty knows Subhi Ali and his family pretty well. Samar’s resume includes work done on behalf of the Jerusalem Fund.

Shortly after Samar’s hiring, questions were raised about why the Haslam administration hired a sharia finance specialist but redacted these credentials from information about her that was released to the public.


Subhi Ali immigrated from the West Bank town of Ramallah. As Samar says, “I will always be Arab and I will always be American and I will always be Muslim.” She also says that “My parents always taught us to never forget where we came from and to never forget where we are now.”

Now pro-Hamas rallies in Tennessee with Muslim organizations are spreading Jew-hatred. Given the information above, we shouldn’t be surprise

Newsletter #122 – Raising a Capitalism-Benefitting Socialist in Nashville Who Also Hates Israel

If you are a young adult Jew, like Hannah Cornfield, daughter of TN-ACLU Director Hedy Weinberg, you augment your socialist-progressive credentials by promoting the anti-Israel Jewish Voice for Peace and support BDS (boycott, divestment and sanctions) against the State of Israel.

Grow up in the expensive Green Hills neighborhood. Attend an expensive private high school (2013 high school tuition $20,000 plus books). Graduate from an expensive private college. Protest the evils of capitalism. Serve as a Field Organizer with Obama’s Organizing for America. Use connections in D.C. to learn how to undermine voting integrity.

How else can you expect to understand what it’s like for the disenfranchised? Be sure not to disavow the unfair advantage of “white privilege” until after graduation. Then assuage your guilt by attacking capitalism and the very system that provided for you.

cornfield on capitalism

If you are a young adult Jew, like Hannah Cornfield, daughter of TN-ACLU Director Hedy Weinberg, you augment your socialist-progressive credentials by promoting the anti-Israel Jewish Voice for Peace and support BDS (boycott, divestment and sanctions) against the State of Israel.

hannah c jvp


Jewish Voice For Peace (JVP), an extreme leftist group is ranked by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) among the top 10 “worst of the worst anti-Israel groups.” American Muslims for Palestine (AMP) and Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP), are on the same list.

ADL characterizes groups likes JVP as “fixated with delegitimizing Israel” using campaigns like BDS.

BDS is the pro-Palestinian campaign that followed the 2000 intifada. The goal of BDS is to end Israel as a Jewish state. Period. The goal of BDS, is not peace. Its not justice. Its not democracy. The goal of BDS is to end the existence of the State of Israel.

JVP has been described as a “Jewish Voice for Hamas” because it advocates dialogue with Hamas and promotes what JVP believes are the “positive” aspects of Hamas despite the fact that Hamas’ charter calls for the destruction of Israel. Unless of course that is what draws JVP to Hamas?

hannah twitter 1

Hannah might be surprised to learn that Hisham Sharabi, supporter of “radical Palestinian terror groups,” and founder of the Jerusalem Fund, understood how gullible progressive Jews are. He predicted that the intifada followed by a BDS campaign would be supported by “progressive Jewish forces in Israel and the United States….[any group] enlisted in the ‘progressive’ cause of the Palestinian Arabs – why not, anyone ‘progressive’ enough to embrace Hamas…is someone useful to Israel’s enemies.”

Cornfield is just the kind of Jew Sharabi liked. But maybe it’s Cornfield’s socialist morality that makes her support the Israel-hating JVP. After all, Israel could have been a socialist’s dream except for its successful capitalists.

It’s not the first time Jews were complicit with their demonizers. Judenrats in Germany didn’t legitimize Hitler any more than JVP legitimizes the goals of BDS.


The milieu of Cornfield’s genealogy (which will examined in later newsletters), is steeped in Marxist/Communist/Leftist/Socialist associations and alliances. Hannah Cornfield is merely a product of these familial influences. But Cornfield also reflects the newer version of the red-green alliance between the socialist progressives (reds) and the Islamists (greens), which share the goal of destroying America and western civilization as we know it.

Newsletter #115 – The Red-Green Alliance and the BDS Campaign Against Israel (Part 1of 5)

What is BDS? (boycott, divestment & sanctions)

BDS is an anti-Israel, anti-Zionism and by extension, anti-Jew bigoted propaganda campaign.  BDS’ers advocate:

  • boycotting Israeli products, academics and culture
  • pressuring companies to stop doing business with and divest economically from Israel, and,
  • sanctioning Israel for employing self-defense measures from attacks like the Hamas rocket and missile attacks, and terrorists that blow themselves up in crowded public gathering places

BDS is pro-Hamas and fueled by anti-Semitic rhetoric. The intended result is to eliminate the democratic state of the Jewish people.   For this reason, rallying BDS’ers use chants like “Palestine will be free, from the river to the sea” which means there would be no Israel or Jews between the Jordan River and Mediterranean.  More chants are here.

BDS’ers call Israel an apartheid state, when in fact, many different races and faiths live and worship there. They work to demonize and delegitimize the State of Israel and spread misinformation and lies. (See StandWithUs pamphlets for accurate information about Israel.)

BDS is a targeted political movement designed to advance an extremist political agenda.  It embeds its objectives in language about social justice and human rights in order to deceive people who have a conscience.

BDSers do not support a two-state solution.

BDS attacks Zionism, the movement that helped to establish the State of Israel.  Martin Luther King Jr., often cited by progressives as a symbol for social justice, understood that anti-Zionism is anti-Semitism. As he said, “When people criticize Zionist, they mean Jews. You are talking anti-Semitism.”

Law school professor William Jacobson explains, “BDS should being seen for the anti-Semitic movement it is, a movement that demonizes only the Jewish State, holds only the Jewish State to the highest standards no one else meets (certainly not in the Middle East), and seeks the destruction only of the sole Jewish State in a sea of Islamic States.”

Natan Sharansky, a well-known former Soviet Jew and human rights activist, spent 9 years in a Siberian gulag. Upon his release, he immediately became an Israeli citizen, and eventually served in the Israeli Knesset. One of his duties was to monitor anti-Semitism.

He found the newer version of the classical anti-semitism was directed at Zionism and the State of Israel.  BDSers self-righteously allege victimization of the Palestinians by Israel but Sharansky exposed what really drives the BDS campaign in his “three D’s” test for anti-Semitism:

  • double standards – singling out Israel for criticism while ignoring the more egregious behavior of major human rights abusers in countries like Saudi Arabia, Syria, Sudan, Nigeria, North Korea, China, etc
  • demonization of Israel – distorting the Jewish State’s actions using false comparisons to Nazis or South Africa’s apartheid regime
  • delegitimization – denying only Israel’s fundamental right to exist among all other peoples in the world

Omar Barghouti, a prominent promoter of BDS who works to incite Israel and Jew hatred by groups like Students for Justice in Palestine and American Muslims for Palestine, and who ironically, attends Tel Aviv University in Israel, openly admits that BDS is the public relations path to eliminating Israel as a Jewish state.

“I clearly do not buy into the two state solution,”… This is something we cannot compromise             on,… If the [Palestinian] refugees were to return, you would not have a two state solution,    you’d have a             Palestine next to a Palestine.”

BDS in Tennessee

Some BDS’ers are upfront about their Israel and Jew hatred, while others enable and legitimatize the BDS campaign by making BDS advocates their closest allies.  It is a convenient “good cop bad cop” tactic supported by Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals, that the “end justifies the means.”

In Tennessee, for example, Islamist Drost Kokoye is a vocal BDS promoter, while her teammate Remziya Suleyman endorses the BDS message by aligning herself with vocal BDS promoters but remaining silent on the issue. Still others, like Hannah Cornfield, with the Jewish Voice for Peace and a member of the Nashville Jewish community, legitimatize the campaign by advocating for BDS.  Samar Ali’s father, Subhi Ali chairs the Jerusalem Fund in D.C. whose founder supported radical Palestinian terrorists, and whose director now openly advocates for BDS.

Besides these individuals, the same Family of Abraham (FOA) members that meet in Nashville to assure each other that they alone occupy the moral high ground, is mostly the same group of Abrahamic interfaithers that have organized to demonize and delegitimize the State of Israel.

The Israel and Jew-haters in their midst including the Islamists and Arabs, have shrewdly embedded their objectives in the leftist jargon of “human rights,” “minority rights” and “social justice.”  This strategy is better known as the “red-green alliance”.  It explains why the language of BDSers describes Israel as an “apartheid state” and why they espouse Palestinian liberation theology.

There are four more parts to this series. Part 2 provides more detail about the BDS anti-Israel, Jew-hating “interfaith coalition.” Part 3 exposes the Tennessee “U.S. Campaign” BDS organizations. Part 4 provides details about the Nashville Family of Abraham and their Muslim Brotherhood speaker. Part 5 details more Family of Abraham events and other interfaith initiatives and explains their anti-Israel underpinnings.


Newsletter #104 – Has the Jewish Federation Ever Heard of BDS?

Samar letter
  • Back in 2012, representatives of the Nashville Jewish Federation were quick to applaud Gov. Haslam’s appointment of Samar Ali, noting her “impressive” personal and professional background
  • included in Samar’s professional background is her work as the transatlantic liaison on behalf of her father’s organization the Jerusalem Fund when they were setting up the Palestine Diabetes Institute
  • the Jerusalem Fund refers to the “Occupied Palestinian Territories”
  • Jerusalem Fund director Yousef Munayyer openly advocates BDS against Israel
  • Samar’s father has served on the board of the Jerusalem Fund since 2000, became Vice-Chair in 2004 and from 2005 to present as the Chairman

It seems the Jerusalem Fund’s anti-Israel bent has not wavered much since its founding.  It’s very public advocacy for BDS against Israel makes this organization’s position crystal clear.

Does the Jewish Federation understand the end goal of BDS is to destroy the State of Israel?

Newsletter #64 – Freedom Forum Part II

Note:  if a link does not open a document just copy and repaste the URL into your browser.

The First Amendment Center’s non-profit status has been revoked for failure to file 990s for three years.  Could this be the reason why the reference now is the “Freedom Forum First Amendment Center”?  Whether due to deliberate or forced reorganization, the First Amendment Center (the Center) and the Religious Freedom Education Project (the Project), have expanded their reach by collaborating with organizations such as Unity Productions Foundation, the Council on Islamic Education (CIE) and the Islamic Networks Group (ING).

The Muslim Brotherhood is as much about an ideological plan for the U.S. as it is about individual relationships and the organizations that have come together to work toward these ideological objectives.

Unity Productions Foundation (UPF)

The Freedom Forum’s Newseum and Religious Freedom Education Project director Charles Haynes recently collaborated with UPF to promote the “What is the truth about Islam and Muslims in America?” initiative. More about this initiative will be discussed in Part IV.

Pakistani IT billionaire Safi Qureshey is the founder and Chairman of the UPF Board.  UPF claims that its mission is to “…create peace through the media.”

The public faces of UPF are executive producers and Muslim converts Alex Kronemer and Michael Wolfe.  Kronemer has a “special” connection to Tennessee and Rutherford County; he is married to Lobna Luby Ismail, founder of Connecting Cultures, the organization contracted by the U.S. Department of Justice that trained school personnel from the Rutherford County and Murfreesboro school districts about respecting Islam.

Connecting Culture’s work in Tennessee has been covered extensively by

UPF is part of the U.S. Muslim propaganda campaign and markets its products to mass media such as PBS.  And as with all Muslim propaganda disseminating organizations, UPF also targets teachers.  UPF also promotes the  “20,000 Dialogues” project paired with yet another project titled “Change the Story”, which includes the standard Muslim Brotherhood entourage – ISNA, CAIR and MSA among others.  Each one of these initiatives singly and collectively, deceptively revises and whitewashes facts and history.  Daniel Greenfield has helped peel the onion in this regard here and here.

The First Amendment Center and the Council on Islamic Education (CIE)

In 2000 Charles Haynes on behalf of the First Amendment Center, collaborated with the CIE to publish “Teaching About Religion in National and State Social Studies Standards”.  Newsletter #49 discusses the CIE, its principal researcher Susan Douglass, and how they are transforming what is taught about Islam in U.S. public schools.

According to a 2008 entry posted on The American Muslim website, Safi Qureshey has been a generous funder of CIE:  “Shabbir Mansuri of the Council on Islamic Education, now the Institute on Religion and Public Life, over the course of twenty years, has rewritten the required textbooks on religion for 37 of America’s fifty states, thanks to unlimited funding by America’s first homegrown Muslim billionnaire, Safi Qureshey.”

Saghir Aslam is another Pakistani philanthropist who helped launch and financially support the CIE.  Aslam lays claim to having been instrumental in “helping to launch a number of national American Muslim organizations, including the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC)” and “facilitating the establishment” of CAIR.  The Muslim Observer reported that Aslam is close to the Muslim Brotherhood’s Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA), having been authorized at one time to “oversee an ICNA bank account.” Aslam is also one of the founding members of the Islamic Society of Orange County, which in 1981 hired Muzammil Siddiqui to be the Religious Director, a position he still holds.

Saghir Aslam has other things in common with Safi Quereshey.

In addition to both being very wealthy Pakistani philanthropists living in the U.S., both men have supported the growth of Muslim Brotherhood ideology in the U.S.  In addition to their involvement with CIE, both men appear acquainted with Muzammil Siddiqui whose resume is replete with Muslim Brotherhood organizational associations including serving as the president of ISNA for several years and chair of NAIT’s board.  Siddiqui has plenty of examples to his credit to qualify him as a pro-jihad, pro-Sharia, anti-American, hard core Islamist.

While Siddiqui was still president of ISNA[1], Quereshey moderated a 2001 ISNA conference panel.  This was the same conference that hosted al-Qaeda leader Anwar Awlaki and promoted Islamic charities that were shut down due to ties to al-Qaeda.[2]  Aslam was a founding member of the Islamic Society of Orange County which hired Siddiqui to be the Religious Director.

Given the close involvement both personally and financially of principals Quereshey and Aslam with some of the main Muslim Brotherhood organizations, it would not be a stretch to suggest that Quereshey and Aslam’s endeavors are in furtherance of the “grand jihad from within” articulated in the 1991 Muslim Brotherhood memorandum.

Charles Haynes and the Islamic Networks Group (ING)

Added to the First Amendment Center’s collaboration with outside Islamist organizations, Charles Haynes is an ING Board member.  Newsletter #41 explains in greater detail the Muslim Brotherhood organizations which ING claims close relationships and working partnerships.

In August 2012, the Tennessee AMAC signed on as the newest ING affiliate.

[1] ISNA’s founding members included not only members of the Muslim Brotherhood’s MSA, but also Sami al-Arian who was convicted and deported for his leadership of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ). See Newsletter #39 regarding the relationship between Sami Al-Arian and Tennessee’s Dr. Ali’s Jerusalem Fund. It was also proven during that Holy Land Foundation terror financing trial that ISNA maintained a fund which raised money for Hamas.

[2] Organizations promoted during the humanitarian relief session at the 2001 conference included, Benevolence International Foundation (first shut down in 1993 in Saudi Arabia over concerns about its ties to al-Qaeda and subsequently banned worldwide by the UN Security Council), Global Relief Foundation (shut down by U.S. government in 2001 for terrorist funding including al-Qaeda), LIFE for Relief and Development (raided by FBI and IRS in 2006. LIFE lists the Jerusalem Fund as a partner organization).

Newsletter #42 – Based on the facts, rational Tennesseans should be concerned

A contemporary theme being advanced by Muslim-centric groups across the country is “Muslims as Americans” – as if anyone ever denied that there are Americans that follow the religion and politics of Islam.  In Tennessee, the “made in America” stamp is being carried by the TN American Muslim Advisory Council (AMAC) and its lobbying arm organization, The American Center for Outreach (ACO).

No matter the label, even the “American Muslim” one cannot conceal the fact that Islam is Islam is Islam, no matter where, it is followed.  We are told by Islamic scholars considered authoritative by the Muslim world, that Islam is a complete way of life and that the Koran is unchangeable because it is the word of Allah.

Nor can the “American Muslim” label conceal the fact that the ideology and the goals of that ideology are the same no matter where it is followed.  And nowhere has the plan for insinuating this ideology and its goals been more carefully detailed than in the 1991 Muslim Brotherhood “An Explanatory Memorandum On the General Strategic Goal for the Group in North America”.  The Muslim Brotherhood is one of the leading proponents of global Shariah law and represents the quintessential expression of “political Shariah”.

To really appreciate the significance of this particular document, it should be noted that during the Holy Land Foundation trial, the Muslim Brotherhood Memorandum was stipulated to by the legal defense for the Holy Land Foundation.  This means that the defense agreed with the federal prosecutors that the document was and still is what it says it is – the Muslim Brotherhood’s plan for North America and to quote the memo “present[s] Islam as a civilization alternative”.

Research to date indicates that Muslim-centric groups have not repudiated this plan. Nor does research show that any of the U.S. Muslim-centric groups, including for example the Muslim Student Association, CAIR or ISNA address the fact that they are a Muslim Brotherhood organization, or that in 2009 a federal judge confirmed the “ample” evidentiary link between groups like CAIR, ISNA and Hamas.

(An interesting side note – The Jerusalem Fund chaired by Dr. Subhi Ali (Samar’s father), has published the Hamas charter on its website.)

ING is not AMAC’s only connection to Muslim Brotherhood affiliates.  In March, 2011, Remziya Suleyman, stood with CAIR on the steps of the Tennessee Legislative Plaza, to oppose the 2011 anti-terrorism bill.  She is the organizer of the Muslim Rapid Response Team which evolved into the AMAC, which in turn, organized the American Center for Outreach for whom Ms. Suleyman lobbies.

CAIR’s spokesman Ibrahim Hooper stated in 2003 that if Muslims ever became a majority in the United States, they would likely seek to replace the U.S. Constitution with Islamic law, which they deem superior to man-made law.  And CAIR’s co-founder Omar Ahmad was quoted in 1998 stataing that “Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant. The Koran … should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on Earth.”  CAIR seems to be showing up more and more in Tennessee, most recently at the opening of the mosque in Murfreesboro.

Bill Gibbons, Commissioner of Safety and Homeland Security, recently stated that  “[w]here is a terrorist more apt to be found? Not these days on an airplane, more likely on the interstate.” In the context of the article, he was referring to the TSA participating in drunk driving arrests over the Labor Day weekend.

So while Commissioner Gibbons is driving up and down the Tennessee highways, he can learn about how some of the Muslim Brotherhood is operationalized in Tennessee:

Muslim Students’ Association (MSA)

One of the first organizations established in 1963 by the Muslim Brotherhood was the Muslim Student Association (MSA), which now has approximately 600 chapters across the U.S. and Canada. In Tennessee, MSA has chapters at Vanderbilt, MTSU, U of Tenn Knoxville, TN Tech Cookville, U of Memphis, Tenn State U, Rhodes College, East TN U, Nash State Community College and TN Tech Nashville. The MSA has been officially absorbed by ISNA – the Islamic Society of North America, a named unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land trial.

The MSA “pledge of allegiance” which was videotaped at a recent regional conference concludes with “I will fight against oppression. And I will die to establish Islam.”

Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) – unindicted co-conspirator in HLF trial

-shares a P.O. Box address with the Islamic Center of Nashville (ICN)

-shares a street address with the Muslim Students Association of Memphis in a property owned by NAIT

-shares a street address with the Islamic Association of Greater Memphis

North American Islamic Trust (NAIT) –unindicted co-conspirator in HLF trial

-reported to hold the deeds to over 25% of the mosques and Islamic centers in the U.S.

-the warranty deed for the Masjid As-Salam mosque, home for the Muslim Society of Memphis, identifies NAIT as the owner.  This is the mosque where Carlos Bledsoe reported he first converted to Islam

-the deed to the Al-Noor Mosque which also houses the MSA in Memphis identifies NAIT as the owner

-deeds to at least 10 other properties including some adjacent to the Muslim Society of Memphis property, identify NAIT as the owner

-deed holder to Islamic Center of Murfreesboro tied to NAIT

Pleasant View School, Memphis

Two years ago, Pleasant View School announced on their website that Dr. Hamed Ghazali had been hired as  “the new consultant for PVS Islamic Studies, Quaran & Arabic.  Dr. Ghazali has a Ph.D in Education from Kansas State University.  He is currently the Director of the Houston Quran Academy, Chairman of MAS [Muslim American Society] Council of Islamic Schools (MASCIS) and a professor at the Islamic American University.  He is also working as a superintendent/consultant for several Islamic schools in the USA.  Dr. Ghazali is a Hafiz and served as an Imam as well as chaplain for more than 20 years in Kansas and Missouri.”

The Muslim American Society (MAS) and the MAS Council of Islamic Schools are recognized as Muslim Brotherhood affiliates.  One of the founders of the MAS was Ahmed Elkadi, the self-identified leader of the Muslim Brotherhood in the U.S. from 1984-1994.  In 2004 the Secretary-General of the MAS acknowledged that MAS was founded by members of the Muslim Brotherhood.  Additionally, MAS’ own archived website details its associations with the Muslim Students Association, ISNA and NAIT – all named organizations in the 1991 Memorandum.

Family of Abraham and interfaith dialogue events

-November 2011, ICN held Family of Abraham event with ISNA, featuring ISNA’s National Director Sayiid Sayeed (who has also served on CAIR’s advisory board and as National President of the Muslim Students Association)

-Islamic Networks Group event and training of AMAC (see Newsletters #40 & 41)

Since Commissioner Gibbons considered it important for Tennessee’s law enforcement officers and safety personnel to hear AMAC’s stories, isn’t it just as relevant that Commissioner Gibbons ensure that they learn about the Muslim Brotherhood in Tennessee?

Gotta wonder if Governor Haslam even knows.Does the Governor and Commissioner Gibbons even understand the players and process they have legitimated in Tennessee?

Maybe not if the AMAC hasn’t told either one of them.

Newsletter #40 – AMAC Coming your way

“I’m here to explain to you about us, American Muslims”     Daoud Abudiab, co-chair, TN American Muslim Advisory Council (AMAC), February, 2012 speaking to law enforcement and safety personnel in Nashville at the invitation of Commissioner Gibbons.

“I actually feel like I have more rights than American women. I don’t have to live by the standards of beauty.  This is just me.”   Jihan Abdulla, student MTSU, intern American Center for Outreach, commenting after hearing Islamic Network Group (ING) speaker Maha ElGenaidi on women’s rights in Islam

“..this experience [of living in the U.S.] is an experience of shaping a new identity in Islam….It has been a process to question some of the practices that are connected with the Muslim culture.”     Dr. Sayyid Syeed, National Director, Office of Interfaith and Community Alliances, Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), speaking at an interfaith event in Nashville, November 2011

“ ING [Islamic Network Groups] affiliates seek individuals who can speak in a variety of public venues to diverse audiences, including middle and high schools, universities, faith-based and community organizations and other venues.  We seek to educate about American Muslims and their faith as a means of promoting religious literacy, mutual respect and understanding….ING provides not only presentation scripts but also guidelines for speaking in a public forum and answers to frequently asked questions.”    TN American Muslim Advisory Council Speaker Training by Islamic Networks Group, August 25, 2012

A few interesting observations about the above quotes (none of which are taken out of context):

They all self-define as American Muslims but Jihan Abdulla says, as a Muslim, she feels she has more rights than American women.  Immigration without assimilation has been cited as one source of the rise of “shariah no-go areas” in parts of Britain.  Is ING’s message about the religious supremacy of Islam and is this the message it intends to have the newly trained AMAC members take into “middle and high schools, universities, faith-based and community organizations and other venues”?  Is this the message of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Muslim Students Association at MTSU where Jihan Abdulla serves as V.P.?

Is Dr. Syeed claiming that when American Muslims demand concessions in the public sector to accommodate objectives of political Sharia (eg, segregated swimming in municipal pools, forcing cartoonist Molly Norris into hiding because of death threats over “everybody draw Mohammed Day”, overriding amusement park ride safety rules to allow hijabs, using a miniature guide-horse at a public university, the New Jersey “cultural defense” to spousal rape), that this has somehow redefined Muslim culture rather than the other way around?  How does Dr. Syeed credibly reconcile his statement with the Assembly of Muslim Jurists of America who issued a statement in 2007 that the only legitimate law according to Islam is the Shariah?

Neither Dr. Syeed, nor the director of ING ever disclose their organizational affiliations with the Muslim Brotherhood.

Dr. Syeed represents the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) and has served on CAIR’s Advisory Board.  Both organizations were named unindicted co-conspirators in the Holy Land Foundation trial, the largest terrorism financing trial in U.S. history so far.  In July 2009, Judge Solis ruling on ISNA’s request to be removed from the list of unindicted co-conspirators, ruled that “the Government has produced ample evidence to establish the association of CAIR, ISNA and NAIT [North American Islamic Trust] with HLF [Holy Land Foundation], the Islamic Association for Palestine, and with Hamas.”

The Islamic Association for Palestine (IAP) was co-founded by Sami al-Arian who later founded Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ).  See Newsletter #39 for more information about the relationship between the founder of the Jerusalem Fund (which is now chaired by Samar Ali’s father), and the founder of PIJ .

ING’s Board includes any number of members who either served on the board of other Muslim Brotherhood organizations such as NAIT or worked for other Muslim Brotherhood organizations such as ISNA and CAIR.

Now that AMAC will be ING-trained, they can use the ING “presentation scripts” and canned answers to frequently asked questions, to ensure uniformity in messaging.

When Governor Haslam approved the partnership between the TN AMAC and the TN Department of Homeland Security, did he realize that he had sanctioned implementation of the (Muslim Brotherhood) Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC) plan “Building Bridges to Strengthen America: Forging an Effective Counterterrorism Enterprise between Muslim Americans and Law Enforcement”.

Nor did he realize, that the AMAC’s agenda perhaps, was to use the state to establish their credibility.

Nor did the Governor realize that by legitimating the AMAC, he was also legitimating Muslim Brotherhood propaganda in Tennessee.  Perhaps the Governor forgot that the organizers of what became AMAC, had invited CAIR to Tennessee to work with them against the anti-terrorism legislation and that some AMAC members have been active in other Muslim Brotherhood organizations.

Nor did the Governor realize that when AMAC said they just wanted to “tell their stories”, they would ultimately double-cross him with their double-speak.

Newsletter #39 – Dr. Subhi Ali and the Jerusalem Fund

Deputy Governor Claude Ramsey recently took the opportunity to remind Tennessee leadership that among the reasons the administration was justified in hiring Samar Ali, were the impressive Tennessee credentials of her father, Dr. Subhi Ali.

However, just as with the administration’s repeated omissions with regard to Ms. Ali’s Shariah Compliant Finance credentials, the administration has also neglected to inform Tennesseans about Dr. Ali’s long-standing involvement with the Jerusalem Fund (the Fund).

Research at this time documents that Dr. Ali joined the Fund’s Board in 2000 and in 2004 served as Vice Chair alongside the Fund’s principal founder and Chairman, Hisham Sharabi (discussed below).  From 2005 until the present, Dr. Ali has served as the Chairman of the Fund’s Board.

While couched in the context of “cultural programming”, a review of the genesis of the Jerusalem Fund, its founders and their connections, and the continued political platforms, activities and current day governing board members highlights that nothing has changed – they remain as committed today as they were when the Fund was established, working toward the same objective of turning the U.S. away from its support and alliance with Israel.

I. What is the Jerusalem Fund?

As stated on its website:

The Jerusalem Fund for Education & Community Development is an independent, non-profit, non-political, non-sectarian organization based in Washington, D.C.  Funding for operational expenses is derived from investment income. This, together with donations from private individuals throughout the U.S., supports our humanitarian grants.”

The Jerusalem Fund (the Fund) in its current configuration, is comprised of 3 programs – “The Palestine Center”, “The Humanitarian Link” and “The Gallery”.

Despite the Fund’s self-description as “non-political”, a review of its leadership, programming, and issues of focus, reflect overtly pro-Palestinian/pro-Hamas/anti-Israel positions.

“The Palestine Center”, noted as the educational arm of the Fund, offers (with disclaimers displayed), Information Briefs such as the one written by its 2010 intern titled  “Rising support for Hamas and the Roots of its Success in Palestine “ (“One of Hamas’ more distinctive qualities is its emphasis on Islam. In addition to its self-proclaimed role as a legitimate and honest replacement to Fateh, Hamas also acts as a religious alternative to the secular Fateh.”)

In addition to making grants for social services in the “Occupied Palestinian Territories” as it is referred to on the website, “The Humanitarian Link” supports the Palestine Diabetes Institute.  As reported in her White House bio, Samar Ali served as the transatlantic liaison during the development of this project.

(Originally named the “Occupied Land Fund”, recall that the Holy Land Foundation was the largest Islamic charity in the U.S., which also claimed it was needed to bring humanitarian relief to needy Palestinians in the occupied territories.  The Holy Land Foundation was successfully prosecuted in 2007 for funding Hamas and other Islamic terrorist organizations).

“The Gallery” is solely focused on promoting “..the rich culture and national heritage of the Palestinian people, as well as that of surrounding Arab societies.”

II. The Genesis of the Jerusalem Fund -(Sharabi – WISE – PIJ – IIIT – Muslim Brotherhood)

In 1977 Dr. Hisham Sharabi, PhD. founded the American Palestine Education Foundation (APEF) which in 1981 was renamed The Jerusalem Fund for Education and Community Development (the Fund).   Sharabi served as Chairman of the Board until he died in 2005.

In 1991 Sharabi founded the Centre for Policy Analysis on Palestine (CPAP), which was added to the Fund, to “represent a Palestinian perspective in Washington, D.C.”  One example of CPAP’s activities was its 2003 annual conference entitled “Israel’s Policy of Apartheid and Ethnic Cleansing”.  As reported by the NGO Monitor, “Hisham Sharabi, chairman of CPAP, set the hostile tone for the daylong seminar with his opening remarks…”  In 2002 CPAP was renamed The Palestine Center.

Sharabi  advocated a Palestinian “armed struggle” if necessary, to end “Israel’s occupation of the West Bank and Gaza”.  His 1998 paper “The Palestinians: Fifty Years Later”, called for Americans of Palestinian, Arab and Muslim backgrounds to organize using their “constitutional rights as Americans” to “influence a dangerously biased [toward Israel] American policy in the Middle East.”

III. Sharabi and WISE

Equally revealing about Sharabi is his membership on the Board of Trustees of the World and Islam Studies Enterprise (WISE).  WISE was incorporated by Sami Al-Arian as an Islamic think tank designed to organize seminars and share libraries.

Al-Arian was sentenced on May 1, 2006, to 57 months in prison to be followed by deportation.  At his sentencing hearing, U.S. District Court Judge James Moody called Al-Arian a “master manipulator”, adding, “[y]ou looked your neighbors in the eyes and said you had nothing to do with the Palestinian Islamic Jihad.  This trial exposed that as a lie.”

WISE was named in a federal indictment as part of a “criminal organization whose members and associates engaged in acts of violence including murder, extortion, money laundering, fraud and issue of visas, and operated worldwide including the Middle District of Florida.”

WISE is related to the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ).  PIJ and Hamas are related in that they share the same outcomes but often have not been successful working together in that direction.   

Tarik Hamdi, identified as an officer/staff member of WISE is listed in a federal affidavit as providing material support to Al-Qaeda, Bin Laden and the PIJ.  He left WISE to work for IIIT.  He subsequently left the U.S. and relocated to the Middle East.

The International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT) was identified as one of the funders of WISE.  The IIIT was named in the 1991 Muslim Brotherhood document, “An Explanatory Memorandum on the General Strategic Goal for the Group in North America” as one of the Muslim Brotherhood’s likeminded “organizations of our friends.”

Other WISE Board members include:

Taha Jabir al Alwani -President, IIIT; cited as an unindicted co-conspirator in the Justice Department’s terrorism prosecution against al-Arian.

Basheer Nafi – was charged with “conspiracy to murder, maim or injure persons outside the United States.” and a significant leader of the PIJ. In 1996 he was deported from the U.S. back to England for visa violations. In 2003 the FBI indicted Bashir Nafi in abstentia, in connection with the U.S. PIJ  cell.

Mazin an Najjar- a founding member of WISE, was arrested on secret FBI evidence that he was supporting terrorism and was deported from the U.S. in 2002. In a one-sentence summary, Judge McHugh stated that al Najjar was “associated with the Palestinian Islamic Jihad and a threat to national security.”

Ramadan Abdullah aka Ramadan Shallah – Currently on the FBI Most Wanted List, co-founder of WISE, and listed as a “Specially Designated Terrorist”.  He was named the leader of PIJ in 1995.  Shallah was indicted in a 53 count indictment in the United States District Court, Middle District of Florida. The Rewards For Justice Program, U.S. State Dept., is offering a reward of up to $5 million for information leading directly to the apprehension or conviction of Shallah.

The Jerusalem Fund:  

Subhi Ali – Sharabi – WISE – PIJ – IIIT – Muslim Brotherhood


Newsletter #24 – the Ali family politics

The Governor’s office has suggested that Samar Ali’s father former leadership with the Tennessee Medical Association somehow enhances her candidacy as the International Director for the ECD.

Information about Dr. Ali’s (Samar’s father), political activities not released by the Governor’s office follows.

Dr. Subhi Ali, has been involved for quite some time with an organization called the Jerusalem Fund for Education and Community Development (the Fund), and currently serves as the Chair of its Board.  As stated on its website:

“The Jerusalem Fund for Education & Community Development is an independent, non-profit, non-political, non-sectarian organization based in Washington, D.C.  Funding for operational expenses is derived from investment income. This, together with donations from private individuals throughout the U.S., supports our humanitarian grants.”

The Jerusalem Fund is comprised of 3 programs – “The Palestine Center”, “The Humanitarian Link” and “The Gallery”.

Despite the Fund’s self-description as “non-political”, a review of its leadership, programming, and issues of focus, reflect an overtly pro-Palestinian/pro-Hamas/anti-Israel sentiment. “The Gallery” is solely focused on promoting “..the rich culture and national heritage of the Palestinian people, as well as that of surrounding Arab societies.”

“The Palestine Center”, noted as the educational arm of the Jerusalem Fund, is designed specifically to “…give[s] voice to the Palestinian narrative through policy briefings, lecture series, conferences, symposia, scholarly research publications.” With disclaimers on behalf of the Jerusalem Fund and its educational program displayed, the Palestine Center offers Information briefs such as the one written by its 2010 intern titled “The Rising Support for Hamas and the Roots of its Success in Palestine” (“One of Hamas’ more distinctive qualities is its emphasis on Islam. In addition to its self-proclaimed role as a legitimate and honest replacement to Fateh, Hamas also acts as a religious alternative to the secular Fateh.”)

In addition to making grants for social services in the “Occupied Territory” “The Humanitarian Link” supports the Palestine Diabetes Institute.  As reported in her White House bio, Samar served as the transatlantic liaison during the development of this project.

Originally named the “Occupied Land Fund”, recall that the Holy Land Foundation was the largest Islamic charity in the U.S. which in 2007 was successfully prosecuted and shut down for funding Hamas and other Islamic terrorist organizations.

In the company of the Jerusalem Fund….

Jerusalem Fund Board member Omar Jamil Fayez is a Chicago attorney who is also an officer in the 501(c)(3) The Middle East Cultural and Charitable Society, Inc. (MECCS).  In a 2001 article he wrote that “Today more than two thousand years after the birth of Christ, the Christians of Palestine are once again being threatened by the Jews.”

A past officer of MECCS, Daniel McGowan whose written commentary defends Holocaust revisionism and denial, asserted in an online video that “the 9/11 attacks were simply a reaction to our pro-Israel policies” and called Nobel Prize laureate and Holocaust survivor Elie Weisel, “a fraud”.

Another officer in the MECCS is Ali Abunimah, described by “Discover the Networks” as a “Palestinian American [and Board of Director member] for the Chicago-based Arab American Action Network.  He is also a founding member of Al Awda, the Palestinian Right of Return Coalition.

In 2001 Abunimah co-founded and heads as the executive director, Electronic Infitada, a major online media outlet promoting the Palestinian agenda along with BDS (boycott, divestment and sanctions) against Israel.  His former website, ( now only accessible through “wayback”), serves as an archive for his personal writings which are stridently pro-Palestinian and equally hostile toward Israel and the U.S.  In a 2010 entry on his blog he defended Hamas’ policy blocking the International Committee of the Red Cross from visiting Gilad Shalit, the Israeli soldier abducted in a cross border raid by Hamas and then held captive by them for over 5 years.

Electronic Infitada’s other co-founder and contributing editor wrote an article claiming that the 9/11 attacks were “the biggest gift, wrapped up in silk ribbons and presented on a golder platter, that [the pro-Israel lobby] could ever hope to receive.  A real day of victory and glee for them to see that now they have the entire US populace in the palm of their hands.”





Newsletter #23 – the company we keep


The Governor’s constituent letter (see Newsletter #21), responding to inquiries about Samar Ali’s appointment to the Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development (ECD) references her father’s (Dr.Subhi Ali) position as the past President of the Tennessee Medical Association, a credential seemingly unrelated to Ms. Ali’s appointment.

One possible explanation could be simple politics and cronyism:

See for example, Will Alexander, son of U.S. Senator Lamar Alexander (formerly Asst. Commissioner for Strategy, now chief of staff of ECD); Clint Brewer, Knoxville native and former political editor for The Tennessean (nowECD’s Assistant Commissioner, Communications and Creative Services). Even new ECD appointee Alice Rolli, was formerly employed by Senator Alexander.

But if the Governor believes that Dr. Ali’s political activities are somehow relevant to Ms. Ali’s appointment, then aren’t his constituents, the voters who put Governor Haslam in office, entitled to all the information about Dr. Ali?

It was already noted in Newsletter #16 that Samar donated $450 to the Harold Ford Jr. for Tennessee campaign in 2006 and that her father, Dr. Subhi Ali, donated $500 to the Obama Victory Fund in 2008.

Dr. Subhi Ali’s other political spending:



Cynthia McKinney – $250


Cynthia McKinney – $750                           (Dr. Maysoon Ali [mother] – $1,000)

Merwyn Scott (former McKinney staffer) – $1,000

Bob Clement – $500

Maad 4 Congress (Calif. Dem.) – $250


Cynthia McKinney – $250

Lincoln Davis – $250



Mark Norris – $200

Independent Medicine PAC-TN (IMPACT) – $250


IMPACT – $500;  $600

Bredesen – $500

2006 – Dr. Maysoon Ali (mother) – Bredesen – $500


IMPACT – $1,000


IMPACT – $300                  Dr. Maysoon Ali – $300


IMPACT – $1,000


IMPACT – $500                  Dr. Maysoon Ali – $500

For the 2010 Tennessee gubernatorial primary the Independent Medicine PAC –TN (IMPACT) donated $7,500 to Ron Ramsey and $2,500 to Roy Herron.  The PAC is listed among the Affiliates and Partners of the Tennessee Medical Association (TMA).  Dr. Ali’s other daughter Yasmine Ali, M.D. is listed as a Board member of the TMA.

The Alis are a very politically involved and active family.

Cynthia McKinney stands out most among the political candidates Drs. Alihave supported.  McKinney is a vocal supporter of the pro-Hamas/anti-Israel position.  She has also been noted to support the Nation of Islam, the New Black Panthers Party and participated in events sponsored by the Muslim Student Union at UC Irvine.

Much has been documented about the financial support she has received from Arab and Islamist donors. “Interesting” donors include the President of the Bridgeview Mosque (very very interesting article written in 2004 by the Chicago Tribune about the change-over in leadership at this mosque to fundamentalist Islamists), board member of the Islamic Academy of Florida (an Islamic school that during litigation involving Sami al-Arian, was disclosed to have functioned as a base of support for the group Palestinian Islamic Jihad), and $2,000 from Abdurahman Alamoudi, then Director of the American Muslim Foundation.

Alamoudi national president of the Muslim Student Association (MSA)during the 1980s, was al Qaeda’s top fundraiser in America and is currently serving a 23-year prison sentence. An interesting note about McKinney’s 2002 donations – it was reported that $13,850 in donations were made on 9/11 of that year.

Merwyn Scott to whom Dr. Ali donated, also received money from the CAIRdirector in Virginia.

Support for these candidates makes sense in light of Dr. Subhi Ali’s own political activity.  More on this to follow.



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